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Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

Electrohypersentiivity is a growing condition that many of us are suffering from.  There is things you can do to improve you life, moving locations away from towers and reducing your own wifi and cell phone use.  These symptoms are real and turning peoples lives upside down.  We made a short film about EHS and below are 11 articles on the subject.

In Canada and Sweden EHS is recognized as an environmental sensitivity and therefore is considered a disability.Dylan Eleven, Truth11.com, Truth11 Films

Truth11 Films | The Cost WiFi and Cellular Technology | Freedom, Humanity, Sanity, Health and Life

Technology has shaped our lives to be quick fast and full of sparkling entertainment and information. Most people would love a chip in the head so they can get the latest weather report without opening their eyes in the morning. Most are completely addicted to techno crack junk food for the soul that fulfills our desires with the latest, the greatest, the smallest the biggest, the thinest, the fastest, the shiniest, and the deadliest.

3g, 4g, and now 5G so powerful you can download a movie in a second. But at what cost. This addiction is killing you from all around you, from in your pocket as your apps track you, from every cell tower and every microwave station that envelops your city. The toxic soup is real and dangerous even though you can’t see it. We all need to get away from it.

Truth11 Films latest release discusses EHS ElectroHyper-Sensitivity and the growing issue of wireless pollution. Something that affects us all and poses a serious threat to our health and sanity. The film also looks at the role wireless technology plays in our privacy and freedom.



Americans’ brains being fried by cell towers: New scientific evidence reveals shocking extent of electropollution damage

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com

(NaturalNews) Exposure to cell phone towers alters brain function in alarming ways, causing a lack of concentration, irritability, difficulty sleeping and lack of appetite. That’s the conclusion of a new study just published by the British Medical Journal.(1)

The study, authored by Professor Enrique A Navarro, concluded that the severity of such symptoms directly correlated to cell tower exposure levels. In other words, the closer a person lives to a cell tower, the greater the severity of their symptoms. This was true regardless of race, income level and other demographics.

Cell towers, of course, broadcast and receive electromagnetic switching signals. Human biology — and the brain in particular — relies on electro-biochemical pathways for healthy function. Many scientists have long suspected that chronic exposure to low levels of EMF pollution (electropollution) may interfere with healthy functioning of the brain and body. This latest research adds yet more support to that alarming idea.

It’s not your imagination: Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is real
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity has long been dismissed as non-existent by some doctors and industry-funded scientists. After all, if EMF pollution from cell towers really does harm public health, then the implications are truly massive, both economically and in terms of human suffering.

But electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a genuine phenomenon. People are not “inventing” side effects or symptoms. As Navarro writes in the study:

The term electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been recently introduced in discussions attributing symptoms to exposure to EMFs. A review of this topic in 2010 found that 8 of the 10 studies evaluated through PubMed had reported increased prevalence of adverse neurobehavioral symptoms or cancer in populations living at distances < 500 m from [cell phone towers].

Importantly, all these symptoms were recorded in people living near cell phone towers whose broadcast signal strength meets current safety guidelines. As the study author points out, this most likely means current government guidelines on cell phone towers are inadequate to protect the public. Revising such guidelines could have drastic implications for the nationwide telecommunications infrastructure.

By the way, people who live fewer than 500 meters from cell phone towers appear to be especially at risk of electromagnetic interference with brain function. Because electropollution strength is determined by the inverse square of the distance, a person who moves twice as close to a cell tower experiences four times the radiation.

190,000 cell phone towers and growing

There are currently over 190,000 cell phone towers across the United States.(2)

Their typical “maximum range” is over 21 miles, meaning their electromagnetic pollution extends in a sphere with a radius of over 21 miles. (In reality, this pollution extends indefinitely, but the intensity of it drops off with the square of the distance.)

The following map shows AT&T coverage areas in orange. If you live inside an orange area, you are currently exposed to cell tower radiation.

People who live within range of two or more cell phone towers experience electropollution from all the towers within a range of 21 miles. This electropollution effect is cumulative.

It is not known how many Americans live within 21 miles of at least one cell tower, but given that over half the U.S. population lives in urban areas, it’s safe to assume that at least 150 million — and more likely close to 300 million — Americans are exposed to EMF electropollution from cell towers.

