Sheep For Doom, Madmen For Peace | Voices of peace in America are up against the biggest propaganda machine known to man

Saman Mohammadi
Nov 12, 2012

“It is often said that if Christ were to come to the world now he would be crucified again. This is not quite true. The world has changed; it now rests on ‘understanding’. So Christ would be ridiculed, treated like a madman, but a madman one laughs at […] Now I understand better and better what an original and deep fundamental relation I have to the comic, and this will be of use for me in illuminating Christianity.” – Søren Kierkegaard.

Would Jesus Christ’s message of peace resonate with 21st century American voters who buy into the logic of the lesser of two evils? Or would he be ridiculed as a madman and excommunicated, as Kierkegaard predicted?

Voices of peace in America are up against the biggest propaganda machine known to man. The Evil Empire has been triumphant so far. Martin Luther King Jr. preached peace during the war against Vietnam and he was murdered by the state. Ron Paul’s message of peace was rejected by the followers of both the Republican and Democratic parties in two consecutive election seasons. The media labeled him a kook and that was the end of it.

On November 6, sixty percent of the American people voted for two evil men who were very open about their desire to eliminate all the “bad guys” of the Middle East. U.S. officials don’t even bother to come up with a plausible narrative anymore to convince the American people that the war machine is a force for good in the universe. They just have to say, “We are good, they are bad,” and it works.

Neither Barack Obama or Mitt Romney demonstrated any willingness to make peace with America’s invented enemies or geopolitical adversaries. Both men ran to become war presidents. They preached war throughout the corporate-financed election farce, and over half of the country thinks perpetual war is normal and right.

After he won a second term in office, Obaaama immediately ordered a drone strike in Yemen that killed numerous innocent people. Swift as death.

Obaaama supporters called into the Alex Jones show after the election and gloated about the victory of their lord and saviour. They laughed at Alex for criticizing America’s war policies and defended Obaaama’s right to wage war against countries in the Middle East and destroy their cultures. Call me crazy, but not being sucked into the mindless pro-war and pro-Obama hysteria is a good thing in my book. There is no greater cowardice than bombing innocent people halfway around the world with drones.

Glenn Greenwald also experienced the short-sighted euphoria of Obaaama supporters when he went on NPR to discuss “Obama’s foreign policy and civil liberties record.” A few callers used talking points straight out of the Pentagon. They brought up the bogus threat of Islamic fundamentalism to defend Obama’s wars, saying that the problem is not America’s giant war machine or Israeli aggression but angry Middle Easterners who want to take over the world.

This type of talk is divorced from reality. It is completely delusional. Most objective scholars agree that Islamic fundamentalism has been exaggerated by the U.S. national security state to morally justify USrael’s aggression against Muslim countries.

The ignorance of Obaaama supporters is mind-boggling and truly scary. Reason and facts will not make them change their opinions. I don’t believe rational and brave voices like Alex Jones and Glenn Greenwald can change the minds of brainwashed victims of totalitarian propaganda and persuade them to think differently about the nature of the global war on terrorism.

Such people are psychologically wedded to the official 9/11 myth. Their belief in the manufactured threat of radical Islamists cannot be broken with facts. Their understanding of America’s identity and their own sense of place in the world would fundamentally change if they altered their opinion of 9/11 and the USraeli wars in the Middle East. But they are lost and scared. True change is the last thing they want.

Greenwald said on September 11, 2012, on the The Majority Report with Sam Seder, that a lot of people cannot be convinced with evidence to change their opinion about the origins of terrorism:

“But I think that by and large the country was successfully persuaded that the attack was essentially an act of evil by foreign radicals who hate the United States and that the leadership of our country responded rather well. And I’m not sure there’s really an opportunity, even given the large amounts of evidence, to change that narrative among large numbers of people.”

I still believe in redemption, but ignorance has a price. No nation can escape the consequences of its decisions. America and Israel will also be destroyed as a result of their endless and criminal war-making.

America will collapse because of disastrous government mismanagement of national talent, deliberate economic sabotage, unnecessary wars, and corporate treason. There will be a lot of resentment and rage against the hijacked government. Betraying millions of people and sinking them into economic despair was not a wise thing to do.

The epic catastrophe that is the American political system needs to be changed from the bottom up or else America will only get worse. The promising signs are the rise of eloquent third party voices and the growing relevance of the alternative media. Together these two new cultural and political forces can awaken the American people, and steer the country in the right direction in the decades ahead.

But do not rely on the “99%,” who vote for dictators and con artists, to bring about transformative political changes. Also, don’t look to the left. The reelection of Obaaama proved that progressives and liberals have given up on America’s core principles and the cause of peace.

We can only hope that by 2016 the unpopular Republicans and Democrats will lose all legitimacy and an alternative party leader will seize the historical moment and take America by storm. This is very possible. Ron Paul came close to converting many Republicans and Democrats to becoming true Americans. I doubt Republicans and Democrats will be able to recover from the coming political and financial scandals that will rock America to its core and change the world.

Obaaama’s sheepish followers have invested their entire being into a servant of Wall Street financiers. They will be disappointed and shocked when he leads them to the graveyard instead of greener pastures.

The good news is that history is not on Obaaama’s side. The historical trend shows that the global 9/11 truth and justice movement will gain in political credibility in the years to come.

Every decaying element of modern Western political life is highlighted by the 9/11 cover-up, such as the corruption of mass media, the ownership of government by private fraudulent financiers, and the power of the totalitarian state over the citizenry.

The official consensus about the 9/11 events has evaporated to dust. In a second Obaaama term, the global 9/11 truth and justice movement will become louder and more visible.

9/11 questions have to be answered. They put into doubt the legitimacy of the national security state. It is responsible for the mass murder of Americans, the cover-up of 9/11, and other horrific USraeli war crimes that have been committed in the name of defense against terrorism.

Maybe it is madness to demand peace in an age of war. It’s like praying for the sun in a rainy universe. But demanding peace is better than blindly following the mad cheerleaders of war.

Saman Mohammadi is the writer and editor at The Excavator

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