US Government Attempting To Link Bradley Manning to Osama bin Laden

Michael Kelley

Business Insider
January 12, 2013

On Wednesday military prosecutors in the case of former Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning said they would introduce evidence that WikiLeaks materials Manning is accused of passing to Julian Assangewere found at Osama bin Laden’s safe house, Scott Shane of the New York Times reports.

The evidence is the clearest indication yet of how the government intends to link Private Manning’s alleged leaks to aiding al-Qaeda and terrorism.

Manning, 25, is accused of the largest unauthorized disclosure of confidential documents in history and charged with “aiding the enemy,” which refers to “knowingly giving intelligence to the enemy through indirect means.”

From Kevin Gosztola of Firedoglake:

The government indicated to Judge Army Col. Denise Lind that it had “digital media found during the UBL raid.” There was a “letter from UBL to Al Qaeda requesting a member gather [Defense Department] information.” A response to that letter had CIDNE reports—war logs from Iraq and Afghanistan—and State Department cables attached. Bin Laden had these in his possession “at the time of the raid.”

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