Modern society increasingly confused, irritable and sleepless

Have you noticed how the mass public seems increasingly confused and irritable? A society that once operated with some degree of sanity and politeness has become largely demented and rude. Mathematical abilities are nearly lost across the population, as very few people under the age of 40 can even calculate 15% waiter’s tips at a restaurant. The ability of voters to understand laws, liberties, freedom and even the structure of government is almost entirely lost in nations where cell phone towers are ubiquitous.

Given this recent research revealing the negative impact of cell phone radiation of human brain function, it would be incredibly irresponsible to fail to consider how cell tower radiation alters healthy brain function and promotes confusion and irritability. As more scientists look into this issue, we may indeed find that the fall of American civilization is being accelerated by electromagnetic pollution that leads to disastrous cognitive consequences across the population.

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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/044464_cell_towers_EMF_pollution_mental_confusion.html#ixzz30CZt3rvg


Neuroscientist Exposes Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic Killing Fields / image source

Kevin Samson
Activist Post

Neuroscience has come under scrutiny for its involvement in an array of mind control initiatives and other ethically questionable research. But at least one neuroscientist from Sweden has gone on record to caution against the increasing dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on human beings and other living organisms, as you will see in the presentation below.

Our modern world is creating an electromagnetic soup filled with electrical pulses, radio frequencies, computer screens, wireless signals, as well as personal devices such as cell phones and gadgets that are emitting damaging radiation. There are many peer-reviewed scientific studies which are drawing conclusions that should concern us all, but particularly young children and pregnant women. In fact, the debate is heating up to such a level that government agencies are even infighting over the matter, as evidenced when the Department of the Interior recently sent a letter with their own scientific papers chastising the FCC for using standards that are 30 years out of date. As the DOI stated, the concern is not only in the negative health effects upon people, but upon wildlife as well.

Please listen to Professor Olle Johansson, PhD as he offers a comprehensive view of the many issues surrounding EMFs, including an industry-wide attempt by telecom to cover up the negative consequences. His information is echoed by the recent reversal of a ruling in Maine which had everything to do with industry pressure and influence. Professor Johansson also addresses what we can do to protect ourselves and our environment from the impact of EMFs.

Dr. Johansson is Associate Professor in the Neuroscience department of the world-renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. This presentation was filmed at a technical seminar on the Environment and Health in Barcelona, Spain. It is a key presentation, as he is speaking to medical practitioners, not only to a lay audience. Nevertheless, it’s a very straightforward and easily understood lecture.

Particularly troubling is his opening sequence which recounts the long history of known negative health effects.

He also asserts that all people are hypersensitive to EMFs and are being radiated in the classical way that we would think of as related to major events such as Fukushima. The health effects are long term – including DNA fragmentation – and also must be addressed as a cumulative threat.

At the very least, Professor Johansson asserts, EMFs very easily can be linked to a growing number of allergies, and he urges us to re-evaluate the rise in allergic conditions in tandem with the rise in the use of electronic devices.

Please share this information and help your friends and family make better informed decisions in a world of increased connectivity. Professor Johansson is no Luddite, but a concerned scientist who would like to see a full open debate based on the very troubling scientific health studies he cites.

This video can help to start a debate in your local community and government, before the lowest standards possible continue to be applied to human health and the environment. If you find yourself grappling with the apathy of others, I’d like to leave you with a quote:

When I die, I want the last thought to be I did my best; not I could have done better. – Professor Olle Johansson 


Government Agencies Battle Over Adverse Impact of Cell Tower Radiation on Wildlife

image source

Kevin Samson
Activist Post

The dangers to people (especially pregnant women and children) of Wi-Fi and the electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones and various “smart” devices are quickly becoming a non-debate to anyone who has investigated the reams of studies available.

However, there is also mounting evidence that these dangers extend to wildlife as cell towers are becoming more prevalent, deeper into previously non-explored areas.

This potential threat to wildlife appears to be such that it has sparked an attack by the Department of the Interior against the FCC for what they claim are outdated standards.

