Utility Smart Meters Affect The Human Heart

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smart meter affects heart

Catherine J. Frompovich

Earlier I wrote an article about independent researcher Warren Woodward’s EKG heart test while being exposed to an AMI Smart Meter’s radiofrequencies (RFs).  It was titled “AMI Smart Meters Interfere With Human Heart Rhythms, EKG Proves” and, apparently, was Part I of a two-part series documenting further how smart meter EMFs/RFs affect the electromagnetics and rhythms of the human heart not only in Warren, but in a female volunteer.

In the first article I included a diagram of the PQRST waves of the human heart and again below, as a reference point for Part II test results.


Dr. Leon, who monitored and explained Part I, also monitors Part II.  He checks both individuals to be certain their hearts can be exposed to smart meter EMFs/RFs without causing damage.  Warren passes the doctor’s exam with flying colors.


The other test participant is Sandy and she, too, is checked out by Dr. Leon.  Both Warren and Sandy have remarkably good vital sign readings.

Warren goes first in being zapped by a smart meter’s EMFs/RFs.  Dr. Leon explains the EKG readings of what happened to Warren’s heart when zapped with the smart meter EMFs/RFs, which causes a stress on the heart.

Sandy, the second test person, unknowingly had been sleeping not far from a smart meter in her home prior to the test.  She was not aware she had a smart meter on her utility service.  Sandy’s test results indicate what apparently seems to be an ongoing stress to her heart.  Doctor Leon explains her test patterns and that “chaos” has been occurring to Sandy’s heart she was not aware of.  The doctor stopped the test because he did not want to destabilize Sandy’s heart.  The longer Sandy was exposed to the smart meter, the more unstable her heart became, Dr. Leon explained.

Here’s the 21+ minute exceptional video showing clearly how two individuals’ hearts are impacted negatively by AMI Smart Meters, the type that electric utility companies are retrofitting on to customers’ services and which public utility commissions are mandating by law.

EKG Proof That “Smart” Meters Affect the Human Heart, Part II


The questions everyone, especially those with smart meters, should be asking include:

  1. Shouldn’t it be against the law, the U.S. and States Constitutions for utility commissions and utility companies to mandate my heart, and my children’s hearts, be impacted negatively by non-thermal radiation EMF/RF waves? Those waves cause heart rhythm anomalies thereby harming me, my family and our hearts with unmitigated stress?
  2. Isn’t the above equivalent to legal assault and battery? Shouldn’t utility companies be prosecuted in a court of law?
  3. What happens to people with pacemakers? How are their hearts and/or the pacemakers affected?
  4. Since The Energy Policy Act of 2005, §1252 Smart Metering (Public Law 109-59) does not make AMI Smart Meters mandatory, how come states public utilities are abusing citizens with their regulations to retrofit AMI Smart Meters and no one is doing anything to correct the injustice and harm being perpetrated upon customers?

Perhaps readers ought to save this article and both of Warren’s videos as proof of what happens with non-thermal radiation waves to the human heart and also present both to members of your state legislature to get legislation passed to remove AMI Smart Meters from your utility services without customers’ cost or fees involved.

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