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Global Sky Watch.comWhat is Geoengineering (Chemtrails)?“Chemtrails” is the name given to plumes emitted by aircraft in the sky.“Geoengineering” is the name used to define the intentional process of altering – or “engineering” – the Earth’s atmosphere.A rapidly-growing number of people and organizations in numerous industrialized countries now believe chemtrails are visible artifacts of current geoengineering programs. In November 2010, the U.N. attempted to regulate them.Mounting evidence suggests that the millions-of-tons of aluminum and barium particulates purportedly used in geoengineering programs explains the dramatically-increasing aluminum and barium levels in sampled water and soil tests.Scientists in several countries have linked recent plant and animal die-offs to aluminum and/or barium toxicity drawing even more attention to global geoengineering programs.Although scientists and activists are calling chemtrails “The issue of the century“, mainstream news has only brushed upon this subject leaving the public generally unaware of – what is now called – “The world’s largest aerial operation in history“.If you agree that spraying heavy metals on humans, animals, and public water supplies is a dangerous and irresponsible act, then consider joining with us to educate others about this unprecedented event.If you’re not familiar with chemtrails, please take a few minutes and follow these steps so you can become educated and share this critical information with your friends and family. It’s vital that you learn to protect yourself now against increasing levels of heavy metals being discovered in soils, foods, and water supplies.____________The ALUMINIZATION of Our Soils!
Understanding One of the Reasons for ChemtrailsTake a moment to understand why so many plants and animals (and humans) are dying globally. This historic event is occurring right above our heads with virtually no media coverage.____________AilmentsYou can link to this page using this simple URL: http://urlbam.com/ha/M003W

The Most Important Fact

The thing I absolutely hate about chemtrails is the way they affect my health, yet the single biggest fact that I hope people gain from this article is this:

Chemtrails cause symptoms that are identical to mercury poisoning.

My experience with mercury poisoning from amalgam (“silver”) dental fillings is a perfect subset of chemtrail symptoms. I say subset because chemtrails do produce a few extra symptoms that mercury did not produce, but every single mercury symptom that I had from mercury-based fillings occurs when chemtrails are sprayed.I am a physically-sensitive person. For this reason, chemtrails affect me more than others. However, we must not be naive. Mercury damages or kills nearly everything it touches. If mercury is being sprayed in chemtrails, then you are being damaged by it, whether you feel it or not.There is no study in existence where a cell is put in a dish with mercury and the cell is not destroyed.Mercury is toxic in any dose, but symptoms may not always be noticeable. They often (not always) take a long time to manifest and do a lot of damage in the mean time.Mercury symptoms are also mental and emotional and they manifest in many different ways. For this reason, people may not make the connection between mercury and their grumpiness, racing or looping thoughts, depression, bad memory, anxiety, OCD, hyperactivity, teeth-grinding, ringing in the ears, or PMS.I have paid very careful attention to the physical effects that chemtrail spraying has had on me. I have done this both to help myself recover through herbal and nutritional supplementation, and to share this information with others so they can more effectively battle the chemtrail-induced ailments they are suffering.I would like to see this information used as evidence or testimony in reports, articles, investigations, or lawsuits that can be used to help put an end to this crime against humanity.

Mercury Symptoms: Intensity Over Time

The following chart drives home the connection between mercury and chemtrails in my personal experience. It displays the general average intensity of all mercury symptoms between 1990 and late 2010 (November).This chart provides a timeline showing the progression of mercury-related symptoms from 1990 to late 2010. Here we see the immedate elimination of all 17 physical symptoms (and emotional and mental symptoms) after amalgam fillings were removed. When widespread chemtrail spraying (geoengineering) began in 2005, symptoms suddenly and dramatically rose again. After moving to Maine, symptoms decreased considerably, but quickly increased over the following two years.In 1995, my body’s ability to store mercury reached it’s maximum capacity. When dealing with mercury poisoning in autistic children, this is the point in time when they say, “Your (mercury) bucket is full.” This is the point that mercury symptoms begin to increase rapidly over a short period of time.Based on the people that I’ve spoken with over the past 10 years (there have been many), it seems to take an average of 5 years for people to discover that mercury is the cause of their health problems. During this time, they visit doctors, get diagnosed with various diseases (Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, etc.), are prescribed various pharmaceuticals, and continually wonder what is wrong with their body.At the end of this ~5 year period, people are angry or tired enough to begin researching on their own. It generally takes only one day to a few weeks of personal internet research to come across the concept of mercury poisoning.This connection between a person’s symptoms and mercury poisoning occurs at about 35 years of age (on average). I was right in the middle of the average. I discovered the mercury connection in 2000 when I was 35.I had my fillings removed in July of 2005 and over 80% of my symptoms were gone in 24 hours. Over the next 3 months, all of the rest of my 17 physical symptoms vanished. Over the next 18 months, my emotional and mental symptoms – which I had since my teen years when silver fillings were first installed – were completely gone.The approximately 4½ years between late 2000 and 2005 were absolute bliss. They were the best years of my life both physically and emotionally. All my mercury symptoms disappeared completely. Regardless of what I tried to do, I could not make the symptoms come back.In 2005, all of the symptoms returned with the sudden appearance of low-flying, slow-flying jets spewing chemtrails in the air.By 2008, the symptoms were so severe that I moved to Maine to escape the intense spraying in Jamestown, New York. I immediately got somewhat better, but as the intensity of chemtrails rapidly increased over the summer of 2008, so did my symptoms.At the time of this writing, my symptoms are still steadily increasing along with the intensity of chemtrails. Even though low-altitude persistent chemtrails have become less frequent and have been replaced by blue skies on several days during the month, the metallic taste in the air continues along with all associated symptoms. Cleverly, chemtrails are progressively being moved to high-altitudes where they cannot be seen from the ground, but those with sensitive senses of smell and taste (like me) still experience their blunt presence in the air and all of their associated mercury-like symptoms. In short, nothing has changed except their visibility.

Ailment List

This section contains:

(1) a comprehensive list of ailments that I suffered with as a result of mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings (1995-2000), and(2) a comprehensive list of symptoms I suffered with as a result of chemtrail spraying (2005 to present).

Remember, the list of ailments caused by these two different sources of toxicity is nearly identical.Where possible, I am including information about supplements that help me. I hope they can help you as well.List of AilmentsWeight GainThinning HairCandidaOily SkinVertical Lines in Fingernails and ToenailsDark Circles Under the EyesDifficulty Getting To SleepExtremely Light SleepHot Core, Cold Skin While SleepingGrinding Teeth While SleepingSweating While Sleeping (Night-Sweats)Frequent Urination In the NightShifted Circadian RhythmOver- or Under-Sleeping Caused Health SymptomsFatigue After EatingFatigue After Using the BathroomConstipationSevere Immune WeaknessRinging In the Ears (Tinnitus)Tingling and Numbness In Hands and FeetElevated Body Temperature (Always Feeling Hot)Constant Excessive SweatingHeartburnHeart Pain and Loss of Breath When Being PhysicalInability To Focus On Nearby ObjectsIncreased Visual PersistenceTight, Twitching, and Burning MusclesEar WaxFrequently Cracking JointsDramatic Reactions To Caffeine and SugarNausea On An Empty StomachSevere Nausea After EatingMetallic Taste in My MouthExcessive SalivatingDrooling While SleepingFrequent Skin TagsWhite Coating On TongueSwollen TongueAccumulation of Dead Skin Around Heels and Sides of the FeetBlood Sugar SwingsShort Attention SpanPoor Reading ComprehensionLoss of Short-Term MemoryExtremely Vivid DreamsShallow Unrestful SleepIncreased Sensitivity To LightIncreased Sensitivity To SoundIncreased Sensitivity To OdorsDepressionAnxiety and Numerous General FearsApathy About Certain Personal IssuesCritical AttitudeGeneral GrumpinessImpatience

Weight Gain

My waist increased from 32″ to 44″ between 1995 and 2000. This has never happened to me before and nothing I did could stop it.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, my waist shrunk back to 40″ without any exercise or dieting at all. In fact, during this time I felt so good that I began eating poorly because I could get away with it without consequences.After chemtrail spraying began in 2005, my weight increased somewhat and my waist increased to 42″. This actually took place even after I began to dramatically improve my diet in order to maintain my health.What is the cause?There is no doubt in my mind that weight gain is not so much a problem of eating too much food, but a problem of toxicity, especailly toxicity that inhibits thyroid function.Mercury inhibits thyroid function by blocking the utilization of iodine. With insufficient iodine reaching the thyroid (an artificially induced form of malnutrition), metabolism slows and weight gain results. Mercury also blocks production of tyroid hormone T-3 (triiodothyronine), and it interferes with TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Furthermore, mercury blocks other metabolic functions.All of these factors combine to reduce thyroid function (hypothyroidism) which causes (or at least contributes to) weight gain, fatigue, depression, sleep issues, digestive issues, and much more. In short, when your thyroid is not working right, many other bioogical functions fail as a result.How do we control it?Many people report reversing thryoid issues by increasing their intake of iodine. Iodine can be found in a common supplement called Dulse; a nutrient-rich seaweed that is commonly available.People also report benefiting from herbal combinations designed to enhance thyroid function. I use Thyroid Support which helps improve my daily overall energy level.

Thinning Hair

Around 1999, my hair began thinning.The rate of thinning increased over the next year. Eventually, it was thinning so quickly that there was a noticeable difference from week to week.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, the thinning stopped completely. My hair did not thicken back up, but thinning did stop completely.During my 4½ years of blissful health (between 2000 and 2005), my hair did not thin at all.After chemtrail spraying began in 2005, the thinning began again as well. It thinned more slowly than it did when the amalgam fillings were in, but it was noticeable nonetheless.Noticeable thinning continues today. but at a slow rate.What is the cause?Mercury elevates dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels in the body. DHT is well known to destroy hair follicles. Thinning hair, oily skin, and enlarged prostate, are all caused by elevated DHT. In woman, elevated DHT leads to increased facial and body hair.How do we control it?Saw Palmetto inhibits the enzyme “testosterone-5-alpha-reductase” from transforming healthy testosterone hormones into unhealthy DHT. Saw palmetto also prevents DHT from attaching to prostate cellular receptor sites and so promotes DHT’s breakdown and excretion.Many people find that elevated-DHT-related symptoms can be controlled using Saw Palmetto.


In 1995, when I ate something with a lot of sugar, I would get mild candida symptoms, like red itchy underarms and itchy skin.In 1998, when I ate anything with even the smallest amount of sugar, I would get the same symptoms. I was able to make the symptoms go away fairly quickly by eating yogurt or taking a large dose of probiotics, typically about 4 times what was recommended on the bottle.In 2000, I had these symptoms continuously regardless of what I ate. Yogurt and probiotics did not help.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, I had no problem with candida at all. Nothing I ate could make candida symptoms recur. As an experiment, I actually tried to make candida come back by eating horrible foods for periods of time, but nothing worked. I could not even produce the smallest candida symptom.After intense chemtrail spraying began in 2005, candida began to occur when I ate a lot of sugary foods. By 2008, candida symptoms occurred when I ate a moderate amount of sugar. Currently, candida symptoms occur when I eat food with virtually any sugar at all.What is the cause?Mercury causes a complex set of reaction in the digestive system. It also causes the friendly intestinal bacteria (called intestinal flora) to mutate into organisms that damage the wall of the colon leading to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).The primary reason I believe mercury causes candida issues in both men and women is that mercury is a powerful immune system depressant. When your immune system is weak, it takes a shockingly short amount of time for candida symptoms to appear. In fact, when intense chemtrails are sprayed, I experience my first candida symptoms in about 30 minutes.How do we control it?I am currently able to mitigate – not completely eliminate – candida symptoms by taking immune stimulating herbal supplements. I currently take 4 to 8 capsules of Immune Stimulator each day. I also take 4 capsules of Yeast Fundal Detox which also helps considerably.I found that taking 12 capsules of probiotocs (Probiotic Eleven) helps a lot with candida symptoms. Of course this is about 3-times the amount that is recommended on the bottle, but it is the amount that works for me. Unfortunately, in order to keep my overall supplement costs down, I usually skip this supplement.

