Computer Scientist Randolph Jack Solo announced release of new encryption software

MARCH 9, 2014 8:28 AM2 COMMENTSVIEWS: 482
March 10–Turin,Italy: Mathematician and Computer Scientist, Randolph Jack Solo, announced today the worldwide release of new encryption software designed to combat what he recognizes as “The Threat of the New Nazis–America!” Now living in Italy, Mr. Solo reveals how the American Government is spying on its own citizens and free people living in all foreign countries, and how personal privacy has become impossible in this modern world, filled with computer surveillance machines. Mr. Solo states “what America is doing is far worse than Hitler and the Secret SS Police” arguing that Hitler would have marveled at the technology the Americans are now using against their own people and the people of the world. Emphatic, he adds “All of our freedom is in great danger!” noting that not only is America watching and recording everyone, but the Americans have “erected a computerized sky-based weapons system, on American soil, that is capable of targeting, tracking and firing on civilians”. Mr. Solo points out that “sadly, only government action can deal with the horrible weapon systems that America has developed”. Smiling, he adds “but my encryption software will end their spying on us!” More information can be found on Mr. Solo’s new website:

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