The Director of the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance of the United States Department of the Interior sent a letter to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the Department of Commerce which addresses the Interior Department’s concern that cell tower radiation has had negative impacts on the health of migratory birds and other wildlife.

The Interior Department accused the Federal government of employing outdated radiation standards set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a federal agency with no expertise in health. The standards are no longer applicable because they control only for overheating and do not protect organisms from the adverse effects of exposure to the low-intensity radiation produced by cell phones and cell towers. (Source)

As you’ll read below, the FCC’s current criteria is 30 years out of date.

The idea of “energy pollution” is gaining increased awareness. Our modern world literally bathes us in in radio frequencies from power lines and transformers, smart-meters, appliances, fluorescent lights, electrical devices, and of course computers and cell phones. This “hidden” pollution has been tested on animals, which serve as a benchmark for potential effects on humans. Researchers have discovered, for example, that “pregnant rats exposed to microwave radiation from cellular phones had fetuses whose brains showed signs of harm, as measured by enhanced oxidative stress and altered levels of neurotransmitters.” (Source)

But in terms of sensitivity (not to mention the physical interaction with the towers), birds might be a much better indicator of the overall environmental impact. In the letter offered by the Department of the Interior to the FCC, they note the following information as evidence of why we should be concerned.

The placement and operation of communication towers, including un-guyed, unlit, monopole or lattice-designed structures, impact protected migratory birds in two significant ways. The first is by injury, crippling loss, and death from collisions with towers and their supporting guy-wire infrastructure, where present. The second significant issue associated with communication towers involves impacts from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted by them.


The second significant issue associated with communication towers involves impacts from nonionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted by these structures. Radiation studies at cellular communication towers were begun circa 2000 in Europe and continue today on wild nesting birds. Study results have documented nest and site abandonment, plumage deterioration, locomotion problems, reduced survivorship, and death (e.g., Balmori 2005, Balmori and Hallberg 2007, and Everaert and Bauwens 2007). Nesting migratory birds and their offspring have apparently been affected by the radiation from cellular phone towers in the 900 and 1800 MHz frequency ranges- 915 MHz is the standard cellular phone frequency used in the United States. However, the electromagnetic radiation standards used by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) continue to be based on thermal heating, a criterion now nearly 30 years out of date and inapplicable today. This is primarily due to the lower levels of radiation output from microwave-powered communication devices such as cellular telephones and other sources of point-to-point communications; levels typically lower than from microwave ovens. The problem, however, appears to focus on very low levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. For example, in laboratory studies, T. Litovitz (personal communication) and DiCarlo et al. (2002) raised concerns about impacts of low-level, non-thermal electromagnetic radiation from the standard 915 MHz cell phone frequency on domestic chicken embryos- with some lethal results (Manville 2009, 2013a). Radiation at extremely low levels (0.0001 the level emitted by the average digital cellular telephone) caused heart attacks and the deaths of some chicken embryos subjected to hypoxic conditions in the laboratory while controls subjected to hypoxia were unaffected (DiCarlo et al. 2002). To date, no independent, third-party field studies have been conducted in North America on impacts of tower electromagnetic radiation on migratory birds. With the European field and U.S. laboratory evidence already available, independent, third-party peer-reviewed studies need to be conducted in the U.S. to begin examining the effects from radiation on migratory birds and other trust species.”  (emphasis added)

The DOI letter concludes with their own 19 source list of research that backs up their concerns. It remains to be seen if, or how, the FCC will respond to this information.

Whether or not one is ultimately concerned with the fate of birds, this just further illustrates how technology gets rolled out without proper long-term studies and considerations being offered. It is such short-term thinking that has resulted in the prevalence of smart meters and genetically modified organisms (GMO). We, as activists, are now placed in the difficult position of trying to undo massive industries with ever-growing resources. In this case, however, it’s a pretty good indication of how potentially harmful cell tower radiation is when one government agency openly attacks another and issues a reminder about their proper responsibilities for health and the environment.

In lieu of bringing government agencies and reckless corporate entities fully to heel, we would do well to study how we can protect our own bodies at least from the effects of living in an electromagnetic soup.

While some look to holistic methods, there are some interesting high-tech solutions to help thwart the high-tech invasion. Dylan Charles recently featured some positive developments from Tesla’s Innovational Technologies in Australia.