Oily Skin

Throughout my teen years and beyond, I noticed patterns related to the times that my facial skin would become oily.In the morning I nearly always had oily facial skin, but I discovered that there was a dietary relationship as well. I found that sugar and caffeine provoked my facial skin to become oily in less than 30 minutes. It also occurred when I was very tired.My skin ceased becoming oily at all – regardless of diet – immediately after my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000.I had no problems with oily skin at all until 2005 after chemtrail spraying began. The problem has become progressively worse over time and is now at nearly the same level it was when my amalgam fillings were in.What is the cause?Mercury elevates dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels in the body. Oily skin – plus thinning hair and enlarged prostate – are all caused by elevated DHT.How do we control it?Saw Palmetto has been reported to dramatically lower or completely eliminate all symptoms related to elevated DHT. I personally know people who took half the recommended dose of Saw Palmetto and were able to completely eliminate their prostate medication. Please check with your practitioner before making medical decisions.Saw Palmetto inhibits the enzyme “testosterone-5-alpha-reductase” from transforming healthy testosterone hormones into unhealthy DHT. Saw palmetto also prevents DHT from attaching to prostate cellular receptor sites and so promotes DHT’s breakdown and excretion.

Vertical Lines in Fingernails and Toenails

I had never experienced vertical lines in my fingernails before, but in 1995, I began to see vertical lines running from the base to the tip of my toenails. A couple years later, these same lines began to show up in my fingernails.By 2000, these lines were so deep in my toenails that you could actually pry up and pull off thin layers of the nail. I was shocked and concerned about this. My fingers were not nearly as bad, but you could still clearly see the lines in normal lighting.After my amalgam removal in 2000, these lines disappeared in my fingernails and became very faint in my toenails within just a few months.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, these lines began to appear again in my fingernails and toenails.Now, these lines are just as deep in my toenails as they were in 2000, before my amalgams were removed. The lines in my fingernails are not nearly as pronounced as in my toenails, but they are more pronounced than ever before.What is the cause?There is some debate over the cause of this symptom.Some say that mercury interferes with the ability for silica (and other materials that make up nails) to bond and grow. Others say that this symptom is caused by a chronic low-level infection at the base of the nail.Whatever the root cause, the symptoms are clearly caused by both amalgam fillings and by chemtrails.How do we control it?With all of the other symptoms that I was dealing with, I didn’t worry about trying to control this one.If the cause of this symptom is a lack of raw nail-making material in the body, then symptoms may improve by supplying your body with plenty of the base elements needed to grow nails. You can do this with a natural supplement like HSN Complex.If the cause is a chronic low-level infection at the base of the nail, then a powerful gel that kills infections may help. The first thing I would try is a silver gel, like Silver Shield Gel. I would put a small amount at the base of the nail each morning and evening.

Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Around 1995, dark circles began to faintly appear under my eyes from time to time. By 1999, the dark circles were there constantly. They became darker after I ate.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, the dark circles were gone within 24 hours. They came and went for a couple months but eventually disappeared permanently.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, the dark circles again returned. They were only present when spraying was taking place and would disappear within about an hour after spraying stopped. The same pattern continues today.What is the cause?Because this symptom was not debilitating, I did not spend much time researching it. Therefore, I’m not decided about what I believe the cause is.If you search the internet, you will find many explanations for dark circles under the eyes, but I have not found anything conclusive. It seems to be a generic symptom associated with general fatigue.What I do know is this: dark circles are associated with mercury poisoning and with chemtrails.How do we control it?Because I have not researched this subject deeply, I’m not sure how to control it.Based on the little information I do have, I would first try stimulating the thyroid with Thyroid Support. I personally would not hesitate to take 2 to 3 times the recommended doses.If that didn’t help, I would try stimulating circulation with Ginkgo/Gotu Kola Concentrate w/Bacopa.

Difficulty Getting To Sleep

For most of my life, I had some degree of difficulty getting to sleep. It often took 60 to 90 minutes just to fall asleep. This was a major source of frustration for much of my life.If I woke up in the night, I would often have a hard time getting back to sleep. It could take 30 to 60 minutes.Between 1995 and 2000, this problem became somewhat worse.After my amalgam removal in 2000, this problem vanished immediately. In fact, the same night that my amalgams were removed, I got to sleep in 5 minutes and slept better than I ever had.Now, after the amalgam removal, if I woke up during the night, I was back to sleep in 3 to 5 minutes. The change was amazing.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, it became harder and harder and took longer and longer to get to sleep. The same problems interfered with me getting to sleep now than those that interfered with me when my amalgam fillings were still in, such as racing/looping thoughts, and general fear/anxiety.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so the amount of time it takes to get to sleep is directly proportional to the intensity of chemtrail spraying.What is the cause?Based on the research that I’ve done in the past 10 years, I know that mercury causes countless biological and chemical changes in the body. None of them are good. Because many of these changes occur in the brain, and because they involved potassium, we would expect to see sleep affected.Outwardly, the symptoms that seemed to cause my insomnia were looping thoughts, anxiety, general fears, a loud thumping heartbeat, a fast-beating heartbeat, constantly feeling too hot in my core while feeling too cold on my skin, and ringing in the ears. As you can see, getting to sleep was next to impossible.How do we control it?I tried everything to get to sleep: ValerianHopsKava Kava, Camomile, and Melatonin. Nothing natural worked for me. I did get some help with diphenhydramine-based sleeping pills, but they didn’t always work.With much experimentation, I did find that the following substances – when combined with mercury – interfered with my sleep. (Remember, without mercury, none of these things affected my sleep):

1. B Vitamins – I had to be sure to exclude anything that had a lot of B vitamins within 12 hours of going to bed. Otherwise, it would take longer to get to sleep and I would never achieve deep sleep. I would also have very vivid dreams and wake up feeling more exhaused than when I went to bed. Remember, honey contains massive amounts of B vitamins, and sugar too.2. Sugar – Sugar had the same affect on me as B vitamins. I had to avoid all sugar within 12 hours of going to bed.3. Caffeine – Caffeine had the same effect on my sleep as B vitamine. I had to avoid all sugar within 12 hours of going to bed.4. Certain wheat products – I never narrowed down the type of wheat that caused me to have such sleep problems, but it clearly seemed that some products ruined my sleep while others did not.

What is very interesting here is that the dietary restrictions for mercury toxicty and for chemtrail exposure are essentially identical to those for Autism, ADD, and ADHD.Why is this?Watch this video to find out: Vaccines, Autism, and the Global Vaccine AgendaSo, what do I do now to get to sleep?I am currently able to get to sleep a little faster and to sleep a little deeper by taking GABA(1) and Melatonin (1) before bed. They definitely help.My business partner discovered that taking a calcium supplement (Skeletal Strength) before bed helped her tremendously. I tried it and found that it enabled me to achieve deeper sleep. I wake up feeling considerably better than before. I take 4 tablets about 30 minutes before going to bed each night.

Extremely Light Sleep

For most of my life, I was an extremely light sleeper. Even the smallest noise would wake me up. For this reason, I required a fan or air conditioner to create a constant background noise to mask other noises.This problem began in my teen years and continued until 2000 when my amalgam fillings were removed. I immediately began to sleep deeper than I ever had before. I was still not a “deep” sleeper, but I was perhaps now a “medium” sleeper.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, I began sleeping somewhat lighter again, but not quite as light as in 2000 when my mercury-amalgam symptoms were the worst.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so my depth of sleep is in direct proportion to the intensity of the spraying at the time.What is the cause?See the section above “Difficulty Getting To Sleep” for more information.How do we control it?I am currently able to get to sleep a little faster and to sleep a little deeper by taking GABAand Melatonin before bed. They definitely help.My business partner discovered that taking a calcium supplement (Skeletal Strength) before bed helped her tremendously. I tried it and found that it enabled me to achieve deeper sleep. I wake up feeling considerably better than before. I take 4 tablets about 30 minutes before going to bed each night.

Hot Core, Cold Skin While Sleeping

In order to get to sleep at all, I nearly always had to have a room that was 65° (F) or colder. Unfortunately, my core would feel hot while my skin would feel cold, which made getting comfortable enough to sleep difficult, to say the least.In 1995, this problem began getting worse. By 2000, finding a comfortable temperature in the room was nearly impossible because my core temperature was too high and my skin temperature was too low.After my amalgam removal in 2000, this problem went away completely overnight. In fact, the very night of my amalgam removal, I had to reset the temperature of my room from 64° (F) to 72° (F), and I was perfectly comfortable.That first night was also the best night of sleep that I had ever had. Words cannot describe how incredible it feels to sleep as we were intended to sleep and then to wake up feeling invigorated, deeply rested, and fearless. It was truly amazing.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, this problem occasionally began to reappear to a lesser degree than when my amalgams were in.A combination of temperature problems, racing thoughts, anxiety, a loud thumping heartbeat, and other issues began to interfere with sleep in ways that were identical to my “pre-2000” days when I still had mercury-based amalgam fillings in.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so this problem still occurs, but only in proportion to the amount of spraying that is taking place while I sleep.I cannot know for sure how bad spraying is while I’m sleeping, but I do keep track of how intense chemtrails are before I go to bed and how intense they are immediately after I get up, and base on this information I can say that the quality of my sleep is directly related to the intensity of spraying.What is the cause?As mentioned above, the sleep issue that I had as a result of mercury toxicity and the sleep issue that I currently have are almost identical. This issue is the result of a combination of other symptoms including temperature problems (too hot in my core, too cold in my skin), racing thoughts, anxiety, general fear, a loud thumping heartbeat, achy joints and muscles, itchy skin, and more.How do we control it?I am currently able to get to sleep a little faster and to sleep a little deeper by taking GABAand Melatonin before bed. They definitely help.My business partner discovered that taking a calcium supplement (Skeletal Strength) before bed helped her tremendously. I tried it and found that it enabled me to achieve deeper sleep. I wake up feeling considerably better than before. I take 4 tablets about 30 minutes before going to bed each night.As a side note, there has been much talk that certain chemtrail typess may contain a fluoride compound. If this is true, calcium counteracts some of the detrimental action of fluoride in the body. Perhaps this is why it help us achieve deeper sleep.

Grinding Teeth While Sleeping

About 1997, for the first time in my life, I began grinding my teeth while I was sleeping (bruxism). This became more severe over time.By 1999, this became so severe that I was waking up with blood in my mouth nearly every morning. My teeth and jaws hurt horribly in the morning and would ache throughout the day because of the grinding.The grinding eventually led to a tooth being shifted out of place one night, which then led to a conversation with a friend about my health, which then led to the discovery of the cause of all of my symptoms: mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings.After my amalgam removal in 2000, this problem went away completely overnight. Between July 2000 (after the amalgams were removed) and 2005 (when intense chemtrail spraying began), I never had this problem; not a single night.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, I began grinding my teeth mildly again. It slowly increased in intensity (as an average) each year as spraying continued.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so grinding clearly occurs in proportion to the intensity of chemtrail spraying. If spraying is mild, grinding is mild or nonexistent. If spraying is severe, grinding is severe that night.What is the cause?There are two generally proposed/accepted causes of bruxism (grinding of the teeth) among alternative health professionals.One believed cause is from the fact that mercury acts like an excitotoxin to the brain, much like Nutrasweet does.The other believed cause is magnesium depletion. It’s well known that mercury severely depletes magnesium from the body. Magnesium depletion causes headaches, muscle twitches, muscle cramps, low energy, and constipation.How do we control it?Some people report finding relief from bruxism using GABA. I personally find that it does not help me with this particular problem too much, but it does help me to achieve deeper sleep.I currently take about 4-to-8 capsules of magnesium daily because it helps with other issues caused by chemtrails. Unfortunately, I have not experimented to find out if it helps with teeth-grinding. I will have to conduct some experiments and report back on the results.

Sweating While Sleeping (Night-Sweats)

Beginning in about 1998, I began to sweat while I slept – a problem that I had never experienced before. The sweat around my neck smelled a little like acetone.By 2000, my sweating fits were so bad that I would wake up in bed drenched every morning. My sheets were often wet all the way through to the mattress and I was forced to change and/or wash them daily.After my amalgam removal in 2000, this problem went away completely overnight. It stopped the day of my removal and didn’t occur again until chemtrails began to be sprayed in the area in which I lived.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, night-sweats would occur if the spraying was severe but would not occur if spraying was mild. The night sweats during heavy spraying are much more mild than they were back in 2000, but they are slowly increasing in intensity and frequency as if to indicate that I am slowly becoming more mercury toxicy over time.What is the cause?I believe that night sweats are caused by heavy metal toxicity, especially mercury toxicity, but it can also be related to other heavy metals.How do we control it?I am currently detoxing mercury using oral DMSA which does help control a few of my symptoms somewhat (fatigue, brain fog), but symptom control is the not the primary reason I’m using it. I’m using it to perform a long-term mercury detox.I do not currently see any reduction in night sweats using DMSA. In fact, they are slowly getting worse. Unfortunately, I am not taking DMSA at the frequency recommended by theCutler mercury-detox protocol. Perhaps if I was, I would see more progress.

