Obama called “war criminal” & “hypocrite of the century” in Irish Parliament

Obama called “war criminal” & “hypocrite of the century” in Irish Parliament


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Ms Daly has accused the Government of “prostituting” Ireland to US President Barack Obama.

Ms Daly also criticised what she described as media and political “slobbering” over First Lady Michelle Obama and her children Sasha and Malia during their stay in Ireland this week.

She told the Dail she was surprised Taoiseach Enda Kenny had not dressed his ministers in leprechaun hats decorated with stars and stripes flags and called the Government “the lapdog of US imperialism”.

And she called Mr Obama the “hypocrite of the century” for preaching peace to Northern Irish teenagers while he increased US drone attacks by 200pc. Ms Daly also called the US President a “warcriminal”.

Ms Daly, a TD for Dublin North, went on to criticise Mrs Obama’s lunch with Bono, whom she called “Mr Tax-Exile himself”.

In response Mr Kenny said Ms Daly’s comments were a “disgrace” and “beneath” her since Mr Obama was supporting the peace process and economic development – but the

Independent deputy said she had never raised the peace process.

She also claimed Mr Kenny was “pimping” Ireland as a tax haven.

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