These products are based on the original scientific genius of Nikola Tesla, the man who invented modern electric power systems in the early 20th century. After realizing the harm which EMF from high-voltage AC electric power lines and other electromagnetic radiation causes to human health, he developed a method to alter the atomic structure of titanium so that it becomes a transceiver of a very fine, bio-friendly energy known as “photon” or “tachyon” energy.”

EMF neutralizing products include: phone tags, personal pendants, travel plates, computer plates, house plates, and car plates. Each type of plate is unique in its circumference, diameter, thickness, and is typically made from one of the Earth’s natural elements. Personal items are touted to significantly boost vitality and strengthen the immune system.

More about Tesla’s titanium products made by Tesla’s Innovational Technologies can be found here. (Source)

If you have your own research or sources about solutions to the expanding threat of electromagnetic radiation, please leave your thoughts in the comment section. 

Full Department of Interior letter and report is available here.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cell Phone Industry Beats Public Health Concern in Maine

And an opportunity presents itself…

Dees Illustration

Kevin Samson
Activist Post

In a case study of political influence over science and a concern for public health, the following story stands near the top.

The dangers of Wi-Fi and the electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones and various “smart” devices are quickly becoming a non-debate to anyone who has investigated the reams of studies available.

For starters, please see “34 Scientific Studies Showing Adverse Health Effects From Wi-Fi,” then have a look at “First Study on 4G/LTE Cell Phone Radiation Shows It Affects Brain Activity.”

No doubt it was the type of information presented in these two articles alone that has led to pressure from concerned citizens in Maine.

As Joel Moskowitz, PhD writes in his article “Lobbying Madness: Wireless Radiation Label Bill Passes Maine Legislature Before Dying:”

On March 11, 2014, the Maine House House of Representatives passed an amended version of “The Wireless Information Act” on a vote of 83 to 56. The bill, LD 1013, requires that any manufacturer’s information relating to radio-frequency exposure must be plainly visible on the outside of the cell phone’s product packaging or the packaging must contain a label with the following warning for all cell phones sold in the state that have manufacturer’s safety warnings:

“RF EXPOSURE: To find information relating to radio-frequency exposure, refer to information supplied by the manufacturer and language directing consumers to the page or pages of the owner’s manual or other insert or location where the radio-frequency exposure guidelines or instructions or general information may be found.” (Source)

The Maine Senate agreed and voted 21-14.

So there it was, (in its own roundabout way) to be presented for all to see that it’s been at least acknowledged that cell phone exposure is something consumers should be examining more closely.

However, much like the fiasco surrounding GMO labeling, the decision to pass a cell phone radiation label requirement is itself a half measure. Those who fundamentally oppose GMO assert that the right to know that you – if you read the label then still purchase; or those who never read the label – are being widely poisoned is not much of a right at all. Nevertheless, it was a small step toward making the poisoning more obvious to those who might still be in the dark about the existence of any threat at all.

Until cellular industry lobbyists entered the picture, which is when we again begin to see parallels to what has been happening with GMO activism.

Moskowitz explains what happened next:

Before a bill goes to the Governor for approval in Maine, it is returned to the originating body for enactment, usually a routine matter. However, on March 20, the bill died in the Maine House of Representatives as the House failed to enact it on a 77-60 vote. Cell phone industry lobbyists killed the bill by co-opting the Democratic House leadership to switch their votes from approval to disapproval. Several other states, including California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, have tried to adopt cell phone warning label laws but have been blocked by intense lobbying by the cell phone industry. The industry does not want consumers to read the microwave radiation safety warnings that cell phone manufacturers bury in cell phone user manuals, nor does it want cell phone users to take simple precautions to reduce their risk of harm. The industry has argued before the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that consumers will panic if they are informed about the risks from exposure to cell phone radiation that have been reported in the scientific literature. (emphasis added)

And panic they should. Whenever we see a lobby of this size come in and immediately cause a reversal of position by those who should be representing the public’s interest, we will find that a genuine threat exists.