Frequent Urination In the Night

Throughout most of my life, I would wake up once or twice in the night to urinate. By about 1998, I was getting up 3 to 4 times per night to urinate. By 2000, I was getting up no less than 5 times per night to urinate. Obviously, I was loosing a significant amount of sleep because of this.After my amalgam fillings were removed in July of 2000, this problem went away completely overnight. I would only get up in the night to urinate perhaps once or twice in an entire week.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, I began having to get up every night, occasionally, more than once. This is yet another indication of potential mercury poisoning from chemtrails.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so I only have to get up in proportion to the amount of spraying that is currently taking place. For example, if spraying is light, I’ll only get up perhaps 1 time. If spraying is heavy, I will have to get up as many as 4 times.What is the cause?According to Dr. Cutler’s Amalgam Illness book, excessive urination can be caused by an inadequate release of antidiuretic hormone from the pituitary gland (p.187) which is ultimately associated with mercury toxicity.It is well-known that frequent (and incomplete) urination is often caused by an enlarged prostate gland. An enlarged prostate is caused by elevated DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Mercury toxicity enlarges the prostate gland.How to we control it?I have not researched a solution for an inadequate release of antidiuretic hormone from the pituitary gland, however, it is well known that Saw Palmetto helps many people restore normal frequency of urination by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

Shifted Circadian Rhythm

I finished college in 1984 at which time I had a very hard time getting to sleep before 4 am. I got a job working second shift in a theater which worked out well for me because of my sleep issues.The interesting thing about my nights was that I generally felt best between 12 midnight and the time I went to bed. This was the time when I had the greatest energy and mental clarity.Over time, my sleep pattern shifted further forward. By 1995, I was getting to sleep at about 5 am. By 2000, when mercury toxicity was at its worst, I was struggling to get to sleep by 7 am.When my amalgams were removed in July of 2000, I continued going to bed late, but my pattern slowly shifted back toward 4 am. After my amalgam removal, there were a number of times that I completely shifted my sleep schedule to a normal schedule and was going to bed at midnight and getting up at 7 am – something that would have been impossible for me to do before my mercury fillings were removed.When intense chemtrail spraying began in 2005, my sleep pattern began shifting later and later; instead of going to bed about 4 am, I was struggling to get to bed by 7 am once again.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so my ability to get to sleep early is quite directly related to the current spraying intensity. Heavy weeks of spraying tend to push my sleeping pattern later, while light weeks of spraying tend to enable me to get tired earlier. In fact, on mild-spray nights, I find myself getting tired at 1am or 2am, but on hard-spray nights I remain wide awake until 7am or later.What is the cause?According to Dr. Cutler’s Amalgam Illness book, mercury toxicity causes “shifted circadian rhythm” (shifted sleep cycle). The fact that this symptom is caused by chemtrails is yet another indicator that chemtrails contain mercury.How do we control it?It has been virtually impossible for me to switch my sleep schedule back to normal. A few years ago, when chemtrail spraying was worse during the day (although they still sprayed at night), I had a difficult time changing my sleep schedule to a normal nighttime schedule, although I was able to do it a few times (with much difficulty).For the past few years, spraying is virtually always much more intense at night than during the day, and because the spraying burns my sinuses and tastes so horrible, it directly interferes with my ability to simply get to sleep.Over the past 5 years, I have purchased 10 air purifiers spending about $3500 total. Most of them did nothing to help my sleep because chemtrails particles are nanoparticles, meaning that they are too small to be captured by conventional techniques. (HEPA filters catch particles down to .3 micrometers. Chemtrail particles are much smaller than that.)I found that water-based air purifiers (the least-expensive type) helped clear the air better than anything else I tried. I used several Hometics BRT-150 water-based air purifiers. The only problem is that they only worked with a few chemtrail types. See more about chemtrail types on the “Chemtrail Types” page.I have included in-depth information about my experience with air filtration (in relation to chemtrails) on the “Air Purifiers” page.Currently, the best I can do to help manage my sleep schedule is to take GABA and Melatonin. They don’t allow me to switch my schedule to an earlier one, but they to allow me to keep my current schedule.

Over- or Under-Sleeping Caused Health Symptoms

As if I wasn’t already having enough sleep issues, here’s yet another.When I didn’t get 7 hours of sleep, I would experience very achy muscles, horrible tiredness all day, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, and significantly lowered immune function. It felt like I was having a severe sugar low all day. It didn’t matter whether I under slept or overslept, the symptoms were identical. Even if I under- or over- slept 20 minutes, these symptoms would stay with me all day.I experienced this problem throughout my teen and adult life, but the resulting symptoms became much more intense between 1996 and 2000.During this time, if I over- or under- slept just 1 day, my immune system would suffer significantly (in addition to all of the problems mentioned above).If I over- or under- slept 2 days in a row, I would begin to have horrible candida symptoms and flu-like symptoms.If I over- or under- slept 3 days in a row, I would often get completely sick.In 2000, after my amalgam fillings were removed, this problem went away nearly completely overnight. At this time, I could under-sleep with a minimum of aches and fatigue. If I overslept, I didn’t have any symptoms at all.It was absolutely amazing. I could have a virtually normal day with only 3 hours of sleep. No aches. No pains. No immune issues.If I was short on sleep 2 days in a row, still, it was no big issue. I might feel a little fatigue here or there, but I could function virtually normally.If I was short on sleep 3 days in a row, only then would things finally begin to get difficult.Before having my amalgams removed, I had always wondered why so many other people seemed to have no real issues with a lack of sleep. They performed just fine but I struggled horribly. Now I know… Mercury is the cause.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, this issue began to return. I began to have to keep a close eye on the number of hours I slept. If I underslept or overslept, then all of the symptoms that I had when the amalgam fillings were still in would appear.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild (but still present) on others, so the intensity of this issue is directly related to the intensity of spraying.What is the cause?I don’t know that the cause of these symptoms are in a mercury toxic person in relation to under-sleeping or over-sleeping. I do know that mercury interferes with a vast number of chemical reactions in the body. Many of these interferences occur in the brain. There are certainly many more mercury-blocked chemical reactions that we have yet to discover, and many of the will be brain related, and therefore, many of them will be sleep-related.For me, removing the the mercury eliminated these problems, but when chemtrails began, the symptoms returned. So the real cause is mercury.How do we control it?Because I do not know the cause of these symptoms, I have no idea how to mitigate them.When I was mercury toxic, I tried everything. Sugar didn’t work. Caffeine didn’t work. Ephedra didn’t work. Exercise didn’t work either.The only thing that occasionally worked was taking a nap.

Fatigue After Eating

Throughout my life, I felt energized after eating, but in 1995, I began to feel somewhat fatigued after eating.By 1998, I would feel so tired and fatigued after eating that I had to take a nap, which I did daily. This symptom continued to increase in intensity until 2000.After my amalgams were removed in 2000, this symptom immediately went away. Eating again was energizing for me, not fatiguing.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, I began to experience this symptom again.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so this symptom occurs in direct proportion to how severe spraying is. If spraying is medium to severe, eating causes fatigue. If spraying is mild, eating is energizing.In fact, this symptoms is reactive to spraying in (almost) real-time. What I mean is this.If I eat and chemtrail spraying is medium, then I will feel fatigued and tired. But if spraying stops and the air clears (which can occur in as little as 20 minutes), then my energy will immediately come back regardless of the fact that I just. ate.I’ve watched this pattern occur through all phases. For example, if I ate while spraying was mild, my energy would remain high. Even after the mail, I felt energetic. If spraying began (or more accurately, a plume reached ground level), I would begin feeling fatigued within 2 to 4 minutes. If the air cleared again, my energy would again skyrocket.This is a clear indication of one of the fundamental dangers of chemtrails: They enter directly into the bloodstream through the lungs. This is why they cause such immediate reactions with the body. It’s equivalent to getting vaccinated; it’s in your blood immediately.What is the cause?Mercury is obviously the root cause, but to narrow it down to the secondary cause it not so simple.When you are digesting food, your body diverts a lot of blood to your digestive system. Many believe that this causes fatigue and tiredness. Unfortunately, this does not explain why my energy levels returned completely when the air clears even when I’m still digesting.I tend to believe that this symptom is caused by mercury’s suppression of thyroid hormone T-3 (triiodothyronine), and mercury’s suppression of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) production, and mercury’s suppression of TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone), and mercury’s interference in oxygen transport.How do we control it?The only way that I found to control this symptom is using caffeine. If mercury interferes with oxygen transport, then this makes sense because caffine enhances oxygen transport (in a very primative way) by simply dialating capillaries.Of couse, caffeine demineralizes your body, so even though you may experience a short-term increase in energy, you are making it harder for your body to cope with the dramatic mineral-depleting action of mercury.It is accurate to say that both caffeine and mercury induce malnutrition.

Fatigue After Using the Bathroom

In 1995, I began experiencing tiredness and fatigue after using the bathroom. Before 1995, I did not experience this symptom.By 2000, this symptom became so severe that I had to take a nap after using the bathroom.This symptom disappeared immediately and completely after my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, this symptom returned.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so the severity of this symptom is directly related to the intensity of spraying at the time. In short, this symptom has a “real-time” relationship to the intensity of chemtrail spraying.What is the cause?I don’t know what causes this symptom. My best guess is that it’s related to an electrolyte imbalance.How do we control it?The only thing that I found that helped this symptom was drinking water. This did not make the symptom go away, but it did seem to help a little some of the time.Of couse, drinking water after a meal can cause a mercury toxic person to get bad heartburn. Fortunately, I was (and am) able to virtually completely control heartburn with a special calcium-papaya supplement called Stomach Comfort.


Throughout my teen years, I used the bathroom much too infrequently, but it never really seemed to affect my health in any noticeable way.In 1990, constipation began to be an issue. By 1995, it was a constant problem that got steadily worse until 2000.After my amalgam removal in 2000, this problem mostly went away. I found that it was easily controlled with magnesium supplementation.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, the severity of this problem increased sharply and immediately.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so this problem occurs in direct relation to the intensity of spraying over the past 24 hours or so.What is the cause?Constipation is normally caused by one of two conditions:

  1. Dry colon
  2. Tight muscles

If the colon is dry, movement of material through the colon is restricted. This problem is not know to be directly associated with mercury.If magnesium levels are low, then sphincter muscles will restrict movement of material out of the body. This is the type of constipation associated with mercury toxicity because mercury blocks the body from utilizing magnesium thereby creating a virtual deficiency.How do we control it?I am able to control this issue with magnesium supplementation. I use a product namedMagnesium Complex. This magnesium product is particularly useful because it’s partly magnesium malate, which removes aluminum from the body (a very good thing).If spraying is mild, only 1000mg to 1500mg of magnesium is required to eliminate this symptom. If spraying is severe, 2400mg solves the problem for me.

Severe Immune Weakness

Throughout my life, I didn’t get sick very often. I was generally considered pretty hearty and healthy. I was used to being athletic and working out daily, but my diet was horrible.By 1995, I began feeling that my immune system was compromised after working out.By 1996, I was no longer able to work out daily because I would get a sore throat and other flu-like symptoms the next day. I could tell that my immune system was severly suppressed.By 1997, I had to stop most unnecessary physical activity because of my weakened immune system. This was extremely frustrating because I loved to work, play racketball, bike, and stay physically active.By 2000, I had gained considerable weight and had to limit my physical activity just to protect my immune system. If I even walked too much, the next day I felt sick and could lose a few hours of work… or sometimes an entire day.After my amalgam removal in 2000, my immune system immediately became strong again. It was like I was a teenager again. I would eat junk food just to see how far I could push my body. In fact, my immune system was so strong that I could not make myself sick regardless of how hard I tried. It was amazing.All of my other symptoms that were related to a weak immune system also vanished, such as severe candida. In fact, my severe candida symptoms vanished completely just 24 hours after my amalgam removal. Nothing I ate could bring these symptoms back. It was a tremendous relief.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, I immediately experienced a decrease in the strength of my immune system.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so the strength of my immune system is directly proportional to the severity of the spraying at the time. In fact, about 30 minutes after a chemtrail plume reaches ground level, I can feel candida symptoms begin in the form of itchy underarms. When the air clears, my symptoms are gone within 30 minutes.I’ve had frequent bouts with sore throats since the new high-altitude “Metallic-Chemical” chemtrail type began to be used in April of 2010. In fact, every afternoon when I wake up, if the spraying is medium to intense, I will have a sore throat who’s soreness is in direct proportion to the intensity of the spraying. If the intensity of the chemtrail spraying decreases, the soreness of my throat will decrease as well.A great example of how quickly my immune system reacts to changes in chemtrail intensity follows.Just a few weeks ago (October, 2010), we had 14 days of severe chemtrail spraying. This intense spraying occurred in the 2 week period preceeding election day in the U.S. During this time, I had a perpetual sore throat (not to mention that nearly all of my local relatives became sick). In the middle of this 2 week period, there was a 3-hour break from chemtrails. Within 1 hour after the air cleared, my sore throat was completely gone. It remained gone until 2 hours later when chemtrails started again. Within 1 hour of the first chemtrail plume reaching the ground, my throat was sore again. I have heard this same story from numerous people who suffer from chemtrails.What is the cause?Mercury is the root cause. Whether mercury from amlgam fillings or mercury from chemtrails, my symptoms have been virtually identical.The secondary cause of a suppressed immune system is related to the action of mercury on the immune system. The immune system is vast and complex, but suffice it to say that mercury suppresses it dramatically.How do we control it?I am able to bolster my immune system with Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi mushroom extracts along with beta glucan. I also take vitamin D3 and high doses of vitamin C.Specifically, any time I feel my immune system failing, I take 4 capsules of Nature’s Immune Stimulator every 2 to 4 hours. This supplies the mushroom extracts along with some beta glucan (and other immune-stimulating herbs). This is an amazing supplement that has saved me hundreds of hours of lost work over the years. It has also converted many skeptics to believing in the power of herbal supplements.I also take 4 tablets of this Vitamin D3 every 2 to 4 hours.I also take 4000mg to 8000mg of this Vitamin C spread out throughout the day (a daily total of 4000mg to 8000mg).Finally, I take another supplement that is a rich source of beta glucans and other immune-stimulating herbs called Glyco Essentials.The above supplements have kept me from being chronically ill for the past several years. For me, they have been worth their weight in gold.

