Free Julian Assange And Chelsea Manning Now! | #FreeAssangeAndManningNow

Dylan Eleven | | Truth11 Films

What most people do not realize is that if we the people, allow and accept the continued imprisonments of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning for speaking the truth against a criminal US government. It will be the end of all freedom of speech and ultimately freedom itself.

If a high profile case such as Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning is ignored by the general public it means they can arrest and illegally detain anyone who speaks against the official narrative without fear of reprisal from the masses.

We must demand the freedom of these two brave, honest individuals and take a strong step in preserving freedom in general.

The footage released by Manning and Wikileaks, illustrates that war by the us is not what most people believe it to be. Most think there are two sides shooting at each other, but this film footage shows the indiscriminate murder of civilians, and children. It exposed the evil gun men enjoying the slaughter. It shows US wars are slaughters.

For exposing these truths, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are being detained without honour or trace of justice, and the world sits by and lets them be tortured in jail. This must stop immediately.

Spread the word: #FreeAssangeAndManningNow

The footage released can be seen in Our film below:

Truth11 Films | Perpetual War


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