This is one small example that should demonstrate that half measures cannot be successful. Perhaps additional exposure and pressure will get the cellular lobby to capitulate and force them to embrace more obvious labeling. But returning to the GMO example, it would be wise to begin a campaign straightaway that tells the whole truth.

Here is an example provided by Jon Rappoport of a more aggressive strategy that should be employed by anti-GMO activists:

Suppose you had this TV ad: a mother and her little child stand on their lawn in front of the camera. The mother says, “See the rashes and lesions on my son’s body? Do you know where he got them? From the weed killer we sprayed out of a bottle. It’s called Roundup. It’s made by Monsanto. Do you want this for your child?”

You’ve got the beginning of a powerful and true piece of information, delivered in a way that goes beyond the impact of any poll question about chemicals and food.

Unfortunately, the men who bankrolled Prop 37 and 522 in CA and WA took the poll data at face value. They settled for “the right to know what’s in your food” and stopped there

They thought they had a winner, the only winner.

They need to go back to the drawing board. They have to knock off those bland TV ads they ran in CA and WA and realize they have the opportunity to achieve something much greater.

They can show people the truth about Monsanto and cause the kind of outcome they’ve been hoping for.

If they have the courage for that kind of fight.

GMO labeling alone is not going to add up to a victory in the struggle against Monsanto. Some proponents of labeling admit this. They say, “But you see, we’re educating people about GMOs in the process.”

Well, do you want to really make an impact on people or do you just want to mess around? If you’re serious, forget the polls and the pollsters. Start producing TV ads that bite. Bite hard. (Source)

TV ads showing the dangers of cell phone use, especially in children, might look a bit like the image presented at the top of this article by artist/activist David Dees. Or this one:

Ads that show the direct link between radio frequencies and the human brain and body. Ads that highlight the carcinogenic effects of cellphone radiation, damage to DNA and damage to fertility. Ads that expose that cell phones themselves are constructed with with toxins like mercury, chlorine, and cadmium. Ads that remind people of what they might have missed in U.S. corporate media, like the fact that a Supreme Court in Rome ruled definitively that cell phones can cause brain tumors.

Ads that might even demand a thorough re-examination of where this technology came from and what it was really designed to do. Ads that suggest that just labeling will never be enough. Ads promising crippling class action lawsuits directed at any company who knowingly promotes products that cause suffering and death, with special effort against those who advertise such products to children.

Hat Tip: Take Back Your Power


10 Ways to Reduce Radiation from Cell Phone Use

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Christina Sarich
Prison Planet.com
March 31, 2014

The world loves its cell phones  – so much so that there are more cell phones on this planet than people! While these technological devices can offer incredible service and ease in a hectic, modern world, they can also be a serious health hazard.

Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing radiation. Our bodies absorb this radiation and have a difficult time processing it – leading to numerous bodily complications. One study found that 10 years of cellphone use resulted in an average 290% increased risk of brain tumor development. Interestingly, the tumor development was found on the side of the head in which the cellphone was most used.

And while everyone’s soft tissues are especially (negatively) affected by cell phone use, due to developing organs, lower bone density of the skull, lower body weight, and a less effective blood brain barrier, children are very vulnerable to cell phone radiation.

It is easy to see why protecting yourself from cell phone radiation is more important than ever. Below are 10 tips for reducing exposure.

Protecting Against Radiation

1. Use the speakerphone on your cell phone when you can have a public conversation, or hook your cell phone up to an earphone or headphones to keep it as far from you as possible while still talking on it.

2. Keep your phone charged up. When the bars are low on your cell phone it is working harder to capture a signal from the radio towers, which means that the radiation it emits is even greater. Only make calls when your signal is strong. Consider texting when you can’t charge your phone.

3. Text instead of talk. This pings the cell phone towers for seconds rather than minutes and minimizes your radiation exposure.

4. Don’t talk while you drive. The constant movement means that your phone is also trying to make contact with cell phone towers over and over again, increasing its frequency, and therefore your radiation exposure. But you shouldn’t text while you drive either – so don’t do anything while driving!

5. Look for lowradiation emitting phones. There is a list of the 20 best phones for low-radiation emissions, here. The Samsung Galaxy Note is at the top of the list – sorry iPhone users!

