Electro Hyper Sensitivity Sufferer Developed EHS while working at Apple. Apple denied disability benefits


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EHS is defined by the World Health Organization as: “…a phenomenon where individuals experience adverse health effects while in the vicinity of devices emanating electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields.”
In Sweden, electrosensitivity is classified as a disability and health care facilities with low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation are available. A Canadian Human Rights Commission report acknowledges environmental sensitivity attributed to electromagnetic exposure. Estimates range that anywhere from 3% to 35% of the population has varying symptoms of electrosensitivity.
Canadians of all ages are being forced out of their homes, schools and work environments due to being affected by electrosensitivity. The numbers are growing and becoming more and more severe each new day. Our government must recognize this. Below you will find some personal accounts of how severely some lives are disrupted.

Electrosensitive Stories

DR’s Story

Electro Hyper Sensitivity Sufferer Developed EHS while working at Apple. Apple denied disability benefits

Diagnosis: Neurological compromise secondary to severe atypical migraines associated with loss of vision and parenthesis. Difficulty concentrating, tachycardia, panic attacks, dizziness, memory loss, nausea, pain behind eyes, testicular pain.

While working at Apple, I developed EHS Electro-Hyper Sensitivity. The wireless networks and various wireless devices started to give me migraines at work to the point of loosing vision with extreme pain and nausea. I had left work numerous days each year as this condition got worse.

Finally working at Apple my EHS developed so great that I became very sick every time coming to work. I spoke to the human resource manager and explained what was going on. Her response was “Wow it must be really hard to work here now, you should quit”. This is not the correct response from a human resource manager. She should have suggested I claim the disability benefits that I had paid into. At the time I did not realize that disability was the correct choice so I followed her advice and quit.

In addition to EHS I have MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, which requires a scent free environment. This was not enforced at Apple despite my repeated requests and emails and no scent free environment was offered to me. No accommodations at all were made to me for both or either one of these disabilities.

I have not been able to work at all since leaving Apple. I am completely and permanently disabled and cannot be around any source of wireless radiation for life. I cannot go into a mall, movie theatre or any place there is other people with cell phones.

Working at Apple filled my body with radiation and got topped to the point of TILT (Toxicant Induced Loss Of Tolerance). This required me to leave the city and move to a rural location. Avoid all forms of wireless pollution. Which is what I have done. I should have been put on permanent disability by Apple and should have received the benefits that I had paid into for 4 years while working there.

Apple is fully aware of the dangers of RF pollution as it states in the legal agreement on devices such as iPads and iPhones that you should avoid exposure by not holding the devices. Keeping them at a 10mm distance at all times. This is something that I could not do while working there. Specifically being told to hold the iPad at concierge position and not being allowed to put it down despite my requests to do so due to the condition. Plus all the other wireless pollution from every device in the store and each customer I helped.

My livelihood and standard of living has been robbed by this event. Instead of suing Apple for loss of lifetime income and damages for pain and suffering. I simply wanted to be put on long term disability This request is perfectly reasonable. However after speaking to them they have denied this request.

I have also applied and gone through the ODSP process. Waited 2 years for a appeal from the tribunal only to have my application denied based upon lies. After my hearing the tribunal had 60 days maximum to give me a decision, they waited 100 days to say no based upon no facts whatsoever. I am now requesting another hearing which my lawyer feels is warranted based upon the written decision being full of factual errors.

Other EHS Sufferer Stories

RC’s Story

I was an early adopter of Wi-Fi, as well as a regular cell phone user for a number of years, not to mention cordless phones. Therefore, I am no Luddite with an irrational fear of technology by any measure.My symptoms: elevated heart rate, headaches, eyestrain, tinnitus, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and a general sense of anxiety and alarm.My personal life has also been…

MF’s Story

Fifteen years ago my quality of life took a sharp turn for the worse when I started having severe adverse reactions to certain types of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Those EMFs are emitted by devices such as computers, household appliances and cell phones. The first noticeable symptoms were numbness in my finger tips and mouth whenever I used my computer. Within weeks adverse reactions had…

MC’s Story

Within days of moving in 2003, I began to feel adverse health symptoms.When I experienced tinnitus, I consulted a professional, whose lifework at the National Research Council was in the area of ‘sick building syndrome’. He determined that the likely cause of my symptoms was the pulsed electromagnetic fields coming from a cell phone tower with a huge dish beaming right over my roof…

AJ’s Story

I started noticing headaches right after using a cell phone during the 1990s.My symptoms: headaches and nausea.  The nausea occurred when we set up wi-fi in our house for a short period of time. I don’t own a cell phone and have no wireless in our house anymore. We use corded phones.  I have volunteered to…

DR’s Story

My symptoms and sensitivity have increased over the years with exposure to cell phone and other RF radiation.2002-03: I bought a “Solo” cell phone.With usage of 15 to 30 minutes of calls per day for a period of 4 months, I developed headaches on the side of my head that I was using the phone. These would come on several minutes…

FH’s Story

My symptoms started about 3 1/2 years ago after being in close proximity to cell towers and cordless phones for several hours a day.My symptoms include:

  • nausea
  • inability to express my thoughts in a coherent, concise manner
  • depression
  • mild headaches to feeling like my head is in a vice
  • face flushing

SS’s Story

My symptoms:

  • Imagine you were a person who does not drink coffee and then you have 10 cups of coffee one after the other
  • I get a headache, not just a headache; it is a weird feeling of my mind being stretched, fractured and fried
  • Find it very difficult to think, function or feel at home in my body
  • My nerves feel very agitated,…

JL’s Story

Bonjour, Voici mon témoignageJe suis technicien en télécommunication d’affaires depuis une dizaine d’années. J’installe des centrales téléphoniques traditionnelles et IP ainsi que des solutions de communication sans-fil pour des magasins à grandes surface et usines de petite et très grande envergure très connues au…

SW’s Story

My journey with electro-sensitivity started a few years ago when I began to feel sharp “zaps” in my head. This pain was quite different from other headaches. It ranges in intensity from pins and needle sensations to razor sharp zaps in the posterior part of my brain, just behind the centre point.Curiously, with every exposure my symptoms appeared to get worse. Rather…

VM’s Story

About two months ago I began to notice the following symptoms.

  • My ears are constantly ‘ringing’
  • I have much difficulty sleeping…nightly episodes of insomnia
  • Occasional brutal headaches, sometimes my head feels ‘weird’…it is difficult to explain the exact sensation.
  • My heart feels out of sync sometimes

I don’t know why I…



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