Ringing In the Ears (Tinnitus)

Beginning with my teen years, when my first amalgam fillings were installed, it was not uncommon for my ears to start ringing. In my 20s, this symptom increased in frequency, intensity, and duration.Occasionally – perhaps once every couple days (or sometimes 3 to 4 times per day) – one of my ears would lose its hearing completely and start ringing very loudly. This would continue for 30 to 120 seconds. The hearing would slowly return and the ringing would slowly decline in volume.By 1995, the ringing was nearly constant and the loss-of-hearing events described above would happen several times per day.By 1999, the ringing was so loud that it was making it even more difficult to get to sleep. It also interfered with normal conversations and with my ability to focus.After my amalgam removal in 2000, the ringing in my ears stopped completely overnight. It was dramatic and wonderful to have such silence when going to sleep. There also were no more hearing-loss events. None at all.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, the ringing events began again for the first time since my amalgam fillings were removed.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so the level of ringing in the ears is directly proportional to the intensity of spraying. When spraying stops, the ringing will stop a few hours later. When spraying starts, ringing starts within minutes. If spraying continues at high levels for a day, the hearing-loss events will begin to occur in increasing frequency.What is the cause?Based on my experience, mercury is clearly the cause of tinnitus.The secondary action of mercury within the ear that causes tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is not known, but based on my research, I believe it may be caused by the death of a “hair cell”.These cells have small hair-like protrusions that pick up sound in the inner ear. These cells convert the vibrations of the protrusions to an electrical signal that is sent to the brain.There are many pharmaceutical drugs that are known to kill hair cells. One of these is the chemotherapy drug Cisplatin which contains the heavy metal platinum.Mercury may have a very similar action on the ear’s hair cells as platinum. It may act to excite the cells and essentially burn them out. The ringing in the ears may be the mercury-induced excitation of a dying hair cell. For this reason, it is believed that both platinum and mercury cause hearing loss and eventual deafness.How to we control it?I have found that both sugar and caffeine dramatically increase the volume and duration of the ringing in my ears.I was able to completely stop mild tinnitus by eliminating sugar and caffenine from my diet. When my tinnitus became severe, I could not stop it, but by following these dietary rules, I was able to lessen its severity.For me, it’s important to be strict. I found that even a single sip of tea could dramatically increase my ringing within just a few minutes.

Tingling and Numbness In Hands and Feet

Throughout my teen years and beyond, it was common for me to experience tingling in my hands and feet. It seemed that any time there was pressure on my inner arm or on parts of my leg that my hands or feet would tingle or go numb. When the pressure was removed, the tingling would go away after a few minutes.Between 1995 and 2000, my hands and feet would often begin tingling horribly even without any pressure being applied to them. This symptom became an annoyance throughout the day.After my amalgam removal in 2000, this symptom stopped immediately. My arms and legs virtually never tingled or went numb again. It was a tremendous relief.When intense chemtrail spraying started in our area in 2005, this symptom began again at a lower intensity and frequency than before my amalgam removal.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so the severity and frequency of this symptom is directly proportional to the severity of spraying over the previous 24 hours.What is the cause?I have not researched the cause of this symptom, but here is something we can consider. Mercury interferes with both blood pressure and the nervous system. Both low blood pressure and nervous system issues can cause these symptoms.How do we control it?It’s possible that blood pressure regulation supplements and nervious sytem support supplements may help this issue.Because this symptom was small compared to the other debilitating mercury symptoms that I had, I didn’t work too hard to find out how to eliminate it.

Elevated Body Temperature (Always Feeling Hot)

Beginning with my teen years, I could tolerate warm temperatures, but it was uncomfortable for me to do so. The only way I could truly feel comfortable was if the room temperature was below 68° (F). This symptom continued throughout adulthood.Around 1995, this symptom began to increase in intensity. At this time, I began feeling warmer than ever before, day and night.By 2000, I continually felt hot in my core. If the room temperature was cold, my skin would be cold but my core would be uncomfortably warm. There seemed to be nothing I could do to get comfortable.This problem was particularly difficult at night because it hindered my ability to sleep. With my room at a frosty 64° (F), my core would be overheating but my skin would be uncomfortably cold. It was very frustrating.In 2000 when my amalgam fillings were removed, this problem disappeared overnight. In fact, the very night of my amalgam removal, I increased my bedroom temperatur to 72° (F) and was perfectly comfortable. Both my core temperature and skin temperature normalized.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, this symptom began to return to some degree.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so this symptom returns in direct proportion to the intensity of spraying. If the air is clear for a day, this symptom is virtually gone. If spraying is severe, my core becomes hot and my skin becomes cold, just as before when amalgam fillings were still installed.What is the cause?Temperature issues are almost always attributed to the thyroid gland. Whether your temperature is too high or too low, problems with the regulation of the thyroid and thyroid-related functions are usually to blame.The thyroid has both negative and positive feedback mechanisms that are used in the regulation of thyroid function. Mercury interferes with both. If in a particular person the negative feedback mechanism is interrupted more, then they may feel hot. If the positive feedback mechanism is interrupted more, then they may feel cold.How do we control it?I never found a good solution for this symptom other than diphenhydramine-based sleeping pills. Many people notice that diphenhydramine both cools the body and drys the colon.

Constant Excessive Sweating

In my teen years, I often felt too warm and would begin sweating somewhat whenever a room was about 68° (F) or above.In my 20s and 30s, this problem increased in intensity. If I sat down and put my arms on a table, moisture would accumulate all around the area where my arms touched the table. This would also happen with my legs.It was embarrassing to sit in a restaurant only to find that when I stood up, there were pools of moisture wherever my legs touched the seat.This problem increased in intensity from 1995 to 2000 and was a continuing source of embarrassment and frustration.In 2000 when my amalgam fillings were removed, this problem went away completely. I could put my arms on a table in a hot room for hours and no moisture would accumulate on the table. The sudden change was shocking (in a good way).In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, this problem began to return somewhat. As spraying continued, the intensity of the problem increased.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so the problem continues and occurs in direct proportion to the intensity of chemtrail spraying at the time. I’m continually amazed to find that I may be sweating a lot at the beginning of a meal, and then by the end of a meal, if the chemtrails clear from the air, sweating will cease.What is the cause?Excessive sweating is nornally associated with thyroid issues. Of couse, mercury dramatically affects the thyroid in numerous ways.Mercury prohibits the production of T-3 (triiodothyronine). It blocks the utilization of iodine; a mineral essential for thyroid function. Mercury also blocks TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), and it affects the thryroid both directly and indirectly in many other ways.How do we control it?Excessive sweating is a symptom that I never realized was associated with mercury until after my amalgam fillings were removed. I never worked to find a way to control it because as soon as my fillings were removed, it disappeared.Now that chemtrails have re-induced this symptom to a lessor extent, I may work on finding a solution. If I do, I’ll post it here.


Throughout my teen years, heartburn was an occasional problem that I never thought too much about. It was something that we were just expected to live with. We were taught that it was caused by “certain foods”.In 1995, my heartburn issues began to increase in frequency and intensity.By 1998, I would get heartburn after virtually every meal. It was horribly painful. Fortunately, with some research, I learned to control it completely with natural supplements.The problem continued to increase (if I didn’t take supplements) until 2000, when I had my amalgam fillings removed. At this point, the problem went away completely overnight.I no longer had to take supplements to control heartburn. It didn’t matter what I ate, or how much I ate, I could not give myself heartburn no matter how hard I tried; and I did try. What an incredible relief.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying begin, the problem returned suddenly.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so this issue occurs in direct proportion to the intensity of the spraying. In fact, even if I haven’t eaten anything, if heavy spraying begins, I will get heartburn within about 5 minutes. When the air clears, heartburn will disappear within 15 minutes.Likewise, I can be eating during heavy spray conditions and have heartburn as a result. If the air clears during or shortly after the meal, the heartburn goes away within minutes.What is the cause?For decades, it was believed that hearburn was caused by an over-acid condition in the stomach. Now, the believed cause has been completely revised.Today, it’s generally accepted that heartburn is caused by an under-acid condition in the stomach. When the stomach is lacking some degree of digestive acids, then gases form that move up the esophagus. The esophagus – being particularly sensitive to even mildly acidic conditions – hurts with a burning sensation.The presence of mercury in the stomach may be the cause of an under-acid condition because mercury has a high affinity for chlorine. Stomach acid is primarily hydrochloric acid (HCl) consisting of chlorine and hydrogen. It’s believed that mercury may steal chlorine atoms reducing available hydrochloric acid resulting in an under-acid condition.Mercury can reach the stomach through inhalation of mercury offgassing from amglam fillings or from chemtrails.How do we control it?During the late 90’s, heartburn was such a painful daily experience for me, we began to research it. We found that medical sources stated that heartburn was generally the result of an over-acid condition in the stomach. However, alternative medical sources stated that heartburn was actually the result of an under-acid condition.Admittedly, I was skeptical that heartburn was the result of an under-acid condition, but I decided to try taking the advice of alternative doctors anyway. I increased the acidity of my stomach during meals just to see what would happen.To increase my stomach acidity, I used this hydrochloric acid supplement specifically designed to increase human stomach-acid content during meals. It worked. I was able to completely eliminate heartburn from 9 out of every 10 meals, and even that 10th meal had much less severe heartburn.This solution was a tremendous relief for me. It helped me to stop dreading mealtime so I could begin looking forward to meals once again.There are 2 things I learned about the hydrochloric acid supplement (PDA) that I was taking:

  1. It should be taken in the middle or at the end of a meal. If it’s taken at the beginning of a meal, it could cause a burning sensation way down in your stomach. It needs to be mixed with the food that it’s digesting in order to be most effective.
  2. Don’t take 2. As an experiment, I tried taking 2 HCl supplements a few times and it was too much. Just a single capsule was perfect.

Another approach to stopping heartburn is to take a stomach acid neutralizer. These types of supplements usually use calcium and other ingredients to dramatically lower the acidity of the stomach. I occasionally used Stomach Comfort.Lowering stomach acid can help if you have a stomach condition that makes it especially sensitive to acid. Unfortunately, lowering your stomach acid over a period of time can lead to other problems:

  1. When stomach acid is chronically low, food may not be properly digested. This can lead to malnutrition, and may cause gas and bloating later on in the digestive process.
  2. When stomach acid is chronically low, it may facilitate the formation of an ulcer because certain ulcers are believed to be caused by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori which requires a less acidic condition in order to thrive. This may explain why many mercury chronic persons have stomach ulcers and other opportunistic infections.

Heart Pain and Loss of Breath When Being Physical

I was extremely physical and very fit throughout my life. I worked on my fitness by both building muscle and supporting my cardiovascular system. Following is a list of some of my activities throughout my 20s:

  • Raquetball 4-or-5 days per week in the hot Florida sun (or sometimes at night).
  • Workout with free weights for between 1 and 2 hours 4-or-5 days per week.
  • Cycled around town, between 5 to 30 miles at a time. On a few occasions 80 miles.
  • Kneeboarding and tubing on the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Occasional volleyball with family and local police officers.
  • Other miscellaneous physical activities.

