JFK The Original Whistleblower

JFK The Original Whistleblower

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I have often wondered how JFK rose to power within a system he despised and gave his life to help bring down.  It was his father that orchestrated his rise to the presidency, giving JFK the chance to affect real change by being the original whistleblower, calling out the shadow government and requesting the help of the american people.  Days later  he was killed for this disclosure.

Read the “Hidden life” article below to learn of the rise to power, and below that is John F Kennedys shadow government speech.  This speech is where my years of research started.  It is one of the first articles on Truth11.com




The Vigilant Citizen

The Hidden Life of the Kennedys : The Elite Dynasty That Got Decimated (Pt. I)

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The Kennedys were considered, at one point, to be America’s Royal Family – a powerful dynasty that was also beloved and admired by the public. However, the mind-boggling “Kennedy Curse” struck the family to the core as numerous members lost their lives at a young age and in strange circumstances. This series of articles will expose lesser known facts regarding the Kennedys and explain how the family’s fate is related to the shadow government running America. 


The assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 will always remain one of the most tragic days in American history. It can be pinpointed as the day where the American public “lost its innocence” and got a glimpse of the dark and morbid shadow government working behind the scenes. In 2000, over 81% of Americans believed that JFK’s assassination was planned by more than just a lone gunman, making it one of the most widely accepted conspiracy theories in US history. However, as the years go by, countless theories and hypothesis about JFK’s assassination keep appearing in the form of “tell-all books” or “shocking documentaries”, contradicting previous theories and muddying the waters of truth instead of clarifying them. One can wonder if some of these “revelations” are actually attempts at disinformation in order to keep the truth from ever emerging.

But to understand the Kennedys and what lead them to power, one must go deeper than JFK’s presidency and his assassination. We must look at those who preceded him, especially his father, Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr., who gained an incredible amount of wealth and became close with the most powerful families in the world. While these connections ultimately sent the family to the White House, the Kennedys did not remain in power for long. The same “hidden hand” that lead them to the top apparently sought to completely eradicate them. Was the curse actually a series of hits aiming at removing the Kennedys from power? Studying the story of the Kennedys is essentially studying at the inner-workings of the occult elite. We’ll first look at the origins of the Kennedy dynasty.

Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. : The Mogul That Started it All

Joseph Kennedy Sr. was a powerful figure in business and politics. He was also connected with the most prominent bloodlines in the world.

Joseph Kennedy Sr. was a powerful figure in business and in politics. He was also connected with the most prominent bloodlines in the world.

Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr. was the man who orchestrated the family’s rise to power. He was a leading figure of the Democratic party and of the Irish Catholic community of America. He was also a successful businessman, as he made fortune by buying and merging together several Hollywood movie studios and importing and distributing alcoholic beverages in the United States after Prohibition. There were, however, persistent rumors claiming that Joe was working with organized crime and bootlegged alcohol during the prohibition. Shortly before his death, mob figure Frank Costello famously stated “I helped Joe Kennedy get rich.”

During his political career, Kennedy became a close advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and was appointed as the inaugural chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In 1938, he was named Ambassador of the U.S. in the United Kingdom, a prestigious position, where he formed ties with British nobility and witnessed the early stages of  World War II.

Elite Ties

Born into a prominent political family of East Boston, Joseph Kennedy married Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald in 1914 , the eldest daughter of Boston Mayor John Francis Fitzgerald. In a move that is often seen in elite bloodlines, the marriage joined together the city’s two most prominent political families. However, as Kennedy’s wealth and power grew, his influence reached way beyond the city of Boston and he formed ties with the power elite of the world.

Understanding Joe Kennedy’s ties and relations equals understanding the occult elite and the way it functions. He dealt with people that were part of “Illuminati bloodlines” (as defined by Fritz Springmeier) such as the Rothschilds, the Astors, and the Sassoons. He was close to newspaper mogul and high level Illuminatus William Randolph Hearst, who later helped launch JFK’s career. 

