Obama Signed “Operation Ring Of Fire” Exec Order For nukes and martial law


April 30th, 2013

(BeforeItsNews) – (The following article is a sequel to my recent article about REVELATIONS FROM A NAVY SEAL concerning the plan to bring America at last under martial law, using nukes secretly planted across this nation. I was warned about this years ago, and I wrote articles about this called “OPERATION RING OF FIRE.” He has granted me several interviews before he goes underground to fight the NWO agenda with the Military underground resistance.-PRS)
Late last night my SEAL contact called me to share more. He is sensing his time is short to be able to communicate with me, and he admitted he will be disappearing soon this week. I urged him to do so for his own safety…and for the battle that is to come.
Because of the importance of accuracy in journalism, to the best of my ability, I pressed him once again about this nuke-detonating operation and the date. “How do you know for certain, though, that the military is planning to conduct this operation this on May 5th, 2013?”
I am never comfortable with date-setting, and have told my readers this many times. First of all, if the anticipated event I reported on does not come to pass, it tends to serve to discredit my accuracy in reporting. Readers forget that dates CAN be set, and people can later change their minds for various reasons. It happens all the time, and you and I have done this ourselves at times throughout our lives.
Also, prayer changes things. God can move the hearts of men and change their plans, even as the Bible faithfully records.
Let it be fully understood that I DID NOT SET THIS DATE NOR GIVE IT. It came from my contact, who was assured that this was initially accurate.
My SEAL contact replied that, “The General in the Pentagon that I have been communicating with has held the  covert Executive Order in his hands. OBAMA HIMSELF SIGNED THIS EXECUTIVE ORDER FOR THE NUKES TO BE DETONATED….”
I remember just sitting there in my vehicle, horrified, speechless and in shock. How could any national leader be so evil, as to use those elements in our US military that are supportive of the NWO agenda, to destroy thousands upon thousands of innocent lives in America???
But then, hasn’t Obama been working hard to eliminate from the US military those people who will refuse to fire upon their fellow Americans under a state of martial law? It is the US military who run the very FEMA camps that will someday incarcerate and terminate millions of fellow Americans under martial law.
Hasn’t DHS been buying up millions of rounds of ammo, and delivering huge military armored vehicles to police departments nationwide, obviously in anticipation of SOMETHING BIG TO HAPPEN IN AMERICA??? I have also received reports of large military convoys moving across this nation in various locations, including just the other day in Washington state.
Clearly, there are those elements throughout the US government and military who are willing to murder their fellow Americans in the name of implementing the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America. Let’s look at the mute evidence.
Over 800 FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention ( actually, TERMINATION) camps scattered across America cannot lie. Thousands of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES cannot lie. Thousands of MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES stockpiled in  military bases cannot lie. Numerous foreign troops prepositioned throughout America and Canada and Mexico cannot lie. Deadly CHEMTRAILS sweeping through the skies of America cannot lie. Deadly MONSANTO seeds of death for a world population reduction agenda cannot lie. AND SO MUCH MORE.
The truth is, Americans have been marked for DEATH by the NWO planners and by her very own government and military. 9/10th’s of the American people have already been marked for death, in fact, for the globalist population reduction agenda.
The SEAL’s brother, also military and working with him in this covert work, is very ill now from radiation poisoning after the last nuke detecting/disabling operation a month ago. “He feels he is dying from radiation poisoning now…” Christian readers, pray for him. None of this is a hoax or a game. We are dealing with real-life people and the potential for a deadly national crisis to come, and the lives of millions at stake as a result all across America.
My life is obviously on the line completely at this point as well. When you intercept such high level information, and the General mentioned above has already received a death threat and may not even be alive this morning, as my SEAL contact admitted,  I fully realize that my reporting has taken me to a much higher level of danger than ever before. But who can remain silent in this hour, if such information is true??? I cannot.
I am scheduled to go on BLOGTALK RADIO on April 30th, 2013, for two hours. It will be 11 PM EST.I will post more details later today.
I may have a “guest” on the broadcast with me, with the help of voice distortion equipment to protect his identity. My SEAL contact is considering doing this before he disappears. Pray that “the powers that be” do not pull a “Breitbart” on me before this broadcast time, or block the lines of communications (as they did frequently in the past when I had my own radio broadcast  during previous years.)
What is a “BREITBART?” Read the following articles. The US government is getting bolder to terminate people who know too much and talk to much and expose too much. Under the Obama administration, it has reached a new frenzy with percieved “enemies of the state.” The bloodlust of the NWO against her enemies is obviously increasing at a frightening speed, including through the recent staged black ops/false flags.
After Breitbart declared that he was going to expose something publicly regarding Obama, he mysteriously died. An “official explanation” declared it to be of “natural causes.” BEWARE OF “OFFICIAL EXPLANATIONS”. And  his coroner following his death, also died mysteriously.


Many are convinced Breitbart was covertly murdered to silence his upcoming revelations on Obama, and that false evidence was used to cover up his termination to silence him. But why should anyone be surprised? This kind of assassination and cover up tactic happens quite frequently with “enemies of the state.”
As I think about this, I am so thankful that I am a born-again Christian! Yes, they may move to kill me someday, but I do not live in a state of paranoia or fear. Jesus has delivered me from the fear of death. I have been given eternal life through faith in my Savior. I do not fear death nor how it comes. What a wonderful gift He has given me, this gift of peace within!  And the grace to continue in this kind of reporting. It is only by His grace.
Furthermore, Jesus Christ Himself ultimately died for SPEAKING THE TRUTH to His generation. His powerful words and exposing of sin so angered the religious leaders of His day, that He was delivered up by them to be executed. Christians are called to follow Jesus and His example, who did not compromise the truth even when He knew it would ultimately cost His life. HE WAS ON A MISSION FROM GOD from which He could not turn back.
And as Christians, so are we. There is no turning back.
I am going to do everything I can today to find out if this brave General is still alive following the death threat last night. My SEAL contact admitted he is no longer answering the phone. Pray for him: God knows who he is.
Pray against “OPERATION RING OF FIRE.” It is one thing to write about such an operation so many years ago, when I first received information about this evil plan in 1995. Here are some of the articles written long ago about “OPERATION RING OF FIRE.” While I knew this information about their NWO plans, I never knew the date/time they would finally decide to pull it off someday.


It is quite another thing to suspect it may take place soon.
God have mercy on us ALL.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Source: Before Its News

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