Chernobyl Cover Up Reveals Identical Playbook Concerning Fukushima

JANUARY 20, 2014

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All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them” –Galileo Galilei

In this documentary titled “The Battle of Chernobyl” there exists as striking truth that jumps out at1h16m55s.  What follows below is the transcript of that material:

Narrator: A deputy of The Supreme Soviet discovered the systematic cover up of the true consequences of Chernobyl when the Soviet empire dissolved in 1991. Taking advantage of the anarchy in the country, she managed to get her hands on a copy of top secret documents. 600 pages of a report to the central committee, written while the battle of Chernobyl was still raging.

Alla Yaroshinskaya (Deputy of the USSR Supreme Soviet): When I read these documents, I discovered everything happened differently. I realized just how huge a lie the party leaders told. Decree number twelve stated that on the twelve of May 1986, 10,198 people had already been hospitalized,345 showed signs of radio leasions. Yet at the same time they were telling us everything was fine. That it was nothing serious, and I realized the scoop of the lies.

Narrator: According to Alla, another passage reveals that authorities had arbitrarily changed the standards, multiplying by five what was considered the acceptable dose of radiation for the human body.

Alla Yaroshinskaya: When they raised the standard, suddenly people were miraculously cured. They were released from the hospital and sent home. It was CRIMINAL.

Fast forward to April 2013 when Gina McCarthy, the acting EPA director, signed a revised version of the EPA’s Protective Action Guide (PAG) for radiological incidents, which radically relaxed the safety guidelines agencies follow regarding “acceptable” exposure limits for radiation in the wake of a nuclear-reactor meltdown. Meaning, the guidelines the agency NOW follows. Sounds familiar.

When no clear solution exists, bring out the one trick pony. The even more disconcerting issue to be learned here is that in the first example, the collective death sentence was confined by borders. In the case of Fukushima, there seems to be concerted effort by governments world wide to raise “limits”, downplay danger, and blackout all reporting. If I was a betting man, I would guess that the pro-nuclear play book reads something like this: Page one “In case of disaster, raise acceptable limits in areas that you know will be most effected.” Page two “require hospitals not to report incidents of sickness & disease caused by radiation. Misdiagnose if possible.”

Can the debate be over? Next stop, real solutions.

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