During Kennedy Sr.’s political career, he advised FDR, who was a 33rd degree Freemason and the first Honorary Grand Master of the Order of DeMolay. FDR, who was also advised by notable occultists Manly P. Hall and Nicholas Roerich, ordered the placement of the Seal of the United States (the Illuminati symbol of the pyramid with all-seeing eye) on the dollar bill.

Joe Kennedy Sr. was also part of several elite orders, such as the Knights of Malta and the Pilgrim Society, a highly secretive group that held within its ranks members including the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, J.P. Morgan, British Royals, various heads of the Skull and Bones society, Freemasons, Knights Templar and Presidents of the Federal Reserve Bank, and executives from major companies and mass media. In fact, the Pilgrim Society is probably the most influential “elite group” in existence (see a list of members here).

Standing atop the London Bush House, this statue built by the Pilgrim Society represents America and England holding the Illuminati Torch of Illumination.

Standing atop the London Bush House, this statue built by the Pilgrim Society represents America and England holding the Torch of Illumination.

As a result of his ambassadorship in Great Britain, Kennedy Sr. developed good relations with British royalty, where he was often received with great honors. In 1944, Joe Kennedy’s daughter Kathleen married William Cavendish, the Duke of Devonshire (a very prestigious position within British Nobility). The Duke of Devonshire was Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body for the majority of Freemasons in England, Wales, the United States and the Commonwealth. After his daughter’s premature death, Joseph Kennedy stated:

“If Kathleen and her husband were living, I’d be the father of the Duchess of Devonshire (first Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen) and the father-in-law of the head of all the Masons in the World”.
– David E. Koskoff, Joseph P. Kennedy: A Life and Times

Joseph Kennedy was therefore extremely well connected with the occult elite and the Illuminati bloodlines of the United States and Great Britain. While he had held hopes of becoming a Presidential candidate, his window of opportunity closed when, facing the threat of Nazi invasion, he stated that “Democracy in Great Britain is finished”, adding that the “battle for Britain is not about democracy, that is all bunk”. Behind closed doors, Kennedy was also caught sympathizing with Hitler and the Nazi movement. He was also quoted professing various anti-Semitic statements in discussions with the Astors. Realizing that the outcry he caused would prohibit him from ever becoming President, Kennedy Sr. went behind the scenes and focused on “placing” his sons in positions of power. He had the wealth and, more importantly, the elite connection needed lead his plans to fruition.

High Expectations for the Children

While most family pictures of the Kennedys give the impression of one big, happy, all-American family, the truth is much less picture-perfect. The great number of biographies documenting the nine Kennedy children often account of “loveless” childhoods, great distance between family members and countless, devastating tragedies. Joseph Kennedy Sr. was often described as a strict father with gigantic expectations for his children. Unfortunately, his daughter Rosemary Kennedy did not live up to these expectations.

The Lobotomized Kennedy

Rosemary Kennedy with her father Joe Kennedy Sr.

Rosemary Kennedy with her father Joe Kennedy Sr. … before the lobotomy.

Rose Marie “Rosemary” Kennedy, the third child of the family, was described as “mentally retarded, erratic and prone to mood swings”. Joe Kennedy was told by his doctors that a prefrontal lobotomy could “cure” her condition, which could otherwise be potentially embarrassing for the family. At age 23, Rosemary was forced to undergo the experimental procedure. Here’s an account of the procedure performed on Rosemary.

