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EMP, Natural Disaster, controlled economic collapse, false flag attack, self nuclear attack, all items that will lead the country into martial law. Just what the government wants.  If we are all informed, united and prepared, the negative after effects of such planned or natural devastation would be reduced or eliminated.

The lizard people, alien, nazi, new world order, satanists, aka the government derived its first power  thousands of years ago, by dividing the populous in order to conquer them.  We are still divided.

Dividing us into thinking we are individuals and not a collective human race.   By fragmenting us into individual households that defend our own, and have our own cars, and own mortgages, etc. we are not as strong as what we could be if we all worked as a community and shared everything.

The laws of economics, breeds scarcity instead of abundance, separation instead of co-operation.  Economics is a fake monopoly game rule system that keeps us separate, working, poor and in debt.

For example, if 10 houses on one street all have 2 cars, 2 adults, 1 kid,  10 mortgages, 20 working people, the math of separation is that each person is having to go to work to pay for the mortgage, car payments etc.  Homes sit empty all week while everyone works and barely gets by, cars sit idle as each person drives themselves to work.  The kids are all in baby sitters as everyone has to work.   No one has a year stock of food, all would be rushing down to the local store in an event of an emergency in separate cars to fight over what is left.

Instead; if 20 adults purchased one piece of land, with 4 super homes, the mortgage payments would be much less, less cars, as they can be shared and car pooled.  Less bills therefore many would not have to work as much, more time to farm the land build communal resources.  More time spent with your children, both economically sound and good for the children.

More money after expenses would allow for more preparation, more people would result in more resources, work power, more people to defend, but less people to defend from.  If all your hungry neighbours are in your compound there is less of them trying to steal from you.

The bottom line is, as a species we humans need to realize we are a collective hive and if we work together rather than separate we will prevail in the event of any controlled attack, EMP or natural disaster.  We will also do much better as a species if we Unite and work together towards community abundance not individual scarceity.

Below are several articles on how to prep, defend, and survive.  I suggest we start connecting to our community as a whole, not just parts.  Lets all start thinking as one group helping each-other.  The power of unity makes everything cheaper and easier and safer.  Lets abandon our feeling of self-ownership and individualism and realize we have strength in numbers.  United we stand, Divided We Fall.


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Top 5 Dangerous Places to Be When An EMP Takes Place

Monday, April 20, 2015 9:21

Nuclear power plants operate in a “controlled meltdown” — rods in a state of meltdown emit high amounts of heat, generating steam from fresh water that is pumped over these rods, which then turn turbines, which produce electricity.

When electricity fails at a nuclear power plant backup generators come online to keep everything operating safely. But like a commercial airplane these backup generators will end up fried in an EMP, as everything is wired to everything else, and it’s this wiring that allows an electro-magnetic pulse to do so much damage to so many systems.

With the power failure and fried generators, we now have a nuclear meltdown on our hands. In the coming days high levels of radiation will soar into the air, dusting the land and lakes and streams and any people for miles around — especially those people downwind of a nuclear power plant.

Do you live nearby any nuclear power plants? Do you have plans to “bug out” in the event of a disaster to a remote location? You might want to study prevailing winds first, and look to see where in relation the nearest power plants are to those prevailing winds so that you can predict what direction radiation will be carried and how far. Compare this path to where you live and also to where you plan to flee to in the event of disaster.

In a Highway / Freeway Tunnel when an EMP Occurs

When the lights in the tunnel go black from an EMP, so will most vehicles controls, so will your headlights — and so will most lights in most vehicles in that tunnel, large trucks with tractor trailers and buses included.

At 60 MPH freeway tunnels filled with traffic that is suddenly in the dark could immediately end in crashes where cars, trucks, semis, and buses pile up, one on top of the other — glass breaking, metal and fiberglass colliding violently — sheer devastation.

Think about that the next time you’re driving through a long tunnel that is lit by traffic and overhead lights.

Good news in this? It’s very possible that gas that spills on the roadway from crashed vehicles won’t ignite from sparking vehicle wiring — unless sparks are created from metal grinding on the concrete. That might ignite a fire ball that turns that tunnel into an instant furnace.

