NPR Report on 5G Mentioned Nothing about Widespread Opposition or that Telecom Can’t Prove 5G is Safe

Activist Post

B.N. Frank

There has been A LOT of opposition already reported about the forced 4G and 5G small cell technology installation that’s been happening in the U.S.  Elected officials are involved.  The Telecom Industry can’t even prove 5G is safe!

Regardless, yesterday NPR broadcasted a segment, Coming To A City Near You, 5G. Fastest Wireless Yet Will Bring New Services, which seemed more like an infomercial than an actual news story.  What NPR conveniently left out (besides that the Telecom Industry can’t even prove 5G is safe) included:

  1. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is being investigated for collusionregarding federal 5G legislation which eliminated local control over installation
  2. Telecom companies have been warning shareholders that they may eventually be held liable for harming everyone with their products and infrastructure 
  3. Insurance companies won’t cover telecom companies anymore because it’s too risky
  4. Security experts say 5G and The Internet of Things (IoT) create huge cybersecurity risks (See 12)
  5. Last summer, New Yorkers reported about newly installed 5G affecting their health as well as their pets
  6. Last fall, the first 5G court case was won in England after 5G was installed in street lamps but only after residents had become sick and some women delivered stillborn babies.

Activist Post is one of countless sources that has already covered the MANY issuesassociated with 5G and its equally horrible and risky sidekicks (Internet of Things(IoT), Automated Vehicles, “Smart Cities”, etc.).  Please check our archives for more unsavory details.

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