Member of Several Secret Societies Speaks Out: The Secret War On Human Consciousness

Bob Tuskin chats with Frater X about esoteric knowledge and the occult.

By JG Vibes
May 14, 2013

In this video they expose the dark elements of these secret societies and work to explore the important knowledge that is occulted. His talk was entitled “The Secret War On Human Consciousness” and was a great part of The Free Your Mind Conference.

Frater X began his journey in colonial New England in 1970. His family has lived in the same small coastal town since 1690. He is descended from a Scottish Royalist P.O.W. sold into slavery through the London Slave Market in 1650 after his Clan lost the decisive Battle of September during the English Civil War and Protestant Ascendancy.

After 13 years in the bog iron mines of Quincy, Mass., Ancestor X found a new home here in the Colonies settling on the Northeast shore.

Frater X

Frater X

Born with a “wanderlust” Frater X set out from his colonial hometown at a very young age. In true mystic beatnik bardic fashion he drifted the land, “…moaning for man…” in search of the post-modern “American Zeitgeist.”

His travels took him to Rainbow tribes and gatherings, Road Kid refugee camps, and sword-wielding Druids living in old-growth trees in the forest of the Pacific Northwest. After ten years of “vagabondage” he had wandered America from coast to coast gathering experiences, and wisdom.

He returned to the Northeast in the mid-90’s after a month camping in the Arizona desert on Havasupai and Navaho lands. He attended several semesters at UMass as a Philosophy Major / Comparative Religious Studies Minor. He was elected President of the Philosophy Club the first semester of his Freshman year.

After viewing Oliver Stone’s JFK in the 90’s he began a quest for the Truth which led him to over 15 years of extensive research into Conspiracy Theories, Fringe Sciences, New Thought concepts, and Ancient and forbidden knowledge and wisdom.

Tracing his own family tree back from New England to Scotland in 1650, and eventually 9th Century Ireland, it seems he comes from a long line of Initiates on The Quest in search of the Grail-in fact one of his ancestors was a member of an “Order of the Grail” in Scotland in the 14th century.


Frater X is a published author of both speculative fiction, and critical research. He is a lecturer of esoteric philosophies and Mystery Traditions. He is considered a prolific analyst and commentator among his Masonic peers.

As a member of nine different Esoteric Orders including the Knights TemplarKnight Masons,Rosicrucians, and Ancient Order of DruidsFrater X brings a well-versed and truly unique perspective to the microphone.

Tapping into a strong optimism and belief in the resilience and inherent goodness of humanity he is committed to help guide and be guided by others along the paths of Truth leading to Transformation and Self-Actualization.

All the while pondering Life’s big questions of: Who are we? Where did we come from? and Where are we going?

Join him and his many great Guests as they explore the Known and Unknown!


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