Some reports indicate that it’s likely that not all vehicles will be effected by an EMP. These reports say that many will lose power and that some will not. They back these claims off of reported tests that have taken place.

What If You’re the Only One with a Working Car?

Whatever ends up happening, I don’t think it would be a great idea to own a working vehicle when most other cars have stopped working. You might become a target for a heist.

Emergency Transportation: Mountain Bikes and Bicyle Trailers

Rather than counting on your car or truck, you may want to have some mountain bikes and bicycle trailers in your garage back at home (which of course may also make you a target of a heist).

If you do want to run the risk of owning a running vehicle — and if you’re a mechanic — you can disassemble electrical parts to things like an ATV or motorcycle and then store these electrical components in a device known as a Faraday Cage (more on that below) — which is a “do it yourself” metal box that can be used to protect small electronic devices from the effects of an EMP.

This is reported to be a way to get older vehicles (early 60s for example and before) operating after an EMP has taken place. You may not be able to get a newer car back on the road — due to the sophistication and number of electrical components needing to be replaced — however an older vehicle with a lot less electrical related parts could get back on the road.

You just need to make sure you have those electrical parts on hand and the ability to replace these parts.

As part of your preps for an EMP, buy yourself an old car or truck that runs and then remove key electrical components; store these components in a safe place.

How to Protect Electrical Devices from an EMP: Build a “Faraday Cage”

As reported in a previous article on our site on Doomsday Preppers prepping for an EMP, there are steps a person can take to protect electrical devices at home — that is to build (or purchase) a metal box called a Faraday Cage.

What is said to happen is that the metal box protects items inside from an electromagnetic pulse — causing the pulse to flow around the box and unable to reach electrical devices inside (as long as they are wrapped in a non-conductive material).

Electrical devices placed inside a Faraday Cage could be an emergency AM/FM radio, two-way radios, solar battery charger, small generator, emergency medical equipment, inverters, and a laptop or external hard-drive (should either have important documents or ebook downloads you want to hold onto and not lose).

EMP Protection

A Faraday Cage can be built out of scrap metal or other metal containers you have on hand — even an old microwave could be used is what one writer claims.

Wrap each device you want to protect in plastic, newspaper, cardboard or other non-conducting material and place inside.

While you can build a Faraday Cage from scrap metal, you can also use things like metal filing cabinets, metal safes (like a gun safe), and even ammunition boxes. Building a copper mesh around each box adds another layer of EMP protection to your contents inside. A metal tool box would also work well. In fact you could have a tool box (wrapped with plastic or carboard) with electronic devices inside (each wrapped with plastic or cardboard); this small tool box could then be kept inside a second larger tool box — now you have multiple layers of protection from an EMP.

Which Electrical Devices to Protect

If you have an early model car or truck or motorbike (for example, 1960s and before), key electrical components could be stored in a Faraday Cage. After the EMP strikes, the components taken out and then put back into vehicles so they’ll start again.

Other electrial devices to protect:

* Ham radio

* 2 way radio

* Solar battery charger

* Small generator

* Emergency medical equipment (if you or a loved one require it)

* Inverters

* Laptop

* External hard drive

* Emergency AM/FM radio

* Extra batteries for operating each device for several weeks or months.

* Watches with hour / minute hands (being able to keep track of time can be an important survival tool; your ability to coordinate meeting times and locations with others after splitting up into different groups will likely call for precise time keeping in certain situations — don’t forget the importance of a watch — I should say “watches”. You’ll want more than one watch for different people in your party).

How to Store Battery Back Up Power

One terrifying aspect of an EMP is the loss of communication with family — your children, your parents, your wife, your husband. In fact it’s possible even likely you will never again talk to loved ones who live in distant states (if not in this life, hopefully Heaven; have faith in God, and your loved ones also, if you want that of course).


But is there a way for you to have communications, even after an EMP?

Possibly. Using a Faraday Cage and a few stored batteries kept charged for emergencies, you may be able to reconnect with loved ones using a series of two way radios or Ham radio / CB (CBs have a much shorter range though than two way radios; though it may not hurt to have both, if you have that capability).


