Truth11 Films | The Cost Of Technology = Freedom, Humanity, Sanity, Health and Life

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Truth11 Films Upcoming Film : The Cost Of Technology | Freedom, Humanity, Sanity, Health and Life

Technology has shaped our lives to be quick fast and full of sparkling entertainment and information.  Most people would love a chip in the head so they can get the latest weather report without opening their eyes in the morning.  Most are completely addicted to techno crack junk food for the soul that fulfills our desires with the latest, the greatest, the smallest the biggest, the thinest, the fastest, the shiniest, and the deadliest.

3g, 4g,  and now 5G so powerful you can download a movie in a second.  But at what cost.  This addiction is killing you from all around you, from in your pocket as your apps track you, from every cell tower and every microwave station that envelops your city.  The toxic soup is real and dangerous even though you can’t see it.  We all need to get away from it.

There is so much energy swimming around us to give us the various degrees of G, too much energy, and its growing at an expanentional rate.  Cell towers are on every other building, and not just one of them, 14, 20, towers sitting 10 feet above tenants heads.  Shooting at you and them from every angle. When you drive away from them to find peace, you find another tower complex, and so on.  To get 10 km away from a cell tower you need to drive 5 hours out of a city to completely rural area, avoid all major roads and park yourself in the middle of nowhere.

There is so much energy swimming around you that someone has invented a device to extract the energy in the air and convert it into DC power.  Does anyone else see a problem with this? Does anyone else feel the pain behind the eyes, all organs not at ease, migraines, lymph node swelling with pain.  The list of symptoms goes on and on.  All related to EHS  Electro-Hypersensitivy.  Something that 30% of the population suffers from terribly.  Caused by cell towers and devices they use daily.  Most of them unaware their symptoms are from EHS. They are being falsely diagnosed for something else, including mental disorders, and they sit in the soup and are still suffering, some to the point of suicide.  3% of the population are completely debilitated the now can’t be around a fridge or anywhere near a cell tower or even one single phone.  They are banished from society.   They are the lucky ones.  The rest are playing with fire and should head the warnings of the canaries in the coal mine.

The typical EHS symptoms are headaches (tension along the sides of the head), heart palpitations/pressure in the chest, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), fatigue, skin rashes (particularly on the face), memory & concentration difficulties, irritability and sleep disturbance. Approximately 300,000 people in Sweden (a country that officially acknowledges EHS as a functional impairment) are affected. Millions of people throughout the world are likely affected, yet most do not realize that microwave radiation and electrical pollution are the cause of their symptoms.

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Neurological Cardiac Respiratory Dermatological Ophthalmologic
headaches depression palpitations sinusitis skinrash deteriorating vision
anxiety pain or pressure in the chest asthma facial flushing pain or burning in the eyes
muscle and joint pain confusion and spatial disorientation low or high blood pressure bronchitis itching pressure in/behind the eyes

memory loss

fatigue shortness of breath pneumonia burning floaters
dizziness weakness arrhythmias cataracts



tremors slow or fast heart rate swelling of face and neck
irritability muscle spasms



leg/foot pain
tingling “Flu-like” symptoms
hyperactivity fever

altered reflexes


digestive problems abdominal pain testicular/ovarian pain/swelling enlarged thyroid great thirst dehydration
nosebleeds internal bleeding hair loss pain in the teeth deteriorating fillings Light sensitivity
swollen lymph nodes loss of appetite hypoxia allergies frequent urination and incontinence night sweats
immune abnormalities redistribution of metals within the body ringing in the ears (tinnitus or similar chronic ear-noise) impaired sense of smell altered sugar metabolism dryness of lips, tongue, mouth, eyes

Severe reactions can include seizures, paralysis, psychosis, and stroke

EHS is analogous to an allergy and once the body becomes sensitized to sources of EMF pollution, the only known treatment is to significantly reduce exposure. This can have a dramatic impact on one’s life, with some electro-sensitive people giving up their career, their home, social networks and sometimes even their family because it is difficult to live in our modern environment that is now filled with electrical pollution and microwave radiation. There have been multiple suicides around the world related to severe cases of EHS. Thus, the condition can have devastating effects on individuals and families.   (From Article here

Cell Towers 

Cell towers are not safe why we sleep, or eat or breath or to be around in any way.  They are not safe to be within several km of us.  The cell companies say they are fine, but equip their technicians with state of the art microwave radiation suits, and the standard joke of the installers is they go up quick, overnight in an hour, and then they run.  But they say the towers are fine.

If cell towers are so safe why does Apple remove their image from Apple maps.  Who’s job is it at Apple to go through and photoshop out each tower, for every building in every city.  Why would they go to such painstaking lengths to remove the image from our landscape.  The bucket from the painter is up there, the detail is great yet one detail has been removed.  Why if they are so safe?

Cell Towers Removed From Apple Maps

Devices: iPhones, Smart phones, Blackberries, wifi computers, iPads….

The Apple lawyers have covered their buts with a statement of use of the cellular and wifi products.  Don’t hold your phone while surfing, texting, chatting,  keep your device a minimum of 10mm away from your body.

RF Exposure Apple Legal Statement

Steve Jobs created a product that kills, it killed him and when asked about an app solution that could limit ones exposure to harmful EMF rays by identifying sources of radiation around you, he stated. “Not interested.  Sent from my iPhone.”  He died two weeks later probably in a wifi environment getting his latest stock quotes.

In addition to killing us, our freedoms and rights are being eroded with the help of our Technology.  Just like IBM helped the Nazis with its Hollerith Machine. Thanks to Apple and the rest of the techno crony elite, big brother microchipping agenda is in full effect.   We are all being tracked, every move, every word, every email all by your smart iPhone or equivalent evil.   Fingerprint database, new iPhone is collecting that.  Facial recognition, has been in iPhoto for years. Facebook is sharing your face and your data with the FBI, Google wants all information, shares all information, reads your emails, Googleberg is the new face of the bilderberg crony crew.  Google island, google glasses, watching your every move. Wow hitler would have been proud.

Thanks to recent technology we all possess and demand,  a toxic soup has become the norm and our freedom is gone.  The number one killer in the US of kids is cancer.  This soup surrounds us, it penetrates though us. The nazi police state reigns supreme in North America. You are all being watched.   Run, run for the hills, and when your on your way, put your cell phone on aeroplane mode and only turn in when you have to.  Work offline, live offline, go online with ethernet to send your work.  Boycott all hotels and apartments that have towers on their roofs, and all business around them.  Move to rural areas, abandon the cities.  Demand the network be brought down.  The silent soup killer has to stop.  Get off the grid.  Become self sufficient so you don’t care if the grid comes down.

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