Guantanamo Lawyer Speaks Out | Horrific CIA Torture Stories Revealed By Black Site Guantanamo Bay Lawyer

David H. Remes is an American lawyer who has served as a pro bono attorney for several of the prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay prison. He was involved in litigation surrounding the Detainees Treatment Act of 2005, which denied prisoners the ability to submit habeas corpus petitions. In this interview with WeAreChange, Remes gives us a look at the current situation at Guantanamo, the start of the hunger strike and some of the personal stories of the detainees he represented.


Horrific CIA Torture Stories Revealed By Black Site Guantanamo Bay Lawyer

May 15th, 2013

(WeAreChange) – Lawyer for innocent CIA torture detainees, David H. Remes, tells horrific stories of torture after victims were kidnapped and thrown in jail with no rights by the US Government.


David Hemes is a human rights lawyer who volunteered to work for torture detainees at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, which is one of dozens of CIA black sites used to torture peoples who are illegally kidnapped and smuggled halfway around the world in a practice dubbed by the government controlled corporate media as “extraordinary rendition”

In the video below, Luke from We Are Change interviews David who details the horrific battle he has fault and the horror stories that innocent clients he has represented have faced.

As we all know, with the NDAA the government no longer needs to prove anyone guilty of a crime but instead can merely allege someone is a terrorist and then use to the State’s Secret doctrine to waive the requirement of producing any evidence of wrongdoing in the name of national security to throw anyone they want in jail without any rights to be tortured as long as the government wants.

For hundreds of innocent torture victims the reality of this practice is all to real.


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