“We went through the top of the head, I think she was awake. She had a mild tranquilizer. I made a surgical incision in the brain through the skull. It was near the front. It was on both sides. We just made a small incision, no more than an inch.” The instrument Dr. Watts used looked like a butter knife. He swung it up and down to cut brain tissue. “We put an instrument inside,” he said. As Dr. Watts cut, Dr. Freeman put questions to Rosemary. For example, he asked her to recite the Lord’s Prayer or sing “God Bless America” or count backwards….. “We made an estimate on how far to cut based on how she responded.” ….. When she began to become incoherent, they stopped.
– Ronald Kessler, The Sins of the Father: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded

The procedure went horribly wrong. It left Rosemary Kennedy with the mental capacity of a  two year-old child. It prevented her from walking or speaking intelligibly and she was considered incontinent. She was placed in an institution where she was cared for until she died in 2005.

Joseph Kennedy never mentioned the lobotomy to the public and explained his daughter’s absence from family events as her being “reclusive”. He never visited Rosemary after the lobotomy and her name was “never mentioned” at the Kennedy house.

Aiming for the White House

Joe Kennedy Sr. with his two sons John F. Kennedy (right) and Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Both of them will lose their lives at a young age.

Joe Kennedy Sr. with his two sons John F. Kennedy (left) and Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (right). Both of them lost their lives at a young age.

Joe Kennedy Sr. knew he had the wealth, the influence and the connections to reach the White House, but after his “sympathetic” stand towards the Nazis killed his political career, he went behind the scenes and looked to orchestrate the political careers of his sons.

Kennedy Sr. originally placed his presidential hopes on Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr., the eldest son of the family. However, Kennedy Jr. died at the young age of 29 in an airplane explosion during  World War II. His body was never recovered (four years later, his sister Kathleen – the wife of the Duke of Devonshire – would also lose her life in a plane crash at age 28).

After the tragic death, Joseph Sr. did not give up on the White House. He focused on the political career of his second son, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who the entire world would eventually know as JFK.

Claiming that Joseph Kennedy Sr. was the mastermind behind JFK’s rise to the Presidency is far from an exaggeration.

“He played a central role in planning strategy, fundraising, and building coalitions and alliances. Kennedy supervised the spending and to some degree the overall campaign strategy, helped select advertising agencies, and was endlessly on the phone with local and state party leaders, newsmen, and business leaders. He had met thousands of powerful people in his career, and often called in his chips to help his sons.”
– Kesser, Op. Cit.

JFK also got the backing of elite bloodline families and the unconditional support of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst (and high level Illuminatus) who used his media empire to push JFK to power.

JFK was groomed from an early age to take high office for the Brotherhood and he was supported by all the classic names like the Rothschilds, Tafts, Russells, Rockefellers, and media barons like Henry Luce, the head of Time-Life, and Randolph Hearst, the most powerful newspaper tycoon in the United States. When Kennedy ran for political office, the Boston American newspaper, owned by Hearst, refused to accept the paid advertisements of his opponent.
– David Icke, The Biggest Secret

In 1961, JFK was elected as President of the United States by a very slim margin. Youthful, charismatic and photogenic, Kennedy was the perfect face to put on a Presidency supported by the occult elite. However, soon after taking office, JFK quickly understood that his position was something of a “glorified puppet”. While his 23 months in the White House are often associated with the Vietnam war and the civil rights movement, JFK took actions that were less publicized but that could nevertheless shake to the core two extremely powerful institutions in the United States: The Federal Reserve and the Central Intelligence Agency. More on this in the next part of the series.

Conclusion of Part I

While JFK is usually the face associated with the Kennedys, it was his father, Joseph Kennedy Sr,. who engineered the rise of the dynasty. His ties with elite bloodlines, business moguls, politicians, secret societies and elite groups made him a typical “good ol’ boy” of the occult elite. After losing two children in plane accidents and seeing a third becoming disabled for life, Joseph then orchestrated JFK’s election as President of the United States.

As we’ll see in the next article, JFK took stances that were unpopular amongst those who placed him in power. He was also a Catholic, a characteristic that made him and his family into eternal “outsiders” of the “Anglo-saxon” branch of the occult elite. One thing is certain: Powerful people placed JFK to power and, after a while, they wanted JFK, his family and his descendants removed from power. Forever.