6. Go old school. Use a landline. If you are under the age of 20, you might scoff at this suggestion, but landlines don’t expose you to radiation. Wait to talk to your BF at your grandmother’s house on her old wall phone. Your brain will thank you.

7. Don’t put the cell phone to your ear until a call connects. Dial on speaker phone and then if you must talk straight into the phone, only talk once your end-user picks up.

8. Minimize use. Talk less on your phone and you will be exposed to less radiation. I know this is difficult for some of us, but when you can have your conversations in person. I recently took a vacation for an entire week and couldn’t use my cell phone at all. After the first day I had technology withdrawal since I was so used to having a phone in my hand, but after that, it was remarkably peaceful not to have to respond to every little thing within minutes.

9. Keep your cell phone far away from you while sleeping or simply not using your cell phone. There is no reason for it to be close to you if you aren’t using it unless you’re expecting a call – especially if you keep it on sound, not vibrate.

10. Lastly, consider investing in some form of radiation protection. There are tons of products out there, such as Global Healing Center’s cell phone radiation protector. You can also protect yourself from radiation in your home by placing a large electromagnetic field protector in the area.

Additional Sources:


This post originally appeared at Natural Society


Electrohypersensitivity is Real And Treatable

by Milt Bowling
Source: Health Action Magazine Spring 2008

Modern communication systems are making some of us sick, and some to the point of total disability. Such disability is termed electrohypersensitivity (EHS). Unfortunately, involuntary exposure to these communication effects is increasing exponentially. Fortunately, there is finally hope for those suffering.

Recent scientific studies have identified the source of EHS as information carrying radio waves (ICRW)-the packets of voice, data and text carried on main transmitting signals. Early onset clinical symptoms include migraines, heart arrhythmia, ringing in the ears, fatigue, short and long term memory loss, nosebleeds, dizziness, nausea, skin rashes and insomnia. Published scientific studies link ICRW exposure to brain and eye cancer, tumours of the auditory nerves and salivary glands and autism in young children.

In our modern society, sufferers have nowhere to hide from the cause of their illness. Many don’t even realize the root cause of their affliction. Doctors, and the sufferer’s family, often think the symptoms are all in the person’s head. Doctor visits usually result in calming medication and a referral to a mental health professional.

The World Health Organization and Health Canada acknowledge that EHS exists, but deny that it has anything to do with electromagnetic fields. Sweden, on the other hand, classifies EHS as a disability, like blindness, and provides compensation.

Due to the recent understanding and acceptance of the cause of EHS, clinically validated treatments are now available. Ironically, it is the cell membrane’s normally protective reaction to ICRW that lead to symptoms. Because ICRW do not exist in nature, the membrane’s response to them is to “harden” its surface, which prevents nutrients from entering and toxins from leaving. Treatment involves reversing this harm by targeting the damaging pathways in the pathological mechanism using preventive and therapeutic interventions.

Electrohypersensitivity involves treatment from three complementary perspectives. First is primary intervention, which focuses on avoidance of the cause, which can include shielding rooms in the home or office, and wearing protective garments. Secondary intervention focuses on repairing or alleviating the symptoms caused by the exposure. The third focus is rebuilding the health of the individual by strengthening the immune system and bringing mental and physical wellbeing into balance. The latter intervention could include improved diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, yoga and meditation, for example.

The Help for Wireless Victims (HWV) organization (mobilfunkkritiker.com) was launched in Germany this year with plans to expand to other countries, including Canada. HWV aims to provide the following:
–Medical monitoring and screening for wireless radiation induced health effects;
–Treatment for wireless radiation-induced medical problems;
–Monetary compensation for wireless radiation emitting device-induced damages, including past medical costs, loss of income, and loss of consortium and loss of employment.

The organizers of HWV say funds must be provided through all possible sources, including the wireless technology industry, appropriate government agencies, philanthropists and political organizations around the world.

The Canadian launch of HWV will be formally announced by the founder of the Safe Wireless Initiative, Dr. George Carlo, at a Health Action Network Society (HANS) event, co-sponsored with Common Ground Magazine, May 2, 2008. HANS will also assist in developing the network of preferred providers for the Canadian program.

