Evidence That 5 Million Americans Have Been “Disappeared” By Obama Shocks Russia

October 23, 2013 | From the archives

A shocking new report released  a year ago by the Federal Security Service (FSB) states that as many as 5 million Americans have been “disappeared” by the Obama regime during the past 4 ½ years and are presumed to be dead in the worst incident of mass genocide since the Cultural Revolution that took place in the People’s Republic of China from 1966 to 1976 and claimed upwards of 20 million lives.

According to this report, a “gravely concerning statistical anomaly” in American death and missing persons records between the years of 2009-2013 was recently brought to the FSB’s attention by noted historian Boris Borisov who in 2008 revealed in his “American Holodomor” research paper that a similar genocide of these peoples took place during the Great Depression where upwards of 7 million of them were, likewise, killed.

In a previous discussion about his American Holodomor research methodology, Professor Borisov noted:

“Seven and a half million people does not mean the number of particular victims of the famine, but a general demographic loss, or the difference between the supposed population on the date of the census that was due to be held in 1940 and the factual number of people. In reality, the total demographic loss is bigger. The fact is not contested by anyone. The figure is more than ten million people.

However, when you start researching the subject, you find that there is a migration component – people were coming to the country and leaving. All can be calculated. It turns out then, that three million people can be subtracted at the cost of migration – in approximate figures, as it is not a scientific report.

What’s left is 7.5 million people still missing. The question is: where are they?

Voluntary defenders of U.S. values who venture to discuss the matter with me, normally begin with a statement that those people were simply not born. However, if we take the age pyramid and distribute the people according to their dates of birth, it becomes apparent that 5.5 million children and two million grown-ups are missing from the 7.5 million. So, those two million people could not have been non-existent – as they had been born. They could only die.”

In his new research paper covering American deaths during the Obama regime, this FSB report continues, Professor Borisov relied solely upon the United States governments own statistics from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which puts theiryearly death toll at 2.5 million (Death rate: 799.5 deaths per 100,000 population) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which lists over 650,000 of these people who have gone missing each year.

Of importance to note, Professor Borisov’s research says, is that of the over 650,000 Americans who have been reported missing each year, the United States National Crime Information Center’s (NCIC) only lists an average of 87,000 them as still active in their files per year leaving over 500,000, and again per year, unaccounted for.

Even more critical to note, Professor Borisov’s research says, is that the 799.5 deaths per 100,000 per year the United States reports is a “statistical anomaly” not supported by the facts that similar industrialized nations in the European Union (EU) [same income, same demographics, same medical care] show a much lower rate; including the UK at 683 deaths per 100,000, France at 609 per 100,000 and Germany at 657 per 100,000.

Factoring into his statistics United States census data from 2000 showing an American population of 281,421,906, and 2010 US census data showing a population of 308,745,538, and then discounting the estimated 32 million deaths and reported missing over this same time period, Professor Borisov’s research “clearly shows” a “gravely concerning statistical anomaly” that when extrapolated to today’s date (2013) leaves over 5 million Americans unaccounted for, this FSB report says.

Most dire to note, this FSB report says, is that Larry Grathwohl, the former US Army Vietnam War hero and FBI undercover agent who in the 1970’s warned the American people about the Obama genocide they would be facing, was mysteriously killed on 18 July two days after he had been contacted by Professor Borisov.

Professor Borisov’s interest in contacting the former FBI counter terror spy Grathwohl, this FSB report says was related to Grathwohl’s infiltration of the American radical left terror group Weather Underground founded by President Obama’s personal friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

The critical importance of Grathwohl to Professor Borisov’s research, the FSB says, can be read in the introduction to his 1976 warning book to his fellow citizens titled “Bringing Down America” and which says:

“In 1969, Larry Grathwohl stepped out of his life and became, according to Time magazine, “the only FBI informant known to have successfully penetrated the Weather Underground.”

For a year, Grathwohl ran with America’s most dangerous radicals.  He watched them plan bombings, murders, and political assassinations.  He moved in a world of Maoist brainwashing, drugs, and enforced sexual experimentation, with a gang of thugs dedicated to bringing down America.

This book was first published in 1976.  At the time, nobody could have imagined that the criminal leaders of the Weather Underground would elude punishment and rise to positions of authority in American public life.  But today, they are influential professors, national leaders in K – 12 education “reform,” and advisors to President Obama’s Recovery Act.”

Even worse, this report continues, are that these same left-wing terrorists are also now in charge of what is known as the Obamacare plan, which if allowed to continue, Professor Borisov says, will allow the Obama regime to reach their target of killing the estimated 25 million Americans Grathwohl warned [see video HERE] the Weather Underground was prepared to sacrifice in order to remake the United States into the communist/socialistic state they have long envisioned it to be.

To how soon the Obama regime is about to unleash even more terror upon the American people this report doesn’t say, but according to the influential American dissident Susanne Posel of Occupycorporatism.com it is coming much sooner than later, and who this past July warned [see video HERE] that the Obama regime “knows the collapse is coming” and “is preparing for it now.”

Are you?

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