1967 Myron C Fagan: The Illuminati and the CFR


This two and a half hour speech by Myron C. Fagan from 1967 completely exposes who the Illuminati are and how they “did it”.  Stole our everything through deception.  Our money, our justice, our education, true histories and our freedom and prosperity!  We have never HAD to live in a state of lack, or fighting just to SURVIVE.  This has all been contrived to keep us enslaved.  You see, we’ve always BEEN slaves.

Then we used to be whipped and shackled and raped and bought and sold……oh wait!  WE STILL ARE.

If we do not comply we can be legally, not lawfully, but legally assaulted, kidnapped, forcibly confined, tortured, terrorized, raped, extorted, killed, children taken away.  But hey, Ma!  No visible chains so I must be free and they tell me I’m free and put the word “freedom” in my anthem, so yes, we definitely must be free.


It started in earnest in the United States with the theft of the people’s money with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, unconstitutional, where the making of money was given to private entities.  Then the sixteenth amendment which declared an illegal income tax, legal.

In Canada, this happened in 1974 when Pierre Trudeau signed away our national Bank of Canada to private banksters.  (Bank of Canada Act 1974)  Until that time, Canada borrowed from itself at little to no interest.  Imagine what could have been done here in Canada with trillions of dollars instead of paying unnecessary interest on money we were supposed to be printing ourselves!

Mr. Fagan goes deep, back to the beginning so to speak, and exposes all the tricks and deceptions used to enslave the people, not just of America, but the entire world.  What’s revealed is truly sickening and heart-wrenching, so be warned.

The creation of the United Nations, unconstituional, was a most dangerous step in achieving a one-world power.  Whole armies are at the disposal of the UN.  Whole armies!  Now nations are no longer sovereign but slaves to the godless UN and subject to any rulings or commands.  The UN was created by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and it’s goals are communistic in nature, though today the Communists are called Zionists and Nazis and Jesuits and Freemasons but they’re all the same thing!  They don’t want us to figure that out.  They’re all the same guys at the top, just like in politics.

Please share this somewhat obscure speech before it disappears.  Download it if you can.


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