iPhone 5 NsA + iOS 7 Nazi California does it again

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Microchipping agenda achieved, big brother in full effect.  Thanks Apple.  Just like the monsters at IBM who helped Hitler wipe out millions, Apple plays its part in the Nazi regime.   Microchipping we can resist so instead they put hand held radiation health hazard device into everyones hand that tracks your every move and reports it back to big brother. A device that states clearly to not hold it while using it due to RF exposure (see picture below) now collects your finger prints too.  And we all run to buy this crap?  Well done Apple,, you have done it.  Hitler would have been proud.  They put something shiny in your hand and call it progression.    Instead its a device that is killing you and taking your information and making it theirs.    Even Apple peers know it ( See Steve “Woz” Wozniak Interview below)


RF Exposure  Click Picture To Enlarge


Funny but the reality is not so funny.



Spotted at an airport terminal by a Spanish tech journalist, Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak sounded off on everything from iOS 7 to the NSA PRISM scandal to the meaning of digital ownership in the era of Cloud computing.

Once Woz was prompted to discuss the continuing NSA surveillance scandal he really went off, comparing America today to Cold War communist Russia, and President Obama to a king with no regard for the law.

“All these things I was taught about the constitution that made us so good they’re kind of nothing,” he said. “They all dissolved with the Patriot Act… there’s not even a free open court anymore.”

Wozniak also drew a comparison between Cloud storage and communist Russia, noting everything wrong with that society (constant surveillance and the lack of ownership) has become the current reality in America.

“Now a’days in the digital world you can hardly own anything anymore,” he said. “It’s just kinda subscriptions. We’ve agreed that everything belongs to them and we have no rights. Anything you put in the cloud belongs to them. You don’t own it. You’ve signed away all the rights. If it disappears, if they decide to deliberately cut that off [and] you’ve lost all the photographs of your life… but when we grew up ownership was what made America different from Russia. So yeah, I get disturbed at these things that are going on.”

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