Stay tuned for the next part of this series of articles on the Kennedys. Part II will look at the hidden side of JFK’s presidency and assassination.




Ladies and gentlemen, president JFK.


The very word secrecy is repugnant, in a free and open society, and we are as a people, inherently and historically, apposed to secret societies, secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. But we are apposed around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy, that relies primarily on cover means for expanding it’s fear of influence, on infiltration, instead of invasion. On subversion, instead of elections. On intimidation, instead of free choice.
It is a system that has conscripted, vast human and material resources, into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine, that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.
It’s preparations are concealed, not published. It’s mistakes are buried, not headlined. It’s discenters silenced, not praised.
No expenditure is questioned. No secret is reveled.
That is why the Athenian law maker solo declared it a crime to any citizen to shrink from controversy.
I am asking for your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people. Confident with your help man will be what he was born to be, free and independant.

John F Kennedy. Just before he was shot.

This article HERE discusses how the assasination of Kennedy was orderd by George HW Bush.

Truth11:  This speech was the starting point for me in my quest for the truth.  It is also the first article posted on Truth11.

Here is the version 2 of that speech:


SAME KILLERS – DIFFERENT DAY by John Hankey – April 18, 2009

There are a number of important parallels between the 9-11 attacks and the murder of JFK: the stand down of the most basic defense procedures / the outrageous cover-up and destruction of evidence / and the last name of some of the major perpetrators. Obviously the Bushes were involved in 9-11. Less well-known and less obvious is the central role played by George HW in the Kennedy assassination.

It has taken 40 years to collect the evidence to hang Kennedy’s murder around Bush’s neck.

I began 9 years ago when JFK Jr.’s plane went into the sea; the Pentagon took over the news reporting, and then lied ridiculously, into the teeth of reporters who knew better, about why the search had been kept, for 15 hours, from what was immediately obvious was the crash site. Who would want JFK Jr. dead, and why? Lacking any credible evidence along these line, I decided to pursue a deeper look at the names of the people who had killed his father, as likely suspects in the murder of the son.

The Nation magazine had printed an article ten years before citing a memo written by J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, 5 days after the assassination. The memo confused researchers, including me. It said the state department had asked the FBI to investigate whether “some misguided anti-Castro group” might be planning an invasion of Cuba. The memo claims the FBI investigated, and determined that the anti-Castro community in Florida was deeply saddened by the death of JFK, but not inclined to any rash actions. The last paragraph was the one that grabbed researchers’ attention, because it named “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” as the responsible party sent by CIA to Washington to receive this FBI report. This grabbed researchers’ attention because Bush claimed that he had never been in the CIA before being appointed its director by Gerald Ford. And because it would mean he lied under oath on this point during confirmation hearings. And because it would mean that he had broken the law by running for Congress and Senate without informing the voters that he was CIA.

I will give myself props for destroying Bush’s claim that the memo did not refer to him. As the video JFK – the Bush Connection outlines, in college, Bush was a “brother under the skin” to the son of the head of hiring for CIA; he left college and went to work for a man his father identified as a CIA recruiter; and he then set up shop in the middle of CIA preparations for the invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs; which puts him squarely in the middle of the “misguided anti-Castro Cuban operations referred to by Hoover‘s memo. And on and on and on.

I will give myself credit, also, for being the first to point out that this memo identifies Bush as a supervisor of these “misguided anti-Castro groups”. You would not, after all, send someone to FBI headquarters to receive a report on one of your operations, and send someone who was entirely unfamiliar. You’d send the most knowledgeable, and therefore the most involved, person available. And I also, in that video, point out in the clearest terms possible, that the military industrial complex has used the CIA to murder JFK And that the CIA had done so using its “misguided anti-Castro Cubans.” Whom, again, Hoover described as being supervised by “Mr. George Bush.”