Monday, April 20, 2015
Before It’s News.com

Editor’s Note: A huge EMP is like opening a Pandora Box:

1 – At a community level because we haven’t experienced one yet and we don’t really know how bad it will going to get. Frank Gaffney – president of the Center for Security Policy predicted that:

“Within a year of an EMP attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity. And that is exactly what I believe the Iranians are working towards.”

Experts also agree that the next nuclear war will start with a big EMP. If one of the nuclear powers blasts a nuclear weapon 275 miles above the US it will produce an EMP that will basically send us, the Canadian and the Mexicans back to the Dark Ages. Will we be able to fight back after an EMP or will we be nothing more than sitting ducks for nukes? I have something you need to watch. It’s much better than I am at explaining the threat. Watch it and learn what you should fear most, what an EMP effects and how you can protect your electronics, car, mobile phones, etc.

2 –At an individual scale because you don’t really know where you’ll going to be when it will happen. There won’t be any kind of transportation or telecommunication. You’ll have to walk your way home. If you work 40 miles away from home, you got to have a plan. If your car gets stuck with your family on the highway on a cold winter – you got to have a back-up plan. If your child is at school you got to get him… and so on.

Of course it’s imperative to have at the back of your mind a list of things to do immediately after an EMP. But just like for any other crisis, you won’t be able to do a lot of things after the crisis begins. The information you’ll find bellow it’s good to know and should be considered as a plan. But it’s not 100% prepping. If you want to prepare for an EMP you have to have some things ready in advance. (Related: 10 Things to Have Ready before the Huge EMP !!! )

by P.J.

walking homeSo what actions should you take immediately following an EMP strike? Remember that time will be critical, the first few hours (days at most) will enable you to get a jump on everyone else and set the stage for your success. You will immediately know that an EMP, be it from a nuclear weapon or massive solar flare, will have struck your area. Your car will no longer work, your cell phone won’t work, the power will be out everywhere, planes will have fallen from the sky. You will know it was an EMP but the vast majority of the public will not, they will be quite literally sitting around waiting for someone to tell them what to do.  You won’t know how large the scope of the strike is but you will have to assume the worst, which would be a nationwide outage.

First things first, if you are at work, get home.  Your boss no longer has authority over you, your co-workers no longer are a priority. They will be trying to restart a computer that will never again work, trying to restart their smartphone, sitting in the break room trying to call 911 and saying things like: “This is ridiculous, I’m going to miss my 3pm sales call!” You on the other hand will go to you car and change into the extra set of clothes and shoes you keep in the trunk. You will don your “get home bag” and start walking, hopefully your walk will not take more than a day.

Once home it is time to start implementing your plan. Remember time is absolutely critical and you only have a small window of it in order to set yourself up for success.  During these initial hours and days people will still have faith that some sort of government agency will come in to make everything better.  They will expect to see the power come back on any minute because someone will surely do something. They will tell each other to sit tight, just hold on for a day or so because eventually the HMMWV’s will roll in loaded with supplies and some military officer or government official will explain that this is merely a temporary problem, nothing to worry about, sorry for the inconvenience. You know better because you realize just how devastating an EMP strike is and the reality is that it could be months before systems start to come back online. It will only take a week or two (at most) before things start getting really ugly because people start going hungry.  With all of that that in mind you take these 7 actions because you were prepared for this to happen.

1 – Use your cash. In the first few days after an EMP strike cash will still have value.  Take all of your cash and that radio flyer wagon your kids have and walk down to the corner store.  Avoid the big retail stores, I suggest finding the corner gas station or local drug store.  The owner of the store will no doubt be there, concerned that the items in the store are unprotected during a power outage.  Explain to the owner that you are in need of some supplies, can pay cash and do not require change.  Tell him/her that you will give them an extra $100 to allow you to “shop” for a few minutes.  Load up your wagon with anything you can find to include medication, candy bars, water bottles, pop tarts, lighters, hand sanitizer etc etc.  Of course you should be well stocked at home but you might as well get rid of your worthless paper money in exchange for any amount of extra supplies you can get your hands on.  In a week (maybe less) most stores will be completely looted so you need to take advantage of this moment.

tube2 – Fill up the tub(s) with water. Hopefully you have a water bob for each bath tub in your home in addition to several other water storage devices and water purification/filtration devices.  Remember a down grid means that fresh water will stop flowing to your home very quickly. Fill up your tub as soon as you can, that extra hundred or so gallons could prove invaluable. If you are concerned about the quality of the water remember you can add 8 drops of regular Clorox bleach per gallon to help purify what you have in the tub.

