June 1: Mass rally for Pfc. Bradley Manning at Ft. Meade

By davidswanson – Posted on 25 May 2013

Speakers: Daniel Ellsberg, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Ethan McCord, Col. Ann Wright (Ret.), Lt. Dan Choi, Sarah Shourd

March: 2 PM, Reece Rd. and US 175, Ft. Meade, MD
Rally: featured speakers will talk at 3 PM, at Llewellyn Ave. and US 175
A thousand supporters of Army whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning will come from around the country for a mass demonstration on Saturday, June 1 at Ft. Meade, MD. They will use marching, theater, creative visuals and other actions to protest against his imprisonment, two days before his court martial is set to begin, on June 3, 2013.
Speakers for the rally will include Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower; Ethan McCord, the soldier who saved the children attacked in the Collateral Murder video released by WikiLeaks; Col. Ann Wright (ret.), the most senior state department official to resign in protest of the Iraq war; Birgitta Jonsdottir, Icelandic parliamentarian and co-producer of the Collateral Murder video; Sarah Shourd, hiker imprisoned by Iran turned prisoner rights activists; and Lt. Dan Choi, prominent anti-Don’t Ask Don’t Tell activist featured on the Rachel Maddow show.

To show their support for Bradley Manning’s third consecutive Nobel Peace Prize nomination, the crowd will hang hundreds of handmade peace medals on the gates of Ft. Meade, each one representing 300 people who’ve signed a petition in support of him receiving the honor.

Buses will be coming to the event from Syracuse, NY, New York City, Philadelphia, Willimantic, CT, New Brunswick, NJ, Baltimore and Washington D.C. and more supporters will be joining them from across the country and the world. More than 1,200 people have signed on to attend at the event’s Facebook page.
Bradley Manning’s actions exposed the true number of civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S.-supported torture in Iraq, and a pattern of corporate influence on U.S. foreign policy worldwide.
Despite pleading guilty to charges of mishandling classified information, which could put him in jail for up to 20 years, the military is pursuing 22 charges including one count of “aiding the enemy,” which carries a sentence of life without parole. By the time Manning’s trial begins on June 3, he will have been in prison for more than three years since his arrest in May 2010.
The Bradley Manning Support Network funds 100% of PFC Manning’s legal fees and educates the public about his case.

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com | Truth11 Films

We have been tricked into fighting perpetual wars of mass genocide for pointless profit.  There is no enemy. The enemy is within the US government. All exterior enemies are created to justify the advancing military industrial complex.

There is only one way war will end.  The masses must rise up, unite, and demand world peace.

Here is Truth11 Films short film set to The Lotus Eater by Opeth.  Perpetual War.  This film has footage leaked by Bradley Manning.


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