The Death Of George Floyd Should Not Spark A Race War | This is not about Race, This Is about Police Brutality | This needs to be the catalyst to change the structure of the police once and for all

Dylan Eleven

Satanist George Soros and his cronies are fueling a fire that is being directed towards a race war, for the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police.

This is clouding the real issue of police brutality.   This is not a war between the population, riots and property destruction of your fellow neighbor does not help anyone. It is exactly what they want. Chaos, so they can send in the police for more acts of police brutality.

This event should go down in history when the people of the world stood up and said, this is about a police officer, abusing his power, as so many of these fucking Nazi bastard police do, to the end result of a life of an human being lost at their hands.  And we will not tolerate any more abuse from police.

The police officer has been arrested for murder. Good, give him the death penalty, he deserves it. That is what needs to be done to every single cop that has abused their power and trampled on human rights. They should no longer be able to stand behind their badge and quote policy of a corrupt militarized police force.

The masses should protest and demand that police departments be completely revamped and re-trained.  They should not be taught to be bullies and promote fascism over human rights as they are currently trained to do.

This is a problem with the police system.  They must fire all police that are evil psychopaths instead of purposely hiring from that pathetic portion of society.

There are some good people in the police.  How many is not known, 5%? may be more? but I would hope it is enough to run the police and be able to immediately fire all known police predators.

It is time for change. Protest the police policy of violence and police brutality resulting in murder.

Police should protect the people.  Instead they protect the policy of the elite.  They are not here for us, they are here to hurt, control and kill us. They are trained to do so.  This is police policy. This is the real problem.

If George Floyd were to look down from above and see that his horrific death took away the ability for police to harm the innocent, I think he would be happier than if it sparked a race war, that Soros and others are calling for that will promote, and in their eyes justify, more police brutality on the innocent.

Personally I have never had a racist thought.  I love all people of the world.  I was brought up by hippies, I was lucky.  But I have a large problem with Fascism, always have and always will.  And to me the first thought when I heard this horrific news, was of police brutality, not what color anyone’s skin is.   Do not let the evil satanists win. Do not let them make this an issue between the population.  It is an issue of Police murdering.  By policy, police are trained to give so little importance to human rights that it enables acts of such horror on a regular basis.

The lie of resisting arrest has been used to many times, this time there is video evidence that the cop was lying, but the evidence is not always there, what we need is a change of the guard permanently to avoid this happening again.







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