Finally, there is hope for electrohypersensitive people. In addition, the HWV associated clinics will also provide interventions for those with multiple chemical sensitivities, autism, addictions and other conditions.

Milt Bowling is president of the Clean Energy Foundation and chair of the HANS Electromagnetic Task Force.


Warning: Has Your Home Become a Microwave?

Do you know how close your home is to cell towers and or cell phone antennas? “Being exposed to a mobile tower located within 160’ of your home or workplace is like being in a microwave oven for 24 hours,” said Prof. Girish Kumar…


by Samantha Clove


Natural News Network © 2013
published on Natural News 27 March 2014
republished here under the term of Fair Use


imageDo you know how close your home is to cell towers and or cell phone antennas? “Being exposed to a mobile tower located within 160’ of your home or workplace is like being in a microwave oven for 24 hours,” said Prof. Girish Kumar, department of electrical engineering, IIT Bombay, who submitted a report on cell tower radiation to the department of telecommunications.


Knowledge is power.  Locate the number of towers and cellphone antennas you are living and working near.  You can find the exact number by simply putting your address into this service:




I am always disgusted when I see what a pathetic job the US does in removing toxins and other environmental risks for their citizens. Once again we are on the list of almost worst offenders in this regards.


Country Limits: Radiation Values and norms in other countries are more stringent and allowed exposure is much lower than in US.  (stated in milliwatts per meter square)


Switzerland: 42 mw/m sq

Russia: 100 mw/m sq

China: 400 mw/m sq

US: 3000 mw/m sq

India: 4,500 mw/m sq


Several studies done in various countries — such as Germany, Austria, Brazil, Israel, etc — have reported increase in cancer cases in 5 to 10 years, where radiation level was more than 1 mW/m2.


Cancer is the last stage and before that, people living close to mobile phone towers have reported sleep disturbances, headaches, memory loss, lack of concentration, fatigue, joint pains, vision distortion, miscarriage, heart problems, etc.


Also, these safety standards are based on 6 minutes per day exposure, without accounting for people who live close to cell towers 24/7. The norms allow EMF of 4,500 mw/m2.


What you can do to protect yourself:


Don’t buy a home near one even if the price is right.

Maximize your health through proper nutrition and good hydration.

People who are living within ¼ to ½ mile of a mobile tower should get their houses tested for radiation.

Eat foods high in antioxidants and take supplements.

Limit your use of wireless devices. Go back to ‘wired’ connections whenever possible.


People can refuse to work or shop in environments that endanger their health. They can demand that wireless devices be removed from their children’s schools and from their work and entertainment places.

Don’t let cell phone companies install cell phone antennas on the roofs of schools where your children attend.

An apartment owners Association or Resident Welfare Association (RWA) should ensure that service providers and property owners have permission from occupants before installing Cell phone Towers.

If any citizen has apprehensions, he should seek an explanation from the company putting up the tower. If that remedy fails then they have a right to approach the court of law.


You can also use the antennasearch.com site to check for future proposed towers to keep up with what you are being exposed to.







Mike Adams/Natural News:http://www.naturalnews.com/044464_cell_towers_EMF_pollution_mental_confusion.html


WiFi-Free Town Becomes Refuge for People Sickened by Technology

Elizabeth Renter

by  April 25th, 2014 Updated 04/25/2014 at 12:19 am

wifi virginia 263x164 WiFi Free Town Becomes Refuge for People Sickened by TechnologyGreen Bank, West Virginia is small, with around 150 people living inside the Allegheny Mountain Range, part of Appalachia. But this tiny community is growing, not because of the views but because of what it’s missing – wifi and electromagnetic chaos. Green Bank is part of the National Radio Quiet Zone (NRQZ), established in 1958 by the federal government to reduce “harmful interference to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory”, located nearby. It encompasses 13,000 square miles and is home to one of the world’s largest radio telescopes. In the NRQZ you won’t get a cell phone signal, radio reception, and you definitely won’t find a WiFi hotspot. But this is one dead-zone that people are flocking to.