3 – Talk to your neighbors. This step is absolutely critical, you have to get out and talk to your close neighbors and explain to them what is going on.  They will be in denial for the most part, hopefully you have copies of the EMP report printed off which you can distribute as you go door to door.  Explain to them what is going on and that time is critical, let them know a worst case scenario means that there will be no help coming for quite a long time.  Additionally mention the following to them.

a. Discuss a neighborhood watch.  Tell them that in a few days or weeks things will get dangerous with hungry people roaming the streets.  It is essential that you define your neighborhood’s boundaries and set up a neighborhood watch of sorts, assigning people to different shifts.

b. Offer to hold a meeting.  Set a time that you will have a meeting at your home, say every day after sunrise in your garage.  Tell them they are invited and that every day you will be there passing out information.  At first you might not have anyone attend these meetings, in a few days there will be a handful and in a week you might have 50 or more hungry, scared, tired people demanding answers.  If you are going to assume the role of a leader, be prepared to do just that.

c. Tell them to use their cash.  Much like you should have already done, tell them that their cash will soon be worthless and that they need to get down to the market to spend it.  Most people have no cash on hand, so this probably won’t be a real issue.

d. Tell them to inventory their supplies. Most people have 3 to 5 days food on hand in their home. You should mention that they need to start rationing what they have, and taking inventory of everything else.

e. Start identifying those with skills. I wrote about how to organize a survival community as well as what skills will be valuable after T-SHTF in a few recent articles. While making the rounds in your neighborhood you should start identifying who has special skills and make note of it. Cops or military personnel could help with security, doctors have obvious value, and so on and so forth.

4 – Start rationing food. Hopefully you have at least a 1 year supply of food for your family, if not more. Start rationing immediately because more than likely you will have to share some of your food with your neighbors. It will be unavoidable, you will need their help to survive as a community and there is absolutely no way that they will starve while watching you and your family live high on the hog. This doesn’t mean that you cannot oversee how some rations are distributed, or seek out other sources of food, but just remember nobody gets through SHTF alone.


5 – Hygiene preparations. Consider where you are going to dispose of your human waste, it might be a good time to start digging that pit. Also consider where you will dispose of your trash and if you will bury it or burn it. Remember the trash man won’t be around next Sunday and your toilets will stop flushing very quickly.

6 – Listen to your weather radio. Prior to the EMP strike you had a small solar/hand crank weather radio secured in an old microwave in the basement, it still works. You should monitor NOAA Weather Radio frequencies throughout the day in case there is information being published which you can use to stay informed. Maybe the strike only covered 500 square miles and help will be on the way in a week, or maybe there is nothing but static…not a good sign.

Related: “I Powered my House During and After Hurricane Sandy.” – Learn How

7 – Consider your own security plan. Despite all of the actions you are taking, trying to help those within your community by reaching out to organize them, realize that not everything goes to plan. There could be dissenters within your neighborhood or those outside of your community who might choose to take advantage of the situation. Looting will become prevalent very
quickly and no neighborhood will be immune. Consider your security plan, this is no time to rely on the charity and goodness of mankind.  Remain suspicious of all activity and never walk around unarmed. Never allow your family members to venture out alone and remember to stay in after dark. All of that said I would caution against using deadly force unless absolutely necessary. Protect yourself and your family but remember that there will come a time when the power does come back on and people will be held accountable for their actions.

An EMP strike on our nation will be an absolutely catastrophic event and while I’m sure all of us hope that something like this never happens, hope is never a course of action.   Despite our best efforts to prepare for such an event there is a good chance that many will not survive. Some have predicted that within a year of a strike, 9 out of 10 Americans would be dead. In sports success or failure on the field of play is determined months before the actual game by how much dedication the athletes displayed during practice. In much the same way success or failure following an EMP strike will have been determined by how seriously we took our prep strategy in the months or years prior, as well as actions which we take immediately after. Life isn’t fair, plan accordingly.

This article was written by P.j. If you liked it, you can visit his website at Prepper-Resources.com

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