Forced to vote? Put “Self Government” on the ballot and I will vote | #selfgovernment

Dylan Eleven |

Youth forced to vote is the latest Nazi suggestion.  How about put “Self Government” on the ballot, then we will vote.  I voted once as a teenager and I regretted it.  Voting for one puppet over another enables the corrupt system.  People aren’t voting because they don’t believe the hype.  They know that voting one evil bastard over another is irrelevant.   If we had the choice of none of the above to illustrate complete no confidence in the puppets presented before us, resulting in the choice of someone we do have confidence in,  better yet a system that we have confidence in.  The current election set up where the few control the many is too much risk for the many.  Even the best of intentioned individual can be coerced, killed or corrupted.  Instead; a global voting system where the masses choose what is best for the masses, based upon the best ideas brought to the table, designed and implemented for the benefit of all, not a corrupt few.   Remove the corruption, remove the concept of the few.  Put the power of choice right in the hands of everyone on this planet.  We will have global peace overnight. We will eliminate starvation and usher in prosperity for all.  Because the masses will choose what is best for the masses.

Put “Self Government” on the ballot and I will vote, then we will never have to vote for an individual again, we vote for what we want directly.

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Youth Should Be Forced To Vote, Says Think Tank

Sky News
April 7, 2015

Young people should be made to vote in the first general election that takes place after they turn 18, a think tank says.

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) says compelling people aged between 18 and 23 to fill in a ballot paper could help reverse falling turnouts at the polls.

The organisation says a 100% turnout among potential first-time voters would foster a lasting desire to have a say later in life.

Research has shown that taking part in elections earlier in life forms a habit that lasts into later adulthood, according to the IPPR.

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