Known as “WiFi refugees”, Green Bank is attracting people who have experienced negative health reactions to electromagnetic fields—those put off by WiFi and cell phones. As of 2013, more than 30 people have relocated to West Bank claiming Electromagnetic Sensitivity, and all of them have reported remarkable improvements.

“I used to be sick all the time when I lived in Iowa. I was in constant pain,” said Diane Schou, according to the Daily Mail. “If anyone came near me with a cell phone or a device with Wi-Fi I would be in agony. But since I’ve moved to Green Banks the illnesses have cleared up.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) says electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is characterized by a variety of symptoms but is not part of any recognized syndrome. The list of those symptoms most common with EHS are: “dermatological symptoms (redness, tingling, and burning sensations) as well as neurasthenic and vegetative symptoms (fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, and digestive disturbances).” ___________

Cell Phones, EMF Negatively Altering Important Regions of the Brain

Mike Barrett

by  January 27th, 2012 Updated 11/06/2012 at 12:56 pm

satelitewaves 210x131 Cell Phones, EMF Negatively Altering Important Regions of the Brain A new Greek scientific study has demonstrated how frequency electromagnetic fields, namely cell phones, portable phones, WiFi, and wireless computer equipment, alter important protein changes in the brains of animals. Exposure to electromagnetic frequencies is the result of our advancing technologies, but it is important to study these effects so people know exactly what they’re dealing with in order to take the necessary precautionary measures. The study, entitled “Brain proteome response following whole body exposure of mice to mobile phone or wireless DECT base radiation,” was published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine. Important areas of the brain such as the hippocampus, cerebellum, and frontal lobe are regions responsible for learning, memory, and other functions. These areas are negatively impacted by microwave radiation, even at levels below the safety guidelines put in place by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation protection.

Researchers found that 143 proteins in the brain were negatively impacted by radio frequency radiation over a period of 8 months. A total of 3 hours of cell phone exposure were simulated over the 8 month time period, and the results showed that many neural function related proteins’ functional relationship changed the for worse. It is known that short term exposure of microwaves exuded from a cell phone, depending on how far the antenna is from the head, can penetrate as much as 1 1/2 inches into the brain, but this study focuses more on the long term effects and how EMF impacts specific brain proteins. This provides new evidence of the potential relationship between EMF and health complications stemming from EMF such as headaches, dizziness, sleep disorders, and even tumors and Alzheimer’s disease. Another study conducted by a Russian team of researchers also showed that EMF and cell phones cause significant long-term cognitive decline in children. It may be time for parents to re-determine if young children should really be using these devices with growing bodies and developing brains. A number of foreign countries are attempting to adopt precautionary protocols to limit cell phone use in an attempt to mitigate the number of adverse effects they have on human health. In 2011, the WHO/IARC released a report stating that cell phone radiation may have a carcinogenic effect on humans. In fact, the World Health Organization actually said that cell phones are in the same cancer-causing category as lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform.

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These protesters are calling for an end to ‘pylon and wind farm lunacy’

MORE THAN 3,000 protesters have flocked to Dublin, calling on the government to revisit plans to build wind turbines and pylons across the county.   by The Journal

published on The Journal 15 Apr 2014 republished here under the term of Fair Use

MORE THAN 3,000 protesters have flocked to Dublin, calling on the government to revisit plans to build wind turbines and pylons across the county.   Their fears range from how it will affect our health and water supply, to the impact the plans could have on tourism.   Many are calling increased use of other forms of renewable energy such as biomass.   The protest was organised by Wind Aware, an umbrella group representing opposed to pylons, high-power cables and large-scale wind farms.   We spoke to some of those protesting outside Leinster House today:


Pentagon to use drones to create remote wi-fi hotspots

Cheryl K. Chumley
April 14, 2014

The Pentagon is planning to turn old drones into wi-fi hotspots.

The equipment needed for long-range high-bandwidth wi-fi is often unavailable to troops in the field.

Engineers hope this will be remedied with airborne wi-fi hotspots that can remain close to isolated troops.

The move is similar to Facebook’s initiative to bring the world online with blanket wi-fi, but some critics fear the drones will compromise security.

Getting access to a secure, stable and fast internet connection might become easier for remote US troops if the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (Darpa) latest wi-fi hotspot programme successfully launches.

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