Apple gives FBI the finger

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FBI wants “backdoor into the iPhone,” Says Apple

(INTELLIHUB) — Bruce Sewell, a representative of Apple, told the cout during a hearing Tuesday, “The FBI has asked the court to order us to give them something we don’t have.”

Sewell explained that they want Apple to “create an operating system that does not exist.”

“The reason it does not exist is because it would be too dangerous.”

The FBI is literally asking for a “backdoor into the iPhone,” Swell testified.

“The FBI is asking Apple to weaken the security of our products. Hackers and cyber-criminal could use this to wreak havoc on our privacy and personal safety. It would set a dangerous precedent for the government intrusion into the privacy and safety of its citizens.”

Apple says, the bottom line is that law enforcement need to develop their own advanced systems and it’s up to them to do so.

This all comes after the alleged San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone was found to be locked.

Image: Señor Codo/Flickr

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