Monsanto + Google + Bilderberg = End of Humanity

Posted on May 27, 2013by horse237

The Bilderberg Society is holding its annual meeting this June in Watford just north of London. The theme this year is Google which is the tip of the modern Surveillance State. The video below discusses an earlier meeting in 2005 which was followed by a select meeting at which it was decided that Monsanto genetic manipulation of plants and animals was to be followed by gene spicing of animals and then humans. The video emphasizes that they plan to make it impossible for you to live and to reproduce without accepting genetic manipulation of our genes by Monsanto.  This is the End of Humanity.

A Bilderberg select meeting was held after the 2005 regular conference at a castle in the Bavarian Alps. David Rockefeller, Timothy Geithner, Etienne Davignon, Chairman of the Bilderberg Society Europe, and Richard Haas. President of the Council on Foreign Relations, attended. Geithner’s father was a Director of the Ford Foundation in Asia. Geithner was born in Asia and speaks Chinese. He is a second generation Globalist. His first job was working for Kissinger Associates. That meeting at the castle in the Bavarian Alps was written up in two papers by the British Ministry of  Defence.  Those papers were Future of Mankind in 2006 and a 91 page report in December of 2007 Strategic Trends 2007-2036.

Finally, Civil Disobedience is now listed in the same category as terrorism by our newly federalized police. DHS is forming red armed band units called RED Squads. RED is an acronym for Rapid Emergency Development. They were created to deal with terrorists and protesters so presumably protesters will be treated mire frequently as if they were terrorists.

Note: MIT is talking about the ability to turn off your free will.

The above is discussed in the video interview below with Daniel Estulin who is the only living journalist with multiple contacts inside the Bilderberg Society.

This is the best audio version I could find. The others were worse.

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