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Friday, December 30, 2016 18:47

(Before It’s News)

This is Alien disclosure authorized by the U. S. Navy. This is the most revealing interview on the topics I have ever seen and I have watched many a video, read many a book and read many an article seeking the truth. This will impact your thought process in ways nothing ever has. If you have followed these topics this interview will make what is going on on earth fall into place. We here have known something is very wrong and this will explain much. Earth is like an ant farm for a hostile race of aliens that have ruled over the earth for over 6,000 years possibly longer. So much is disclosed I can’t even begin to write the content of what is in these two videos. It is obvious from the interviewer Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot that she has been aware of much that is spoken of. For her this just confirms what she has already known from sources that always insisted they be anonymous.

It’s not the Rockefeller’s not the Rothchild’s ( real name Bauer ) nor the Windsor’s ( Real name Saxe Colberg Goeth A German Reptilian family) or any other human that pulls the strings on Earth. The people of Earth are a  genetically engineered race created by a group of Draco reptilians with a base inside the moon who consider the Earth as their property. The New World Order is a reptilian goal to take back control of Earth. They rule planet Earth to this day. As David Icke has indicated and as said by Princess Diana  the Windsors are lizards. This is a mind blowing interview with William Tompkins. Tompkins was sanctioned by The United States Navy to make these disclosure’s. Anything you think, learned, been taught up until this very moment has been a lie. Bill Clinton, George Bush, Sr., Barak Obama are reptilian shape shifters. Here is the forward to the interview and the two links. Yes, the videos are long but packed with so much information you may want to watch them twice. The most awful part of this interview is in part two when Tompkins implies that kidnapped children are taken off planet and used as a food source for a group of aliens known as the Raptors.

Forward by Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot 

This interview connects the dots on many topics discussed by Tompkins in other interviews including the collaboration of our Navy with Nordics (and reptilians) involving top aerospace companies such as Northrop, TRW, Boeing, Hughes, and many others.

He discusses what really happened during the Battle of LA, the beginnings of MJ12, how nearly all U.S. presidents have been ruled by Draco’s and much more….

Captain Mark Richards of the Secret Space Program endorses Wiliam Tompkins book (which he has read) and agrees with all the information put forward there.  See the following quote from Mark’s recent letter:



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