My heart was strong and could work hard all day without missing a beat. In fact, the more I worked, the better I felt. It didn’t matter if I didn’t eat. My blood sugar remained perfect all day and all night. As long as I kept up the physical pace, I never got hungry.In 1995, this all changed. At this time I began having mild heart pain and shortness of breath whenever I would do something strenuous. This forced me to reduce my physical activity quite a bit.By 1998, my heart was so weak that it hurt when I stood up from a seated position. It felt like “brain freeze” in my heart (“brain freeze” is the feeling you get in your head when you drink something cold too quickly). After simply standing up, I would often have to stand still for 5 to 15 seconds just to catch my breath and wait for the pain to go away before I would start walking. I had no idea why this was happening to me and became concerned that I may soon have a heart attack.This symptom continued to increase in intensity until 2000. By this time, I had to constantly pace my physical activity. Simply walking too fast caused this “brain freeze” in my heart.In 2000 when my amalgam fillings were removed, this issue decreased dramatically. During the 3 months immediately following the amalgam removal, this issue varied in intensity from day-to-day, but was always far less in intensity than it was before the removal.After about 3 months, my heart was back to normal. There as no pain regardless of what I did. This was yet another astonishing breakthrough in my health. My heart problems were another problem obviously caused by mercury from my amalgam fillings.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, this issue returned suddenly. When the air would clear, my heart pain (associated with physical activity) would be completely gone.Over time, as intense spraying continued for the first year, My heart seemed to become more sensitized to the spraying. When spraying occurred, my heart pain (with physical activity) was worse. When the air cleared, it took a little longer for the pain (with physical activity) to go away.By 2008, there had been several occasions where my heart pain was so severe (during chemtrail spray events) that I sincerely believed I was going to die. At this point in time, when the air cleared, it took over an hour for my heart pain to disappear. Clearly, chemtrails were having a cumulative effect on my heart. It was frightening and infuriating at the same time.In 2008, the chemtrail spraying in Jamestown, New York was so heavy and my health symptoms had become so severe that we (my friend/business-partner Laura and I) decided to move to Maine. Chemtrails were much less severe there, but soon after the move, they increased dramatically.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, but regardless of the intensity of the spraying, the heart pain remains medium to severe. If the air clears completely, this symptom goes away in about 3 hours. If spraying continues, even mildly, this symptom returns to full intensity in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, it’s rare that the air clears for 3 hours anymore, so this symptom is virtually continuous.What is the cause?This symptom is the only symptom that I have that I consider deadly. All other symptoms range from annoying to downright painful and severely debilitating, but the heart problems associated with chemtrails are truly life-threatening. For this reason, we have done a lot of research trying to find solutions.While researching, here’s what we discovered.These symptoms can be caused by

  1. Blocked arteries in the heart (Coronary Artery Disease, or CHD), or
  2. Pericarditis (inflammation of the thin sac that surrounds the heart), or
  3. Physical blockage of the lungs preventing the flow of normal amounts of oxygen into the blood.

Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary Artery Disease can be caused by deficient digestive enzyme production over a long period of time, which some research suggests is caused my mercury toxicity. It can also be caused by elevated homocysteine which is also caused by mercury toxicity.


Pericarditis can be caused by a blockage of the tubes draining the sac around the heart into the lymphatic system. This blockage can be caused by bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, general inflammation, cancer, and other things.Chemtrails cause me to have an immediate inflammatory reaction, so this could be contributing, but I also know that chemtails suppress my immune system dramatically. Aluminum, barium, and mercury all have dramatic immunosuppressive effects.When your immune system is suppressed for any length of time, chronic infections can form. These infections can be bacterial, viral, or fungal (candida). They can even be caused by mycoplasma (a unique type of bacteria without a cell wall). These infections can block the drainage tubes leading from the heart to the lymphatic system that are used to drain fluid from around the heart. This blockage can lead to inflammation of this sac (Pericarditis) leading to pain, loss of breath, and other heart issues.

Physical Blockage of the Lungs

Physical blockage of the lungs is caused by particulates in the air that are small enough to enter the deep-lung but large enough to block the gas-exchange mechanism in the alveoli. Research has found that particles in the range of 0.3µ to 1µ have the maximum retention rate in the lungs – about 45% of the inhaled aerosol.

NIH graph showing old research relating particle size to retention rates in the deep lung.How do we control it?Because this heart issue was so frightening, I decided to do everything that I could to counter it. Also, it was possible that my symptoms were a combination of things.To combat Coronary Artery Disease, I began doing the the Budwig Protocol using flax seed oil and cottage cheese to dissolve arterial buildup.After about a month of doing the protocol, I noticed that the reaction my heart was having to chemtrails (of similar intensity) seemed slightly lowered. As of this writing, I’ve been doing the the Budwig Protocol for about 3 months, and it seems that there is still a little more improvement. It’s definitely not dramatic, but noticeable.Because this problem can also be related to pericarditis, which can be related to an infection, I began experimenting Uña de Gato (“Cat’s Claw/Samento”), and an anti-viral (“VS-C”) and animmune stimulator (“Nature’s Immune Stimulator”).I’ve gone off and on these supplements several times and found that they really do help quite a bit, but I had to take 4 Uña de Gato twice per day, 4 Immune Stimulator twice per day, and 4 anti-viral once per day. As of this writing, I am still experimenting to find which of these supplements has the greatest effect.Finally, your body produces anti-inflammatory steriods when you enter deep sleep cycles. Chemtrails inhibit deep sleep cycles and therefore can play havoc with your heart, joints, muscles, and any other body part that hurts when inflammed, not to mention that it can ruin the quality of your sleep.Because I found that the severity of this heart symptom was significantly affected by the quality of my sleep, getting myself to enter deep sleep cycles became important. Please see the section called “Shallow Unrestful Sleep” and “Vivid Dreams” for more information about how I combat these symptoms.I cannot express how these heart issues have affected my life. Despite some progress, during heavy spray periods I still wonder if I’m going to be alive the next day. As some of you have probably experienced, the greatest pain is not being believed.Friends and family listen, but they just don’t seem to want to deal with the life-and-death severity of this issue. I have shared accounts of bending over holding my heart and anxiously providing vital business-information to my business partner in case I didn’t make it, but I only received blank glazed-over looks, and worst of all, no one “close” to me seems to have any interest in fighting this crime against humanity. Everyone just seems to want to live with it as long as it doesn’t bother them too much.Having a threat to my life being propagated by my government is maddening enough. Add to that having only a few newly-found Facebook friends who understand, and a person quickly realizes how alone they are in this world.Please know that I’m not whining or complaining. I’m expressing how sad it is so people may be inspired to look at themselves. I’m hoping that sharing these feelings will make someone else realize that they are not alone.

Inability To Focus On Nearby Objects

Throughout my teen years and my 20s, I had excellent vision. I was normally the first one in the car to be able to read a distant sign, or the first one to be able to read tiny print.In 1995, I first began having trouble focusing on objects that were near my eyes.By 2000, I seemed to be very farsighted because I had to hold normal print far away from my eyes just to be able to focus on it.In 2000 when my amalgam fillings were removed, this problem went away overnight. My ability to focus on objects close to my eyes returned just as it was in my 20s. I no longer had to hold print away from my eyes in order to read it. I was amazed at the suddenness of the change.In 2005, when intense chemtrail spraying began, this problem suddenly appeared again.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so the intensity of this problem is directly proportional to the intensity of spraying. If the air clears, I am able to focus on nearby objects within a few hours. When chemtrail spraying continues, my ability to focus on nearby objects diminishes within about an hour or two.The same holds true when reading print. If chemtrail intensity is high, then the vision issues are severe. If chemtrail intensity is mild, then the vision issues are mild.What is the cause?During the course of my research, I found that mercury interferes with the mechanisms that regulate the pressure of the fluid inside the eyes. In effect, mercury causes the pressure of this fluid to increase in some people and decrease in others.When you change the pressure of the fluid in the eyes, the eyes subtly change shape. This change in shape alters the focal length of the eyes causing farsightedness in some, nearsightedness in others.How to we control it?Because I have numerous chemtrail-related symptoms that I have to mitigate, I have not focused on this one too much, however, people have reported great success in controlling farsightedness and nearsightedness using two methods: Eye exercises and increased circulation.Eye exercise programs can be found on the internet. Many have reported having success using eye exercises to control their vision issues.Another method that has been reported to help with farsightedness and nearsightedness is to increase blood circulation to the eye. The most common supplement used for this purpose isBilberry.

Increased Visual Persistence

Visual persistence is the phenomenon that occurs when you suddenly enter a dark room. The image you were last viewing at remains visible – “persists” – to some degree, in inverse colors.From my teen life and onward, my visual persistence remained pretty much the same.Around 1997, I noticed that this persistence seemed to be increasing. In other words, the persistent (inverse) image would form with less light in less time, plus it would last longer.By 2000, my visual persistence was so strong, that it often blocked my vision for about 2 minutes when entering a normally lit room from a bright, sunny day. This became an annoyance to say the least.In 2000 after my amalgam fillings were removed, this problem went away immediately and almost completely. Persistent images became less visible than ever before. They also disappeared much more quickly than I had ever experienced previously.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, I noticed that my visual persistence fluctuated with the intensity of the spraying. Over time, as spraying continued, my visual persistence would increase more quickly and with less spray intensity in any particular spray event. It seems evident that some type of accumulation was taking place.Now, this condition remains about the same. On low spray days, it drops down closer to normal levels. On heavy spray days, it becomes very apparent and can become annoying.What is the cause?The cause of visual persistence is generally believed to be associated with a lack of oxygenation in the eyes.”Cones” are essentially the color receptors in the eyes. Cones are divided into 3 groups: Red, Green, and Blue, just like the little dots that make up a modern monitor or television screen.When an intense color is viewed, the cones that are active become oxygen starved and begin to work less efficiently. When you close your eyes, the persistent image you see is inverse in color because the over-worked cones are weaker. The rest of the cones then form an image in the colors they are responsible for, resulting in an inverse image.Because mercury (and other toxins) cause inflammation, circulation to the fine blood vessels in the eyes may be reduced. Furthermore, mercury ineracts with blood hemoglobin reducing the amount of oxygen the blood can carry. The resulting lack of oxygen-rich blood increases the amount of time it takes for your cones to recover from persistent images.How do we control it?The obvious solution for visual persistence is to increase the amount of oxygen to the eyes.You can achieve this by dilating the capillaries in the eyes, or by increasing the blood’s ability to carry oxygen.The herb of choice for supporting blood flow to the eyes is Bilberry. Bilberry increases capillary circulation to the eyes and brain and it works as an anti-imflammatory.

Tight, Twitching, and Burning Muscles

From 1995 to 2000, I had a dramatic increase in tight, twitching, and burning muscles. These are problems that I rarely experienced prior to this.After my amalgams were removed in 2000, these symptoms went away completely overnight.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, these symptoms returned dramatically.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so the intensity of these symptoms is directly proportional to the intensity of chemtrail toxins in the air.What is the cause?Tight and twitching muscles are most commonly attributed to low magnesium levels in the body. These symptoms can also be caused by dehydration.When a person has amalgam fillings, the mercury escaping from the fillings continually inhibits magnesium utilization causing tight and twitching muscles.This same symptom is associated with chemtrails, which is yet another indication that chemtrails may contain mercury.How do we control it?In order to overcome this problem, we simply supplement with magnesium.Because mercury blocks the utilization of magnesium so efficiently, it’s often necessary to take substantial amounts of magnesium to see our symptoms change. For example, I normally had to take 2000 mg to 4000 mg of magnesium daily in order for my symptoms to go away.The best types of magnesium are magnesium malate and magnesium citrate. Magnesium malate is effective at removing aluminum from the body. Magnesium citrate is one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium you can take.

Ear Wax

Throughout my life, when I cleaned my ears every morning, I never had visible ear wax on the Q-Tip. Never.Around 1996 as my mercury symptoms increased, I began having visible ear wax for the first time.Between 1996 and 2000, the amount of wax increased steadily and noticeably.After my amalgam removal in 2000, my ear wax disappeared immediately, and with the exception of a few days when I exercised intensly after my amalgam removal, there was no more wax. After a month or so post-removal, no matter how much I exercised, no ear wax would appear. It was just like the old days.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, excessive ear wax began appearing again. The increase in ear wax was immediate.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so the amount of ear wax that I have is directly proportional to the intensity of chemtrail spraying for the previous 24 hours.What is the cause?Because this issue is unimportant in relation to my other symptoms, I have not studied the cause of ear wax. I did hear from a person who studied it years ago that it is directly related to the rate of die-off of your red blood cells, but I have never confirmed this.How do we control it?Because I don’t know the cause, I do not know how to control it.The best advice I can offer on this subject is not to get amalgam fillings (which is possible) and to avoid chemtrails (which is difficult at best).

