5G and all forms of wireless radiation are a huge health issue | 5G can cause oxygen deprivation = Time to Shield! Video of a Simple test showing the effectiveness of 3 cheap and quick solutions you can implement this afternoon!

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

Wireless radiation is a huge problem for human health.  With the introduction of 5G we are seeing that it is so destructive to life on this planet, it is causing people to die of oxygen deprivation.

The COVID-19 planned event is a cover for 5G destruction.  Hence its name COVID-19 or Covert Virus Infection Destruction 2019.

Demanding the halt of 5G, bringing down the towers, scaling back to minimal levels of wireless radiation and getting the truth out there are all things that have to be done now. But first you need to shield and protect yourself and family today.   Protection from 5G should be today’s to do list.  We are all at home, bored and looking for a fun project.  We are all in an environment that can be easily converted, even a safe room in the house into a shielded Faraday cage that we can get into if you start to feel the effects of 5G.

I am not telling everyone what to do, but this is what I am doing today.

I have already removed, wifi, cell phones, and moved to a rural area.  Next on the list is shielding my family from this horrific technology that is being rolled out and put in our skies and down our streets.  There is several ways you can shield your home and car and person.  You can go expensive routes or cheap ones.  There is a lot to research and a lot of products out there.  I plan on building a complete home that is properly shielded and tested.

But until I can afford to do that, as a quick protection solution, and after viewing this video below, I am off to buy some aluminum foil and I will shield a room and test it… I know how that sounds, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  5G is causing people to not be able to accept oxygen.  Time to join the tin foil hat crew and shield your home from this horror.  Worst case you had a fun afternoon making your place look like a grow op from the trailer park boys.

By the way, you have to turn off your cell phone, wifi, bluetooth shit too.   Or you will nuke yourself in a tinfoil box.

Simple test to show you how to protect from RF radiation.  The solution is cheap aluminum foil.


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