But I did not tie all the available pieces together. I had included a long section on Oswald’s CIA and FBI connections; and explored the strange world in which the state department asks the FBI to investigate the CIA’s “misguided anti-Castro Cubans.” But I had not seen the direct relevance of this section to the central theme of the video: Bush’s involvement. It was just an interesting riddle, and I cut it out and put it into an “extra” that no one has seen fit to post on the web, and that was, then, only available on the DVD.

I was approached by someone with Hollywood background who urged and helped me to try to make the video more presentable, more professional, in order to try to get a wider release, on DVD, or perhaps even in theatres. It took three years; and in the process I figured out the riddle. The solution goes like this: Oswald was an FBI operative. This could not be more obvious. The Texas attorney general called up the Warren Commission on their first day and told them Oswald’s FBI employee # and pay grade. It seems another obvious conclusion, from this, that Oswald had his paycheck stub in his pocket at the time of his arrest. It defies my imagination to conceive of other circumstances that might lead the attorney general to take such an aggressive position on this point. The circumstantial evidence supporting this charge, that Oswald was working for the FBI, is more than substantial. Delphine Roberts worked for the CIA at their secret training camp, for anti-Castro terrorist raids, at Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana. Kennedy had ordered the raids ceased and the camps closed. Delphine Roberts told the Warren Commission that she had seen Oswald at the camp two weeks prior to the raid. Oswald’s best friend in New Orleans saw him exchange envelopes with men he took to be FBI at this time. And Oswald passed out leaflets with the address of the Pontchartrain supervisor, Guy Bannister, on them. It seems to me an obvious conclusion that Hoover, who had written memos about Oswald’s CIA connections while Oswald was still in Russia, recruited and used Oswald to locate the camps. The CIA apparently also figured this out and in short order recruited Oswald back, to infiltrate a “rogue” group that was plotting to kill JFK. That point is speculation. What is clear is that they recruited him and got him a job at the Dallas School Book Depository. The Dallas DA has recently revealed a signed affidavit from an attorney who witnessed Oswald discussing killing Kennedy with Jack Ruby. There is no credible evidence to suggest that Oswald wanted to kill JFK. On the contrary, the most credible evidence is that Oswald was an admirer of JFK. What, then, was Oswald’s purpose in talking to Ruby? The suggestion that he was attempting to infiltrate the CIA’s “rogue” killers is my best guess.

But so what? This affidavit, from the Dallas DA file, was marked so as to be presented as evidence. It is entirely credible. It would not otherwise have been so marked. It indicates that Oswald was still actively working for the FBI, now infiltrating the CIA’s team of killers, and had in fact made contact with Ruby. This sort of information from a reliable source would have given Hoover the legal authority to tape Ruby’s phone, and the phones of virtually anyone Ruby had contact with. Hoover distributed a memo to all the CIA’s offices the week before the murder telling them that there was to be an attempt on JFK’s life in Dallas on Nov. 22. Hoover knew.

He knew before the assassination. Why would he NOT have had Ruby’s phone tapped? Hoover had been, at JFK’s direction, spying on the CIA’s anti-Castro Cuban operation for months. His knowledge of the intimate details of the assassination can scarcely be overestimated. And 5 days after the assassination, he identified “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” as that agency’s responsible party sent to receive the FBI’s report on the activities of their killing team. He then hid this memo, containing this explosive information, in plain sight, distributing to various members of the State department, without classification.

This point of view is presented in the new video, Dark Legacy.