Frequently Cracking Joints

Beginning in my teen years, my joints would crack. What cracked most often was my fingers, neck, and ankles. In fact, my ankles would occasionally crack so loudly that it could be heard even in a loud restaurant. It was embarrassing.Around 1995, the cracking increased in frequency. It felt like there was pressure in the joints and they just had to be cracked in order to release the pressure. The frequency of cracking increased to the point where I was cracking my fingers nearly every 20 minutes.By 1999, I developed sharp, debilitating pain in some of the joints in my fingers that hindered my ability to type. The intensity of the pain was directly related to the frequency that the joints cracked. For this reason, I began to tolerate the “pressure” in the joints as long as I could to delay the cracking until the joints just cracked themselves.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, my cracking joints ceased immediately – nearly completely. After that, I would only experience a joint cracking in my fingers perhaps once a week. The change was dramatic.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, the cracking in my joints again increased dramatically. In fact, all of the usual joints that cracked before my amalgam removal would crack within about 5 minutes of the air becoming contaminated.For example, when chemtrail fallout descended on us and the metallic taste and odor in the air became apparent, pressure would immediately begin building up in my joints. About 5 minutes later, the pressure would have increased so much that it became annoying so that I was compelled to crack my joints just to relieve the pressure. As long as the taste and odor in the air continued, the pressure continued to build and my joints continued to crack every 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the intensity of the metallic taste and odor in the air.This pattern continues today.What is the cause?It is generally believed that gasses rapidly-escaping from the joint cause the cracking sound. This gas builds up over time causing the sensation that the joints “needs” to be cracked.How to we control it?Since I never viewed cracking joints as being more serious than other symptoms I had, I didn’t research how to stop it. Of couse, this would be a difficult problem to solve being that there seems to be little information available about this symptom, and even less (if any) that relates it to mercury toxicity.Nevertheless, in my case, it was clearly related to mercury toxicity.

Dramatic Reactions To Caffeine and Sugar

Since my teen years, I’ve always had a dramatic reaction to caffeine and sugar.Caffeine would give me a lot of energy for about an hour, and then I would crash and have aches and pains in my joints and muscles and would get sleepy. Caffeine would also make my facial skin oily within about 30 minutes of drinking it.Sugar had a similar effect and left me in the same condition. It also had the added affect of making my mind race and making thoughts loop so I cound not focus nor could I remember anything I was told. Sugar would make me hyper and virtually unable to get anything meaningful done.Sugar and caffeine both affected my sleep dramatically. If I had sugar or caffeine within 12 hours of going to bed, I would have very vivid dreams and my sleep would be shallow and unrestful. I would feel horrible the entire next day, suffering from brain fog, headaches, achy joints and muscles, weakness, fatigue, sleepiness, grumpiness, and general laziness.An interesting affect of caffeine and sugar (especially sugar) is that it caused me to become depressed. If I had a lot of sugar one day, the next day I would feel depressed and unmotivated. If I had a lot of sugar a second successive day, then the third day I would feel very depressed and would begin to question my value in the world and the purpose of my life. If I had sugar again on a third successive day, the fourth day I would be so depressed that I would find it hard to get out of bed. I would have no motivation and would find it impossible to stop thinking about suicide. I would have a constant barrage of negative thoughts and I would often cry privately while replaying negative events in my life, and I would imagine negative future events.My sensitivity to sugar and caffeine increased between 1995 and 2000. At this time it took less sugar or caffeine to cause the same physical and emotional reactions.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, sugar and caffeine had virtually no effect on me anymore. The change was dramatic and sudden.At this time, I could eat 3 doughnuts and have 2 cups of coffee and go right to bed and have a wonderful night’s sleep. It was truly astonishing.Also, caffeine and sugar didn’t give me the rush of energy that it used to. I would feel a small increase in energy and mental clarity, but it was by no means dramatic like it had been before. Of couse, this was not a problem because – without the amalgams fillings in – I already had plenty of energy.Also, sugar had no emotional effect on me. It didn’t matter how much I ate or how many days in a row I ate it. It simply could not change the way I felt.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, my reactions to caffeine and sugar returned. I began to react to them in the same ways I had before my amalgams were removed. The intensity of my reactions were – generally speaking – about 50% less intense, but they were all still there; both physical reactions and emotional reactions.Now, spraying is intense on some days and mild on others, so my reaction to caffeine and sugar is directly related to the intensity of the spraying. If the air is clear, my reaction is mild. If the air is toxic, my reaction is dramatic.What is amazing is that my reaction changes almost immediately with the intensity in the air. For example, If I have sugar or caffeine and the air is toxic, I will feel the initial rush and then all of the usual symptoms (that I did when amalgam fillings were still in) afterward. However, if at any time while experiencing these symptoms the air clears, then the symptoms – whatever they are – go away completely.So it’s clear to me that it’s not sugar or caffeine alone that cause me to have such symptoms, but it’s the combination of these things with mercury.What is the cause?We know that caffeine blocks the utilization of many primary minerals and upsets electrolyte balance. We also know that sugar blocks mineral binding sites and changes the body’s pH. I believe that mercury inhibits the body’s ability to recover from these conditions and therefore causes conditions to worsen and last much longer.I also found another clue regarding mercury’s harmful synergistic affects with caffeine and sugar: Dr. Haley, a scientist who has done much research on mercury, said that mercury enables caffeine to travel more easily enter through cell walls. He said that caffeine binds to mercury facilitating this intercellular transfer.How do we control it?The thing I found most useful for controlling the symptoms of caffeine and sugar in the presence of mercury is protein. Drinking 1 to 3 protein drinks helped restore mental clarity, reduce hyperness and depression, and helped subdue joint aches and muscle pain. I improved my recovery from caffeine and sugar considerably by adding a nutritional green drink into the protein.The other thing that helped was exercise. In fact, after my amalgams were placed, I became virtually “addicted” to exercise. Failure to exercise, especially after eating sugar or caffeine, would leave me feeling terrible. Exercise helped me recover. Of course, between 1995 and 2000, my immune system became so weak that I could not exercise, so naturally symptoms became worse.These are the products that I combined with water to make a “caffeine and sugar recovery drink”: SynerProtein (protein drink), and GreenZone (nutritional green drink). I used one scoop of each in about 1 cup of water.SynerProtein tastes great but GreenZone tastes horrible. Mixing them together makes it more palatable. My friends called this drink “Swamp Water”.

Nausea On An Empty Stomach

Throughout my life, I was the kind of person that could go without food all day and never know the difference.Around 1995, I began experiencing nausea when my stomach was empty. This began as a mild symptom, but became more severe over the next few years. By 2000, this symptom was severe enough that it forced me to always have something in my stomach.In 2000 when my amalgam fillings were removed, this symptom went away completely. I could go all day without eating and nausea was simply non-existent.When intense chemtrail spraying began in 2005, this problem returned. I began having to snack anytime my stomach was empty in order to stop the nausea.This symptom continues today. It occurs in direct proportion to the intensity of chemtrail spraying. The reaction that I have is immediate. For example, if the air clears and my stomach is empty, my nausea will disappear. If the smell and taste of chemtrials returns, the nausea returns within minutes.What is the cause?Many things can cause someone to experience nausea. Ingesting – or breathing – a heavy metal – is certainly one of them.Nausea is the body’s natural way of letting us know that something is wrong. Certainly, if we are ingesting heavy metals, something is indeeed very wrong, despite what the medical establishment says.If nausea continues for long periods of time, it may be a sign of heavy metal poisoning. As you will see from other symptoms that I experienced, by the time you experience nausea from heavy metals, you probably have many other symptoms as well.How to we control it?There are a few simple ways that you can deal with nausea.First, you can eat something dry like pretzels. If the nausea is continuous or more severe, the favorite natural remedy is Ginger.If you like using essential oils, a favorite for eliminating nausea is Peppermint Oil.

Severe Nausea After Eating

Throughout my life, eating normally made me feel energized.Around 1999, I began to have horrible bouts with nausea after every meal. On a daily basis, I would have to sit still and concentrate after each meal and wait for the nausea to pass.This continued to increase in intensity right up until 2000.In 2000 when my amalgam fillings were removed, this symptom went away overnight, never to return.When intense chemtrail spraying began in 2005, I began to have bouts with nausea but only when my stomach was empty, so I’ve included this as a separate symptom in this list.

Metallic Taste in My Mouth

Since my teen years, I had always been able to taste metal when I touched one of my metal dental fillings with my tongueAround 1995, the metallic taste became constant.By 1998, this taste was so strong that it made me nauseous on a daily basis, which I believe directly led to several other symptoms, including excessive salivation, drooling while sleeping, and nausea after eating.In 2000 when my amalgam fillings were removed, this symptom went away completely overnight, never to return.

Excessive Salivating

Around 1996, I began salivating more than I had previously.By 1998, it was so severe that I literally had to swallow in the middle of nearly every long sentence I spoke.This symptom continued to grow more severe right into 2000.In 2000 when my amalgam fillings were removed, this problem went away completely overnight.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, this symptom began occurring again. The amount of salivation occurred in direct relationship to the intensity of chemtrail spraying.This symptom continues today.

Drooling While Sleeping

In my entire life, I never drooled while sleeping.Around 1996, it began happening to me occasionally. By 1998, it was occurring nightly.In 2000 when my amalgam fillings were removed, it stopped completely overnight.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, drooling began occurring again. The intensity of drooling is directly proportional to the amount of chemtrail spraying.This symptom continues today.

Frequent Skin Tags

Around 1990, I began to see small skin tags form in my neck area on occasion.By about 1995, a new skin tag would form about every 3 months.By 1998, I would have a new skin tag appear nearly every month. Skin tags also appeared in other lymphatic drain areas, to a lesser degree, such as underarms and inner thighs.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, I did not have a single skin tag appear until 2005.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, I again started having skin tags appear. The rate of appearance of skin tags seems directly proportional to the average intensity of chemtrail spraying.This symptom continues today.

White Coating On Tongue

Ever since my teen years, I had a slight white coating that constantly covered the top part of my tongue.By 1995, this coating increased in thickness and visibility.By 2000, it almost completely covered the top of my tongue and was very noticeable. I had no idea what it was from or how to get rid of it.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, this covering went away completely within a couple weeks. My tongue then took on a natural rosy color that looked healthy.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, this white coating began to appear again. Little by little it increased in size and thickness.This symptom continues today.

Swollen Tongue

Around 1995, I started noticing that my tongue would swell slightly when I exercised or did a lot of physical activity.By 2000, my tongue was chronically swollen to the point that it noticeably affected the way I pronounced some of my words. I actually had to make a conscious effort to sound normal when speaking these words.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, this swelling disappeared in a few days.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, this swelling began to appear, increasing and decreasing with the intensity of the previous 24 hours of spraying.This symptom continues today.

Accumulation of Dead Skin Around Heels and Sides of the Feet

Since my teen years, I would have a small amount of — what appeared to be — dead skin accumulate on the sides of my ankles and around the sides of my feet. I never thought much of it and just assumed that it was normal.Around 1995, the quantity of dead skin began to increase.This symptom continued to increase through 2000 at which time it visibly increased day-by-day. If I physically removed it, it would return within a few days.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, this dead skin completely went away within a couple weeks.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, this material began to reappear in small amounts.Now, the amount of accumulation of dead skin is in proportion to the intensity of spraying for the previous few days.

Blood Sugar Swings

Throughout my entire life, I have loved sweets. I craved and ate them daily, but in the mid 90’s, I began to have such severe blood sugar swings that I found myself needing sweets just to function. My blood sugar would soar, then plummet. It seemed that my body became completely unable to regulate my blood sugar.In 1999, I was able to almost completely eliminate my sugar cravings by taking 2 GTF Chromium tablets every day.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, my sweet cravings completely went away. I no longer needed GTF Chromium to control them. I stopped eating dessert almost entirely.Now, my sugar cravings fluctuate in proportion to the intensity of chemtrail spraying for the previous 24 hours.

Short Attention Span

I had a relatively short attention span most of my life. My mind wandered often making it difficult for me to get anything done that required extended periods of focus.This symptom became worse between 1995 and 2000, so that even listening to someone talk for 15 to 20 seconds took a tremendous amount of focus. If I was reading a book, my mind would wander in the middle of a paragraph and I would have no recollection of what I had just read.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, this symptom completely went away overnight. I was able to read, comprehend, and retain everything I read. I had never experienced anything like it. I gained a collection of hundreds of books and taught myself several new computer programming languages. I gained a love of reading that I had never had before.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, this symptom returned rather quickly. In fact, the amount that my mind wandered was directly proportional to the current level of toxicity in the air at the time. When the air cleared, my attention span returned within 15 minutes.This symptom continues today.

