ISIS Psyop Final Phase – Prolonging the Existence of ISIS

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bernie Suarez

Activist Post 

Those of us who are truth seekers marching through life with an everyday understanding of longstanding government false flag operations, corruption, stated global plans and strategies, live in a much easier and clearer world than our counterpart brainwashed, naive, TV and mainstream media-indoctrinated zombies.

Yes, at this point in history, given the information age and the broad worldwide awakening to the new world order plans, we can now definitively declare not only the manifestation of our conscious existence but concomitantly we can pinpoint the manifestation of those who are the exact opposite of who we are; that is, those who are asleep in the matrix and believe mainstream media propaganda and the lies that the sheep are told every day.

There is something special about mainstream media CIA-controlled news that is important to point out. I’ve alluded to this in previous articles but it’s very important to mention again here. The idea of mainstream media acting as a deceptive government mouthpiece is something most if not all of my readers are widely familiar with. However, it is important to underscore that mainstream media news, like the moving spiral of a hypnotic presentation, is always moving. In other words, if mainstream media actually stopped for even one day, it would begin to lose its effect immediately, and the control system knows this. The power of CIA-controlled mainstream media hypnosis comes in the fact that mainstream media news is ongoing. You get hit with one story, then another, then another, and another and so on. The motion of stories never ends. This moving quality of story-delivery is powerful and carries a hypnotic effect.

Let me be more specific.

When your brain hears one story about ISIS, if that story stood alone eventually your brain would start questioning the story if it didn’t have enough weight of evidence to it. However, given the same amount of non-evidence, if you keep the ISIS stories coming continuously, your brain starts wondering how improbable it is that ALL of the stories are untrue; therefore, the naive brain begins to accept that even if the first one or two stories weren’t exactly true, then these next 50 stories can’t all possibly be untrue.

With this example we can see that the motion of delivering continuous stories then begins to take root inside the mind of the naive mainstream media watcher until finally the person simply believes what they see. With this moving process of continuous lies the CIA is assured that mainstream media believers will eventually be lulled into the hypnotic state they want. Once the sheep are in a deep trance (probably within the first one or two months of repeatedly seeing ISIS stories in this example) the sheep will accept literally anything the CIA throws at them.

This final phase is exactly where we are in terms of the now historic 2014 American media ISIS psyop. This deep trance phase is the phase which will last a very long time, and its main purpose is to prolong the perceived existence of ISIS. During this long trance phase the only thing that matters is that ISIS never goes away. So no matter how powerful the U.S. military is and how powerful the military of all of its allies are, ISIS will never be and must never be defeated. ISIS must live on somehow in this long-term final psyop phase.

From an Intelligence standpoint the creators of the ISIS script need to be creative in generating stories about ISIS that makes it appear as though they are invincible, invisible, have impeccable intelligence, demonstrate super counter-surveillance, are masters of the Internet and alternate communication, are wildly evasive and untraceable, are mobile, clever, quick, ultra-strategic and full of masterful military tactical surprises.

Prolonging the ISIS psyop doesn’t end there. It is imperative to push ISIS out of the news for long periods of time so we can expect this next year (2015). Pushing ISIS out of the news for repeated chunks of time will buy the globalists plenty of time to regroup and create more plans with ISIS. This can be easily accomplished by simply focusing on new stories. The media needs no practice with this; think to yourself right now … whatever happened to MH370?? Or MH17 for that matter??

In order to prolong the ISIS psyop we can expect specific pieces of evidence to fall into the lap of our criminal government similar to the fake beheading videos that characterized the introductory phase of the ISIS psyop. Perhaps they will find “new” videos of ISIS warriors beheading new journalists or Christians. Perhaps they (CIA/Mossad) will hit the studios for a high production value scene which could be indoors or outdoors. Perhaps they will go for the full blood and guts effect instead of cutting to black before showing a Photoshopped head on top of a body. Perhaps they will unleash a pack of new ISIS captured criminals who will “confess” to committing crimes against America.

