Video: 2/3 of US Population No Longer Has Fundamental Rights

Anthony Gucciardi

August 11, 2013

Are you one of the 197 million citizens living in the United States right now that are exempt from receiving the basic fundamental rights as prescribed by the Bill of Rights and Constitution?

I’ve touched on the subject of the DHS-initiated ‘Constitution free zones’ recently, and the fact of the matter is that it’s one of the largest issues we are facing today. As you may be familiar, the Department of Homeland Security has declared (since 2008) that those who live within 100 miles of any United States border are technically ‘within the border’ itself and therefore do not have the actual Fourth Amendment right of an American citizen who is living outside of ‘the border’.

In addition to including oceans as neighboring nations with borders, the DHS designation of ‘on the border’ swallows up the entire state of Florida, the entire state of Maine, and major cities like Philadelphia and Los Angeles. All areas that are most certainly not on the border. And areas that account for 197 million citizens, around 2/3 the population of the entire country.

But the DHS doesn’t care, and they are getting away with it.

You see the biggest thing here is not even the fact that the DHS is doing this and therefore claiming the federal government is now above the Constitution, but the fact that the DHS has managed to get away with it. We’ve seen some action from the ACLU over this, who is now suing the DHS after a man was arrested and had his laptop seized within the Constitution free zone, but the mainstream media has utterly failed (once again) to even mention this. Wired was virtually the only major publication to cover this tremendously hot issue that would surely send viewer counts through the roof.


And that’s how we know the media is truly working to fit an agenda that simply does not include hard hitting information that exposes the DHS. If they were to run with this story as a headline, they would receive millions of hits and be the source behind of the biggest stories out there right now. But of course they don’t cover it, and instead analysts like myself are forced to go out and attempt to push this story into the news.

And with the help of other major alternative news outlets like Infowars, we’re doing just that. In addition to the video above with being blasted out to several hundreds of thousands live on the Infowars Nightly News program, my reports on the reality of Constitution free zones have been shared thousands upon thousands of times with those who are now waking up to the severity of this nation’s civil rights erosion.

Are you living in a Constitution free zone? It’s time to ‘headline bomb’ this topic into the trending news, or else the entire nation may soon become one big ‘Constitution free zone’.

This post originally appeared at Story Leak

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