Hillary Reaches to Iraq Playbook for Syria Pretext

Daniel McAdams

Lew Rockwell Blog
December 3, 2012

US manufactured fears that the Syrian government might use “chemical weapons” against the US/Saudi/Qatari/Israeli-sponsored foreign fighters seeking to overthrow it is an updated version of the neo-con WMD scare tactics in Iraq.

Knowing how well it worked to propagandize the US population last time, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reaching back into that neo-conservative playbook. She has announced that the US has established a “red line” past which the US military would invade Syria and finally achieve what US-supported terrorists have not been able to yet achieve after more than a year and a half of efforts. That “red line” is the use of any kind of chemical weapon by the Syrian government.

We should look for a Tonkin-like incident very soon, in this case. Elections are over, the US administration intends to clean up these messes. The die is cast. There will be no resistance in the US. The propaganda has succeeded. Americans, including Christians, have been told that they must support radical jihadists in Syria who openly murder Syrian Christians for not supporting their overthrow of the secular Syrian government.

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