Poor Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension was always difficult for me, ever since childhood. I often could not recall details about what I had just read.In the mid 90’s, the problem became worse. I was unable to read a complete paragraph without finding myself thinking about something completely different and having no idea what I had just read. I literally had to reread paragraphs 4 to 6 times before I could actually comprehend what I was reading.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, this problem went away completely overnight. I became an excellent reader, instantly comprehending what I read.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, this problem returned. The severity of this problem was directly proportional to the intensity of the spraying. When the air cleared, my reading comprehension returned in about 15 minutes.This symptom continues today.

Loss of Short-Term Memory

Throughout my life, I always had a problem remembering certain types of things, like names, dates, and locations. Not being able to remember names affected my social life and eventually became yet another reason I remained secluded when part of me desired to be social.The problem increased throughout the 90’s. By 1999, my short-term memory was so bad, that when speaking with someone on the phone, I would forget their name about 5 seconds after they told it to me. I would also have to type key points of the conversation into a computer word processor just to keep up with the conversation. Needless to say, it was horrible.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, this problem went away completely. I regained my short-term memory over a period of a few months.About 6 months after my amalgam fillings were removed, I was able to memorize phone numbers and never forget them. I remember walking into an office and asking for a phone number. The woman asked me if I wanted to write it down on something. I just said, “No. That’s OK.” She told me the number and I immediately repeated it back to her to let her know that I had gotten it right. She looked surprised and smiled. It was events like this that made me believe that we were created to have memory like this.I had always had trouble remembering the names of actors in movies. When trying to communicate the name of an actor, I would see their face, I would remember scenes of the movie they were in, but I simply could not remember their name. About 6 months after the amalgam removal, I was usually (or at least often) the first one to remember the names of actors. It was astonishing. I never knew my memory could work like this.I also began to be able to remember the exact wording of conversations I had, even weeks earlier, word-for-word.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, my memory began to fail again. From that time until now, the function of my memory is directly proportional to the intensity of spraying for the previous few hours. After a week of continuous hard spraying, I will revert back to having to use a word processor to carry on phone conversations. After 24 hours of clear air, my memory returns to its excellent mode.

Extremely Vivid Dreams

Throughout most of my life I was a very light sleeper. In the mid 90’s, I began experiencing increasingly vivid dreams which caused my sleep to be much more shallow. Of course, I would wake up feeling less rested.In 1999, my dreams had become so active and vivid, that I nearly always woke up feeling more exhausted than when I went to sleep.I also found that when I had B-vitamins, caffeine, sugar, or certain wheat products, I would sleep much more shallowly and have even more vivid and active dreams. If I wanted to eat any of these foods, I had to have them at least 12 hours before I went to bed in order to minimize the effect they would have on my sleep (although there would still be some effect).When my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, this problem went away overnight. In fact, the very night that I had my fillings removed was the single best night of sleep that I ever remember having. I woke up and felt powerful, peaceful, clear-minded, and happy.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, this symptom returned little by little. The vividness of my dreams was directly proportional to the toxicity of the air that day and night, and proportional to the amount of B vitamins, caffeine and sugar that I had the day before.This symptom continues today.I have been able to control this symptom fairly effectively using three supplements before going to bed: Melatonin, GABA, and Calcium with Vitamin D.

Shallow Unrestful Sleep

Not having restful sleep affects every area of your life. As mentioned in the previous section, by the late 90’s, my sleep was almost worthless, largely because of the vividness of the dreams I was having.Please see the previous section for details.

Increased Sensitivity To Light

All my life I loved being out in the sun. I boated, stayed tan, cycled, played racquetball in the hot Florida sun, and occasionally ran.In the mid 90’s, I found that the sun began to hurt my eyes. It was as if my eyes were “used to” the dark, but when I went outside or into a bright room, they would never fully adjust to the light.This problem increased in intensity by 2000.When I had my amalgam fillings removed in 2000, this problem went away completely in a few weeks. I went back to loving the light and having no problems with it hurting my eyes.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, this problem began to return to a lesser degree.This problem continues today in proportion to the intensity of spraying for the previous 24 hours.

Increased Sensitivity To Sound

Throughout most of my life, I was particularly sensitive to sound, but there were two different aspects to this.One aspect was that faint sounds distracted my mind and diverted my attention. For example, when trying to get to sleep, I would be awakened by the faint sound of a dog barking in the distance.The other aspect was that sounds appeared to me to be louder than they were. For example, when in a restaurant where they shout out the name of a patron having a birthday, the voice of the person making the announcement on the other side of the restaurant was often physically painful to my ears.The first aspect of this problem is something I suffered with for much of my life, although it became considerably worse in the mid 90’s.The second aspect of this problem did not manifest significantly until the early 90’s and then became worse throughout the rest of the 90’s.When my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, this problem went away completely within a few months.When intense chemtrail spraying began in 2005, this problem slowly returned over a period of months.Now, this symptom continues at a severity that is about 75% of what is was in 2000, before amalgam removal.

Increased Sensitivity To Odors

I have always had an exceptionally sensitive sense of taste and smell, but these senses were never considered sources of distraction or pain until the mid 90’s.At that time, if someone was seated behind me or next to me who wore a lot of perfume or cologne, it would completely overpower the taste of my food. Some odors/perfumes also caused mild physical symptoms like headaches or burning sinuses.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, my sense of smell and taste remained the same, but the ability for odors to cause pain and distraction decreased considerably over time, but never completely.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, this symptom returned slowly over time.This symptom continues today.


I suffered with severe depression from my teen years on, although I didn’t know it. I actually thought everyone secretly felt this way. I also thought about suicide daily (yes, every day) hoping it would be a way out of the emotional torture that I endured.The depression intensified in the 90’s and by the late 90’s, I had to daily encourage myself that life was worth living. This emotional pain was intense and constant.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, the depression went away completely. The months after the removal were sort of a roller coaster ride, with good days and bad days, but the bad days were far better than any of the good days I had experienced while my amalgams were in.The roller coaster smoothed out over about 3 months into a constant state of bliss. During this time, I felt strong, confident, very happy, and as though I was able to accomplish anything. I also enjoyed a reasonable amount of self-esteem. These were the best years of my life, emotionally speaking. During this time a felt a bliss that I never knew existed.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, the depression began to set in slowly from month to month. All of the old familiar feelings began to return slowly over this period of time.Now, this symptom continues, but the intensity wavers in proportion to the average intensity of the spraying over the previous 24 hours. If the spraying continues to be strong for days, the intensity just continues to increase.

Anxiety and Numerous General Fears

Fear is something I lived with my entire life. I feared almost everything, but I did my best to appear normal.My mind would constantly gravitate toward worst possible scenarios. When driving, my mind would often visualize accidents. When walking down stairs, I would visualize falling. No matter what I was doing, my mind was constantly visualizing accidents that could happen. The same was true in social situations. My mind would constantly imagine how I might make a fool of myself in public.These fears extended into other common social fears, such as a fear of commitment and a fear of confrontation.The level of anxiety and general fear increased in the mid 90’s to the point where I had to dedicate time each day to mentally work on and try to overcome the continuous flow of unfounded fears. Needless to say, this was a horrible and frustrating way to live.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, my fears just went away. My mind stopped imagining the worst possible scenarios and began believing that good things would happen. This was a dramatic and profound point in my life. This continued for several years and felt simply blissful. I never knew what it meant to live with true peace.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, anxiety and various fears began to return over time. All of the same old thoughts and patterns returned slowly as spraying continued. The intensity of the fears did change somewhat with the intensity of the spraying for the previous 24 hours or so.This symptom continues today.

Apathy About Certain Personal Issues

Despite all my disadvantages, I had always been passionate about most aspects of life, but I also suffered with apathy about my personal finances and property.For example, if someone stole something from me, I would likely just accept it as a “fact of life” and move on. If someone didn’t pay me rent, I would just forget about it and move on.When I had my amalgam fillings removed in 2000, this apathy slowly lifted. I began to feel more convicted when I was “wronged” and would pursue justice. My friend (and business partner) Laura also helped me with this as she always had a strong sense of justice and would not accept injustice. It was truly amazing to feel empowered to make wrongs right. I was astounded at the power that I had to recover losses when I employed my determination.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, this apathy began again. It grew slowly but never reached the levels that it had previously. I believe this is because of things that I learned while not mercury toxic. Nevertheless, I did experience many times when I just wanted to “let it go” rather than pursue what was right.This is an internal struggle that I continue with today.

Critical Attitude

From my 20’s and beyond, I began feeling critical of myself and others. I began to be annoyed with the selfishness and injustice that I saw in most people. I was still nice to them, but I often had negative internal feelings.I was always my toughest critic, but I began to be critical of those closest to me, even though I hated being that way. I would say things that I didn’t want to say. I would watch myself say things as if I was in the third person. I would be angry with myself for saying them, but for some reason, small things became emotional issues that I could not contain, especially when I was around those closest to me. I was never violent or hateful, but nonetheless, I hated myself because my critical attitude hurt people, and I hated hurting people.In the mid 90’s, the power of the emotions associated with this critical part of me increased. Fortunately, I worked hard and learned how to separate myself from my emotions and overcome them.I always knew this was not the way that I naturally was as a person. There was clearly something driving me to find the faults with people closest to me.After my amalgams were removed in 2000, this issue went away over a period of months. I no longer focused on negative things. I automatically, without thinking about it, began focusing on positive things. When I did see negative traits in people, I was able to emotionally overlook them and overcome them with positive feelings. The most amazing thing about this transformation was that I didn’t even have to try. The change was automatic.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, these negative feelings began creeping back. Fortunately, with my added experience and as I realized that this negativity was caused my mercury toxicity, I was able to overcome these negative feelings most of the time. The intensity of these emotions was directly proportional to the intensity of spraying for the previous 24 to 48 hours.This struggle continues today.

General Grumpiness

Those who know me well know that I am a ridiculously positive person, yet I often found myself feeling horribly short and grumpy with myself and with others. These feelings began in my teens years, but I usually internalized them… something I was very good at doing.This problem became much harder to deal with in the mid 90’s because the underlying feelings intensified. I was completely embarrassed when I felt and acted this way, but the emotions were very strong. It was strange to feel grumpy because I was consciously aware that there was no real reason to feel this way, so I simply had to battle with the emotions. If I acted on them, I would end up apologizing later.When my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, these feelings went away. There were a few months where I experienced an emotional roller coaster ride, but the days became better and better and within a few months, I didn’t have this internal emotional struggle. I simply rarely felt grumpy at all.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying started, these old emotions began to return. Fortunately, with my newfound experience, I was better able to deal with them and overcome them, and most importantly, not act on them.These symptoms continue today.


Those who know me well have always considered me an extremely patient person, but in the mid 90’s, emotions would often surface that compelled me to feel very impatient about everything in life. I was frustrated by the fact that everything took so long. In short, it seemed that this impatience was really a function of anxiety.I often felt such a strong need to finish a project I was working on that I would not go to bed until the project was complete. This impatience/anxiety kept me up all night many nights.After my amalgam fillings were removed in 2000, this feeling of impatience went away. The need to stay up all night to finish projects was replaced over the following months with a peaceful inner faith that there was nothing wrong with simply picking up where I left off the next day.In 2005 when intense chemtrail spraying began, impatience also returned slowly over time. Fortunately, with my newfound experience, I am much better at controlling it and working through it.This symptom continues today.Mercury

Do Chemtrails Contain Mercury?

I have taken a lot of time to assemble this story and the list of ailments on the previous page. I have done this because I firmly believe that chemtrails are harming and killing people, and something must be done to stop them.Actually, all sources of mercury are harming people, whether it comes from vaccines, “silver” dental fillings, the red coloring in tattoos and dentures, coal-burning power plants, fish, or broken CFL light bulbs.We all have witnessed the continuing trail of dying celebrities. An increasing number of us have also witnessed our friends and relatives falling sick or dying in the past few years.But in my own documented experience, you can clearly see (on the Ailments page), that the symptoms of mercury poisoning and chemtrail poisoning are identical. Combined with the fact that many of the symptoms that we experience during spraying can only be attributed to mercury poisoning, we now have strong symptomatic evidence that chemtrails do indeed contain mercury.Another interesting fact that evidences mercury in chemtrails is this….A few months ago, I began trying DMSA to mitigate my mercury symptoms.DMSA is a sulfur-rich mercury detox supplement. It has been used successfully by thousands of parents to completely reverse autism in children.It worked. DMSA successfully reduced my chemtrail symptoms.We know that DMSA chelates (binds to and gets rid of) mercury, and we know that it reduced my chemtrail symptoms — which happen to be identical to mercury symptoms — so we haveyet another piece of evidence showing that chemtrails are a source of mercury poisoning.This being the case, consider every health ailment that you suffer from. Are they on the list of ailments caused by mercury?Is it possible that your ailments have been caused intentionally by the pharmaceutical industry for their own profit? How much do you spend on pharmaceuticals each month to “manage” your disease?Here is a link to an amazing video that explores these questions. This is a video everyone should watch: “The Global Vaccine Agenda

Do You Know People With Mercury Symptoms?

