TSA abuse: 17,000 and counting

November 22, 2012

17,000 formal complaints have been filed about TSA “enhanced” pat-downs since 2009, according to a news report by Scott MacFarlane of WSBTV Channel 2, Atlanta. This is after a Congressman, Rep. Ralph Hall of Texas, reported that his 17-year-old niece was exposed during a pat-down. Since this is a Congressman, there is now a federal investigation underway. Once again, it pays to have friends in high places.

The TSA says that the “accident” was embarrassing. Oh, really? Such a brilliant conclusion. The offending officer was given more “training.” Not enough, apparently, as Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss demanded the TSA review “rigorous, potentially invasive screenings at Hartsfield-Jackson.” The fox is once again in the hen house.

It took two years for MacFarlane’s Freedom of Information Act request to be honored. Video did capture the incident, acknowledged in the report. The young woman’s sundress was pulled down, revealing her breasts, during a pat-down of her stomach.

This isn’t, obviously, the first time this has happened. Jennifer Elaine Sisk also had her sundress pulled down, revealing her breasts. Lynsie Murley sued the TSA and settled out of court after the TSA pulled her blouse half-off, exposed her breasts, and then laughed about it in front of everyone, with one screener lamenting that he’d missed “the show” and “would just have to watch the video.” There are thousands of similar cases. And these are only the ones we’ve found out about.

I’ve worn sundresses: the body is excellent at holding up a sundress while a woman is simply standing still; this I know. I’m sitting here trying to imagine just what that screener was doing to dislodge the straps of a sundress by “patting down” a stomach. That would be some pat-down.

Of course, the article also includes the de rigueur apologist who insists a terrorist could use anybody. Let me tell you, a 17-year-old couldn’t hide a stick of gum in a sundress.

It has been proven, once again, that the inmates are running the asylum. Had enough yet?



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