The original JFK II also presented, as a riddle, the fact that the FBI had made a detailed record of a phone call Bush made minutes after the assassination, attempting to send them, apparently, on a wild goose chase investigating “one James Parrot” who Bush claimed had been talking of killing the president. What can we make of this memo? Three years ago, my answer was that it was “weird”. Today I see it differently. E. Howard Hunt, famous as the head of the Watergate Burglars, was identified in a CIA memo, signed by Richard Helms, the CIA director at the time, as part of the assassination team in Dallas that day. Bush is tied by at least eight different circumstances to Hunt. However, there are certainly honest people, or even dishonest ones, who were associated with Hunt, but not in Dallas or connected to the assassination. Fletcher Prouty, whose job in the Pentagon was to supply CIA secret operations with military hardware, including machine guns and ships, was sent to the South Pole to get him out of the way. Richard Colby, who later became director of CIA, and who doubtless released the Helms memo naming Hunt as a killer, was also certainly not involved in JFK’s murder; and had another assignment in another part of the world. But Bush’s phone call reveals that he was on duty for the CIA; in Dallas; and working on assassination-related matters.

We have been schooled to regard “the smoking gun” as the definitive evidence. However, in a large conspiracy, only one person can be connected to a smoking gun. The rest of the members of the conspiracy can only be shown to have played ancillary roles. Under our system of justice, however, they are regarded as equally culpable. That Bush was playing some sort of ancillary role could not possibly be more clearly demonstrated than it is by these two FBI memos.

It took me nearly 40 years to find these memos; and nearly another ten to figure out what they mean. Believe me, I’m not bragging. But I am advocating patience.

And trying to persuade you to support my efforts to advertise this video by purchasing it from BushKilledJFK.com.

By the way, just to finish the story I began about JFK Jr.:

I had discovered the bulk of this information about Bush Sr. and the death of JFK. But I still had not produced any evidence suggesting who would have wanted to kill JFK Jr. And then it hit me. In my subconscious mind, I heard Henry Kissinger muttering, “The father killed the father. Let the son kill the son.” I have reason to believe that the criminal elite that perpetrated crimes of 9-11 and of Nov. 22, operate much as a mafia does. To join the inner circle of the mafia, you have to “make your bone”. You have to commit a murder within the sight of the other members. Then they can trust you. You can’t rat them out because they are eyewitnesses to a murder you committed. In any case, within weeks of JFK’s murder, George Bush began his remarkable political career. He ran for senate and lost. They created a Republican district and appointed him the nominee, and so, of course, he won. He then ran for senate again, and lost. They picked him up and dusted him off and forced Nixon to take him on as his secretary of the United Nations (Erlichman says so explicitly) with a White House office conveniently located next to E. Howard Hunt’s! Bush ran against Reagan and lost, and Reagan was forced to take him on as vice president. After being shot, Reagan left everything up to Bush. Bush presided at ALL of the Iran Contra Crack-epidemic meetings. And the JFK assassination was where he made his bone, where he got his ticket punched for admission to the inner circle, which then forced all the events I just described to occur. And I wondered, how did little Georgie make his bone? Whom did the drunk, coke-headed draft-dodger have to kill in order to get this powerful inner circle to support him, rather than the war-hero McCain. And I rushed to my computer to see where lil’ George was the day JFK Jr’s plane went down. At 8 am he was campaigning hard, flipping pancakes in Iowa. He got on a bus at 9 am and disappeared. JFK Jr.’s plane went down at 9:41 pm, twelve hours later. The next day the press ran to interview Bush, to see what one president’s son had to say about the death of another president’s son. Al Gore had canceled all campaign appearances. What would Bush do? they wanted to know. They ran to interview Bush. But he was not to be found. Karen Hughes, Bush’s campaign manager not only could not say where he was; she could not even say when he would be back! After three days he reappeared. No attempt has ever been made to disclose his whereabouts. Witnesses identified him partying at the Bohemian Grove Saturday night, celebrating John’s death. Karen Hughes demanded a retraction when the Sacramento Bee published this story. The story’s author offered to do so, if Hughes would reveal where Bush actually was. Hughes made no offer of any such information, nor any further demands for a retraction. This information is all laid out in my video The Assassination of John Kennedy Jr., available at, you guessed it,http://www.jfkii.com/|BushKilledJFK.com.

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