The Facts: “This Is Something You Don’t Hear On The News Because They Want to Pick and Choose The Stats That Meet Their Agenda” (Video)

Mac Slavo
Jan 16, 2013

The media conglomerates and political machine have their agenda, and it’s not to tell you the truth.

There are a lot of statistics being spewed about gun violence in America, much of them coming from purportedly credible news sources watched by millions of misinformed Americans.

Do you want to know what’s really happening – where we find the highest levels of violent crime, gun violence, and the underlying causes?

I think it’s important to also look at the overall violent crime. This is something you don’t hear on the news because they want to pick and choose the stats that meet their agenda. But, when you look at violent crime, the UK has much, much more than ours.

So, less guns does not necessarily mean less violent crime.

One thing I’ll tell you is our media and our politicians have not been clear with this. They make it seem so much easier than it is.

There are a few things we do know.

Over the past twenty years our violent crime rate has dropped by 50%.

We know where the crime is coming from – metropolitan areas with population of over 250,000.

We know that the UK has a higher violent crime rate. We also know that we have six times more large metropolitan areas than they do.

All of those factors have to be considered.

I feel like our media isn’t being honest about this. They’re using the public airwaves to spread their agenda and wrong information…Piers Morgan.

As well as our politicians that are already introducing legislation before they understand what the problem is… Diane Feinstein.

Did you know, in 2011, out of the homicides that were caused by firearms, only 3.5% were caused by rifles? And the AR-15 is a subset of the rifle group. Way to pinpoint the problems.

I’m gonna tell you what.

If they want to solve violent crime they need to put on their boots and go to those neighborhoods and figure out how to improve the poverty level, how to create jobs, and how to improve the education system.

That is how you’re going to reduce violent crime in these neighborhoods.

The facts don’t lie.

Watch Amidst The Noise blow holes through the entire anti-gun argument:

The approach to the problem being taken by policy makers is completely backwards. In New York, they have outlawed assault rifles and reduced maximum magazine capacity to seven (7) rounds of ammunition, essentially turning law abiding Americans in criminals overnight.

Do they really think this will curb violent crime? Really?

Ask the people of Chicago how gun restrictions are working out. The entire city is, as local police officers have described it, a domestic war zone, with over 500 people killed last year.

The issues are and always have been population density and lack of socio-economic opportunity – not the fact that Americans are allowed to own and carry semi-automatic weapons.

It’s time to end the debate about which guns Americans can or can’t possess, and start talking about how to ramp up production to meet demand.

You want to stop gang violence, random killings, home invasions, and thuggery in America?

Let law abiding citizens arm themselves to the teeth.

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