Here is a list of symptoms and diseases that are caused by mercury poisoning.How many people do you know that suffer from any of these symptoms? If you think about it, you can probably come up with a sizable list of people suffering from at least one symptom or disease caused by mercury poisoning.But it’s not just about physical symptoms and diseases (as if that weren’t enough). It’s also about the emotional horrors that mercury causes.How many families and relationships have been devastated by depression, autism, ADD, ADHD, anger issues, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), fatigue, anger issues, general fears and phobias, Alzheimer’s, or bipolar disorder?The fact is, mercury is probably the single largest cause of disease in the world. The fact is, the medical and dental industries are the largest source of mercury exposure to humans. Now, chemtrails may be the new primary source of mercury.So what can we conclude?

Are the medical and dental industries — by using mercury — the largest cause of disease in the world.

Consider this: Disease is the driving force behind the second largest industry in the world (second only to oil): the pharmaceutical industry.Now you have all the information you need to explore the possibility that the pharmaceutical industry is practicing Machiavellianism: the practice of causing a problem and then profiting from the solution. Please consider this: This profit is at the tragic expense of the quality and length of your life.

Why Chemtrails?

This conclusion naturally leads us to the question, “Why?” Why do chemtrails (apparently) contain mercury.Having studied law (personally, not in school) and spending a lot of time studying political scandals and corruption, I have come to the firm conclusion that there are multiple purposes for the chemtrail campaign and for the use of mercury.For more information about why I believe chemtrails are being sprayed, see the following link:

Why Chemtrails

For details about why mercury may be one of the poisons-of-choice in chemtrails, see the following link:

New Study Steers Mercury Blame Away From Vaccines Toward Environment: But Where’s It Coming From?Finally

What’s Next?

Thank you for taking the time to read this story. I truly hope it has opened your eyes to the widespread dangers of disease associated with mercury poisoning, and about the spraying campaign that is currently assaulting your health and life.Following is a list of the most important concepts that I hope you consider after reading this document:

  1. Mercury is the cause of a significant portion of disease in the world today.
  2. Pharmaceutical companies are profiting from the very same diseases they are causing.
  3. Mercury is (probably) being sprayed in a petroleum base over populated cities with the intent to lower population through sterilization and death. Aluminum and barium are probably being sprayed as well.
  4. The governments of a number of countries are working together with pharmaceutical companies to accomplish depopulation through the use of chemtrails.

Thank you again, and please take the time to visit the Resources section of this website to learn more about this issue, which is clearly the most important health issue we face today.Please share this information with your friends and family by sending them this link (which links to the first page of this story):http://urlbam.com/ha/M003P Historical Examples of Biological Testing On AmericansThese documentaries detail just a small part of the history of military and government testing against American citizens. This should be a wake-up call for those on the fence about chemtrails.Bacteria (Bacillus Globuli) Sprayed in Manhattan, San Francisco, and Dozens of Other CitiesThis short documentary exposes a number of tests on American citizens including bacteria, LSD, and other mind-altering drugs. It also exposes murders committed by the government to cover up these experiments.E-coli Sprayed On UK PopulationBBC Spotlight broadcast from 1998, giving details of large area coverage Germ Warfare experiments conducted by Porton Down scientists in populated areas of Devon, Somerset and Dorset during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Also includes an interview with the family of a deceased Porton scientist, and an interview with Professor Brian Spratt FRS. He been recently commissioned by the MOD to conduct an Independent Review, investigating whether Porton’s experiments had caused any adverse health effects to those exposed to the massive bacterial aerosols of live E.col MRE162 and Bacillus globigii.watch hereUS Military Creating Manchurian CandidatesDuring the 1950’s the CIA and military conducted experiments on US soldiers in order to control their behavior and create Manchurian candidates. A group of the veterans are suing the CIA and the military over allegedly implanting remote control devices in their brains. The lawyer for the victims, Gordon P. Erspamer, says the CIA and military has barely cooperated with the case and they claim executive priviledge and top secret classification in order to avoid discovery.The Sheep Incident: Dugway Proving GroundsIt was half past midnight on March 17th, 1968. Keith Smart, the director of epidemiology and ecology at Utah�s Dugway Proving Grounds, was awakened by the ringing of a phone. On the other end was Dr. Bode, a professor at the University of Utah, and the director of the school�s contract with Dugway. There was a problem. Calls had been coming in. About 27 miles outside of the base, in the aptly-named Skull Valley, thousands of sheep had suddenly died. There were some survivors among the flocks, but it was clear that their hours were numbered. Veterinarians were dispatched to euthanize the few remaining animals.Continued: http://www.damninteresting.com/the-sheep-incident/Project SHAD: Secret Chemical Testing on U.S. Sailors Near San DiegoThe U.S. military conducts secret chemical weapons tests on U.S. sailors during the Vietnam War. Some of those tests were done right off Point Loma, San Diego. Now, the entire story has been exposed.View video here: http://urlbam.com/ha/M007bThe Army’s secret Cold War experiments on St. Louisans”The study was secretive for reason. They didn’t have volunteers stepping up and saying yeah, I’ll breathe Zinc cadmium sulfide with radioactive particles,” said Martino-Taylor.View article and video here: The Army’s secret Cold War experiments on St. Louisans____________U.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on “Civilian Population”

PUBLIC LAW 105—85—NOV. 18, 1997: USE OF HUMAN SUBJECTSFOR TESTING OF CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL AGENTSSEC. 1078. RESTRICTIONS ON THE USE OF HUMAN SUBJECTS FOR TESTING OF CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL AGENTS.(a) PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.—The Secretary of Defense may notconduct (directly or by contract)(1) any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical agent orbiological agent on a civilian population; or
(2) any other testing of a chemical agent or biological agent on human subjects.(b) EXCEPTIONS.—Subject to subsections (c), (d), and (e), the prohibition in subsection (a) does not apply to a test or experiment carried out for any of the following purposes:(1) Any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity.
(2) Any purpose that is directly related to protection against toxic chemicals or biological weapons and agents.
(3) Any law enforcement purpose, including any purpose related to riot control.

So section (a) prohibits these cruel and inhumane chemical and biological tests on humans.Then section (b) says that the prohibitions in section (a) do not apply to tests carried out for virtually any purpose. So section (b) completely negates the prohibitions of section (a).In Other Words:
The U.S. government can test chemicals and biological agents on humans for nearly any purpose they desire.The Following Should Also Be Noted
The term “biological agent” as stated above in (a)(1) is defined in (e) as follows:

(e) BIOLOGICAL AGENT DEFINED.—In this section, the term
‘‘biological agent’’ means any micro-organism (including bacteria,
viruses, fungi, rickettsiac, or protozoa), pathogen, or infectious substance,
and any naturally occurring, bioengineered, or synthesized
component of any such micro-organism, pathogen, or infectious substance,
whatever its origin or method of production, that is capable
of causing—
(1) death, disease, or other biological malfunction in a
human, an animal, a plant, or another living organism;
(2) deterioration of food, water, equipment, supplies, or
materials of any kind; or
(3) deleterious alteration of the environment.

In Other Words:
The U.S. government can test chemicals and biological agents on humans that cause death, biological malfunction, and deleterious alteration of the environment. The term “deleterious alteration of the environment”brings chemtrails to mind.Read about actual human chemical testing programs currently in operation:
http://herballure.com/chemtrailsRead the full text of this law here. Page 287 contains the above excerpt.:
Public Law 105-85Informed ConsentSome argue that none of this activity can be conducted without “informed consent”, as stated in section (c), which reads:

(c) INFORMED CONSENT REQUIRED.—The Secretary of Defense
may conduct a test or experiment described in subsection (b) only if informed consent to the testing was obtained from each human subject in advance of the testing on that subject.

Although section (c) seems to provide some protection for us in that it requires us to be notified “in advance” if this “testing” is to take place, in reality, it does not provide any protection at all.Why not?Because you’ve already been “informed in advance” and you’ve already given your “consent”.Because this “law” is publicly available for everyone to read, you have been “informed”. Because you have not contested it (that’s what the courts are for), you have provided your “consent”.This law is part of a contract between you and the government. When the terms of a contract are known and uncontested, it’s called “acquiescence”. Acquiescence essentially means that both parties are in agreement.Acquiesce: “submit or comply silently or without protest”So, when this law was published, you were “informed”. Because you have not challenged it in court, you have “consented”. By your own inaction, you have said, “Sure, go ahead and poison me, even if it causes death. I have no problem with it.”Because this contract meets the judicial requirements of “remedy” and “recourse”, it is legally binding.Judges like to say: “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. They say this because you are expected to know all of the “law” because it is publicly available for you to read (despite the fact that this is humanly impossible).So, in reality, section (c) is legally useless. It does not provide any additional protection, it only “seems” to. Section (c)’s only purpose for being included in this law is deception, nothing more.DeceptionSection (c) of this “law” is very deceptive because most people don’t understand the concepts of acquiescence in contract law, therefore, people mistakenly conclude that this “testing” will never happen to them unless they are informed about it.The powers-that-be play upon public ignorance by inducing people into having a false sense of security. As a result, the public believes this activity could not be occurring because they believe that they would have personally heard about it. This false belief then provides insurance that this law will never be contested in court, and as long as this law remains uncontested, chemtrail spraying will continue unhindered.The final result is that this craftily-written law has done its job. It has enabled chemtrail spraying to continue without being contested in court. Additionally, this law continually provides legal protection for those doing the spraying. After all, by your inaction you have given them your permission.When you consider the incredibly dark nature of this deception and when you consider the fact that this law gives your public servants the self-appointed power to kill you, you should then consider what kind of people are running your country, or the world for that matter.SupplementThis Public Law in The US Code: Title 50, 1520a
____________Chemtrails Over Toronto –
‘What The Hell Is Going On?’

From Calvin Sweers

Dear Jeff,
I work for the Ontario Government in downtown Toronto. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. This morning, Monday June 3rd, was a beautifully blue and crisp sunny day. By about 9am the entire sky over Toronto, from north of the city down to Lake Ontario, was covered in thick criss-crossed chemtrail patterns. A few jetliners put the finishing touches on the remarkable cloudy grid at about 9:30am.
Right now it’s 11:45am and the entire sky has a thin veil of haze wafting through it. Just thought I’d ad to the cacophony of protest you’re sure to be getting.
What the hell is going on?
Calvin Sweers
From J. Michael Pece, N.M.D.
Jeff, I am a physician living in Tempe, Arizona. We have been hammered with chemtrails for most of this year. I have emailed Sen. John McCain’s office to ask for an investigation into chemtrails. I received a “canned” email response thanking me for taking the time to contact the Senator’s office and if I wanted a personal phone call to give them my telephone number. I did so. It has been three weeks and of course I have heard nothing. I contact
Sen. John Kyle’s office by email and received a telephone call back from an aide who told me what was being reported is simply “contrails”. I asked if anyone from his office had actually “investigated” before coming to this conclusion and the answer was no. He asked if I wanted to hear from Sen. Kyle and I stated ‘yes.’ I am waiting. No one cares.
As a physician I am having patients come in to my office complaining of sinus congestion, upper respiratory complaints and general allergic reaction after the heavy days of spraying. I have been a pilot since age 16 and I know contrails from chemtrails. What we are seeing are not contrails. Most of our days in the Phoenix areas are no longer the deep blue, cloudless skies that we have been used to. After the spraying our sky turns into a hazy looking mess. condensation trails do not cause this.
Last week a local television station KTVK channel 3, finally had a report on chemtrails. Overall, it was balanced, but did have a talking head that stated quite emphatically that what we were seeing were “condensation trails”…nothing to be concerned about. The reporter encouraged people to “look up in the sky when you go outside and decide for yourself. This is the cover story that the government is using. It’s funny, though since the television report, we have had no chemtrail spraying. This obviously discounts the “contrail theory”. If we had “contrails” before the television report, and then they stopped after the television report…what changed? The air temperature and humidity has been about the same before and after.
According to the condensation trail theorist, temperature and humidity is what causes the contrails to last longer than “normal”. The only thing that changed is someone apparently “ordered” an end to the chem spraying for a few days in order to give the public time to look up and see nothing in the sky. I suspect within a week or so, the spraying will be ordered to continue. If this is correct, then publicity on the television can cause the spraying of our skies to be stopped. Temporarily for now.. but if enough publicity is made and enough people call their Senators and Representatives and newspapers, then maybe, just maybe we can get this poisoning of our skies to be stopped.
J. Michael Pece, N.M.D.

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