Riots Erupt In Germany As Attempt To Shut Down Rothschild’s European Central Bank!

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Vatic Note:  I am surprised it took the protesters that long to turn violent.  When it becomes clear that the powers that be have absolutely no intentions of listening to your protests, or/and intend to ignore all your issues,  and all of their concerns center around the serious life threatening damage the central banks have either done,  plan to do, or continue doing, to the country,   then the populace has no choice but to  defend itself with the tools they have to work with, and violence is definitely one of them.

Lets take a look at what Rothschild has been doing to shore up its banks and generate outrageous wealth through deception,  bad banking practices, outright theft and violations of market manipulations.  Fines have been levied, but no jail time for anyone involved and that has been obvious to just about everyone.  Its a good indicator of how the NWO, when they take over,  plans to operate.  All laws will be for us the 99%, while no laws will apply to the 1%.    Yeah???  We will see.

I will make this note short and included VN:’s in the text below as I see the need. So stay with this.  In so many ways she is right, but has not brought up the really bad stuff that these zionist bankers have done to create all our problems including pollution and climate change.  Haarp ring a bell?  Chemtrails?  Flooding vs drought,  and years of warning they have given us about their intentions to depopulate the planet, through famine and manipulation of the food supply and water???  Yup, what a sophisticated scam.

The Zionists are starting to use China now to once again violate our civil rights… notice how the CONTROLLED PRESS is saying how China is hacking our dept of defense and obtaining all this information, when in fact, our DOD is now completely controlled by the Zionists?  Again, another clever deception TO TRY AND  USE TO ATTACK THE INTERNET AND CLOSE ANOTHER DOOR TO FREE SPEECH.  CHINA IS CONTROLLED AND RUN BY THE KHAZARS THROUGH GOLDMAN SACHS AND THE OXFORD TRAINED LEADERS OF THE CHINESE GOV.  

ITS SO OBVIOUS, ITS AGAIN A SCAM, THIS WORLD WAR THEY HAVE PLANNED WILL BE ACCOMPANIED BY A BRUTAL POLICE STATE AS THEY DID IN NAZI GERMANY.  ROTHSCHILDS FUNDED AND RAN THE FASCIST GOVERNMENT OF GERMANY and here they are again, only this time in the USA.  With the planned repression, they intend to also conduct war, which we will lose due to internal conflicks created and sustained by the Rothschild bankers.  Lets shock them and win it and then purge every single one of them out of here forever.  ) 

Riots Erupt In Germany As Attempt To Shut Down Rothschild’s European Central Bank!
Political Velcraft,  March 19, 2015

Frankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt, Germany

FROM 2012 TO 2015 THE FRANKFURT MARCH GROWS VIOLENT.Frankfurt, Germany — Anti-austerity, anti-bank ‘Blockupy’ protests have rocked Germany as the ECB’s (European Central Bank) new headquarters was scheduled to begin operations.

(VN:  Aaah, this speaker is a disinfo agent, (the last name says it all “Klein”) since Climate Change has been identified as another source of the evil ones to grab wealth from us through their proprosed carbon tax and she is advocating a socialist system to solve the climate problem.  Socialism is the brain child of the khazar zionists….Sounds like pre – WW II, 1933 overthrow of the Weimar republic and the instituting of the socialist system, which is the brain child of the zionists khazar bankers, in order to  use the gov to turn over control of everything to the fascists corporations, in which many are owned and controlled by the international bankers, and this will solidify that control.  

In addition, a revolution WEAKENS a nation so they are guaranteed to lose a World war just like Germany did in the 1940’s, and the Zionists got their Palestine as a result.  Yup, “…. AND BY DECEPTION, THE ZIONISTS WILL CONDUCT WAR”.  Notice how she never once mentioned our world wide, dumping of chemtrails as the cause of our geoengineered climate change?   Why not?  Because they intend to continue it as part of their “SOFT KILL” program for depopulating the planet of the filthy masses and zombifying those remaining, so they will make good slaves who will not resist. THIS IS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION”, OF WHICH THESE ZIONISTS ARE EXPERTS AT DOING.  iF YOU READ ALL THE WORK WE HAVE PUT UP ABOUT THE TRUTH ABOUT WW II AND WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, YOU WILL SEE THE SAME PATTERN BEGINNING TODAY.  THEY ALWAYS USE WHAT WORKED IN THE PAST, AND THAT IS HOW THEY GET CAUGHT BY US GOYIM WHO ARE NOT AS STUPID AS THEY HAD HOPED.) 

Images of burned police cars and bloody protesters have begun flooding social media. On the surface, protesters are obviously upset over the ECB building’s $1.4 billion price tag — at a time when the Eurozone suffers through a recession which has hit the working class exceptionally hard.

Other grievances include austerity measures, which are promoted by the banking class, but in reality are just a privatization of assets and resources which were initially funded with public money.

Essentially what this has become is a theft from the general public to collateralize finances that were thrown into uncertainty by politics and bad monetary policy in the EU.  (VN: what?  No word about how the German central bank was also bailed out with American taxpayer TARP money?  Why not mention that|?)
Rather than the bureaucrats and bankers paying the price for their mismanagement, the European public is footing the bill for the bailouts, and that has rightfully upset many across the Continent. It’s estimated that roughly 10,000 protesters flooded Frankfurt streets, many coming from across Europe including from the banker victimized country of Greece.

German Police March With Citizens Against Rothschild's E.U.German Police March With Citizens Against Rothschild’s E.U.

At least 90 police officers have been injured trying to protect the banks, meanwhile over 100 protesters were injured and at least 350 have been arrested. Charges include arson, destruction of property, and disturbing the peace.

Central banks have long been criticized for policies which make the working class poorer while enriching the ruling class. The US has it’s own central bank called the Federal Reserve, which has been the subject of many protests in America as well.

1913  Rothschild Federal Reserve ~ A Non Federal Entity Illegally Written Into Acceptance By Rothschild Soldier Woodrow Wilson.1913 Rothschild Federal Reserve ~ A Non Federal Entity Illegally Written Into Acceptance By Rothschild Soldier Woodrow Wilson. (VN: he was blackmailed into compliance since he was having an affair and his chief of staff was the Rothschild agent, House, who then manipulated Wilson with the blackmail….. as I suspect is being down today with the current congress.)

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, which is much older than the ECB, the US has seen an unprecedented shift of wealth from the middle-class to the Wall Street class. The same can be expected of the ECB.

Frankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt, Germany

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