Rose | Dr. Rashid Buttar Hosts A COVID-19 160+ Doctors Round Table


Dylan Eleven |

Brian Rose of LondonReal.Tv hosts with Dr Rashid Buttar a covid-19 doctors round table, an excellent follow up to the first Rose/Buttar interview as it polls 160+ doctors live questions regarding the lock down, vaccine, masks and other covid-19 important topics.  The general concensus amount doctors by a consisted 95% margin is that the medical profession agrees with Dr Buttar’s evaluation of the covid-19 situation.

They all agree the vaccine is deadly at all and must not be taken.  They all agree that proven treatments are available and are being silenced in favor of a dangerous untested unproven vaccine.  The first RNA vaccine that literally changes our DNA.  That Bill Gates states will kill or injure at least 700,000 people.

They all agree, masks are for the sick, and are actually hurting the healthy.

They all agree that the lock down is causing more problems than it is solving. And social distancing is a lie.

They all agree that 5G is detrimental to the health and at 60GHZ causes oxygen deprivation.

This is a must watch video and please share to as many people as you can.

We must resist this lock down. We must rise up and demand freedom.  Doctors who are thinking critically and logically agree.  We must resist the lock down, and genocidal vaccine if the human race is to survive.

We must do this quickly.

Please get this video and message out there and lets all organize and gather in mass protests.

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