There is no way to tell what direction the CIA/Mossad will take the ISIS psyop, but in order to do whatever they want to do they will need time. Time is the most important factor right now because no one is asking the obvious questions: Given how small ISIS is and how powerful the U.S. military and its allies are, why does ISIS still exist?? Other questions are not being asked like: How is ISIS managing to exist without food and water? If they do have food supply who then is supplying ISIS with food and water? Where are they getting their new ammunition? Who is cleaning their weapons? Weapons that are not regularly maintained and properly cleaned do not fire properly, remember? Soldiers without food don’t have energy to fight so who is running the ISIS supply department and why is their supply not cut off by now? The simple questions that blow open and expose the ISIS psyop go on and on and on. I asked many of these simple questions in my article months ago – How is ISIS getting on the Internet? Who is hosting their account? How do they have a production department and who does their programming and editing? Where are these fancy facilities located and why was their power and communication not cut off a long time ago?

If ISIS gets a flat tire where do they fix it? Why and how do they have the time and space to live so comfortably while waging supposed wars on multiple fronts against the world’s greatest military of all time and still easily survive and carry on strong? Who’s teaching ISIS? Where (according to the CIA-controlled mainstream media new world order mouthpiece) is ISIS training? Where do they train to fire howitzers and tanks? How about flying planes?? Our CIA-controlled media has no answers for any of these questions. They just want you to think that ISIS simply came about from secret anonymous funding. The U.S. weapons are supposed to be magically “stolen” and the endless supply of ammunition simply found randomly.

At this point in history (November 2014) the ISIS psyop is becoming a story for the ages. I encourage all truth seekers to keep a tight watch on ISIS and the tales the CIA and the globalists have in store for us. Please do whatever you can to expose this final phase of the psyop; and by that I mean the perceived prolongation of their very existence. In order to prolong the existence of ISIS the CIA will likely have to put out many stories of others “joining” ISIS so that ISIS comes across as a “growing” group instead of a dwindling group of untrained young men running around with covered faces.

The ISIS psyop may very well be forever – or at least a very long time – and those of us who have narrated the ISIS tale from the minute they were made global stars by our mass media late this summer have an obligation to narrate the truth about ISIS as it happens in real-time. Future generations deserve to know the truth about the creation and the prolongation of the ISIS psyop and we have an obligation to provide that narrative.

So let’s keep watchful of all their moves and be aware of where we stand historically. ISIS is a creation of and for the new world order globalist gangsters. ISIS has a love relationship with Israel and we can expect that they will only be used to help the U.S. expand their global wars while at the same time help the globalists continue to expand their domination, power and tyranny in the U.S. over American citizens. Once you understand these two major goals you will understand why ISIS will not attack Israel, yet they supposedly are willing to travel magically all the way from the Middle East to the United States just to blow up American targets.

Face it, ISIS is the perfect tool for the globalists and anyone going along with the ISIS psyop is naively supporting the globalists and their plans for world domination. Until we can solve our problems by dissolving the Federal Reserve criminal banking system and stop funding the U.S. Department of Defense that pays to arm and equip organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda, we will not be able to stop this madness. Hopefully a solution is near; until then. let us do what we can to spread the awareness and information like this that leads to ideological resistance. With enough awareness I believe we can change this horrific road that we are on. We have what it takes to put an end to this psychopathic madness that the globalists have created with the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others. We must remain strong and vigilant and hope that enough people see what is happening and impose their will on this system, which is now the greatest threat to humanity.

If you believe and understand this message, share it with someone and let’s hope that the prolongation of the ISIS psyop becomes their own undoing. Let us be creative in finding ways to derail their plans and expose their lies. Let’s use every technique we can think of including art, poetry, articles, music, films, documentaries, comedy, rallies, petitions, online campaigns, books, blogs, personal creative projects and anything else you can think of to expose their plans.

In the end, remember this is not just about the ISIS psyop, this is a battle for humanity, truth, justice, morality, reason, dignity, integrity and honor. We WILL win this information war, which is not just about information but a spiritual and psychological overall human survival war. A war that only we are capable of truly winning since the control system doesn’t have a conscience or spirit as a driving force the way that we do. Let yourself ponder on this for a minute…

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists. 

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