Only the Organized Survive and Thrive

Jerry Clark
Activist Post

Life as we know it in the USA has changed drastically since 9/11. The America most of us grew up in no longer exists. Many believe we are fast becoming a police state. Open-ended deficit spending can only end badly. Obama’s executive orders are making him more of a king than a president. Our currency has been devalued nearly a percentage point per year these last 99 years, the year the Fed was organized. The rape of the nation by Wall Street, banks and the president of the Federal Reserve goes unpunished.

In my view any thinking person is a prepper; those who do not see the need to prep, in the near future, will be forced to beg or steal from those who do.

I’m guessing in as little as three months to the next few years, we will see changes that will cause people to wish they were already part of a group that had foreseen the coming changes and had had the good sense to prepare for those changes.

I personally believe the best chance of surviving what must come, is to become a prepper and look to join with others who are like-minded.

I belong to such a group headquartered in the Rocky mountains. I know of no other group worldwide that has such a well-rounded program for its people. The balance between individuality and learning to work together is always a part of their practice.
Collectively they own many farms and ranches worldwide. They believe that an organization that cannot provide its people with the necessities of life cannot serve their spiritual needs.

A big part of providing for one’s physical and spiritual needs is left up to the individual. We are asked to prepare ahead of need for our own families, and when possible to set aside extra for those who for whatever reason, are, or will be in need.

I have proven the wisdom of storing ahead of need. There have been times of unemployment and sickness where thinking ahead carried me through lean times.

I had read about forty-five years ago the ideal survival arrangement would be to live twenty-five to seventy-five miles from a city, and in a small town so that everyone could look after everyone else in the event of civil unrest. This ideal setup does not take into account city dwellers, and space does not permit covering that topic.

Over the years as I have tried to understand myself along with the rest of humanity, I have always hoped to never to have to kill another human being, while at the same time hoping to never be in a situation where I needed to kill someone, but could not. To protect life, liberty and property is a part of our being born an American. It appears, however, that certain executive orders are designed to remove the right to protect life, liberty and property.

I once asked a retired police officer if he thought I was being too negative thinking that the only cure for twenty percent of the US population was a thirty eight special. He suggested I was cursed with too sunny an outlook where humans were concerned and would put it at forty percent. The idea here being, become part of a community that can look after each other in the event of civil disorder.

Many people I have talked with who say they cannot afford to prepare have generally been put off because they cannot afford to buy a home on a thirty-year mortgage, and believe the economy will not hold together to allow them to do so. I have suggested to many people to buy one or more acres near a small town or other place of choice, live in a camper or trailer, keep tools locked in a shipping container, build a root cellar or freezeless room, then build your home one room at a time and stay debt free. Some even build homes using shipping containers.

I used to work out of state for many years and found living in a cabover camper a very inexpensive way to live. When work was hard to find for a few years I lived in that cabover camper in the city on a widow’s property for under fifty dollars a month. She had the advantage of having a trustworthy man around who also served as a watch dog, helped her feel more secure, and gave me a cheap place to live with a garden space thrown in.

I suspect it would be simpler to live in a small town or a part of the city where it could be assumed a majority would be honest trustworthy neighbors that will band together in uncertain times. It is no longer wise or safe to wring our hands and hope everything will work out for the best. Join the farsighted millions of Americans who know the welfare state will collapse sooner rather than later. Those who have spent years on the dole will have little option but to look for another source of survival, might be someones personal stash of food.

When president Johnson in the 1960s said, “We are going to take from the haves and give to the have nots”, he created a generation or three of people who had the incentive to work taken away from them. This also left the churches with little to do, since the government was now caring for the poor, so they got into politics. Nearly fifty years later we are living with the fallout from these insane policies. Obama is making the situation worse with a health insurance plan that is set to take place even as they try to cut back on programs they cannot afford even now.

The insanity will stop only when it comes crashing down around the ears of the American people, and we are left to rebuild from the ashes of a nation that will be plundered be a people unprepared to get by until a new system is put in place. God help us all.

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