The Q Team’s Takedown Of the Cabal From A-Z


Dylan Eleven

I believe the worldwide Q movement of true patriotic people is real.  The people of the movement, I am not speaking of Q or Trump in this statement, but of the people who world wide are awake to the reality of corrupt evil government.

Govern (control) –  ment (mind)

The motivation for this group (the majority of humanity) worldwide is clear. Peace and prosperity.  It is clear becasue it would mean peace and prosertity for us all.

The motivation of Q and Trump is not necessarily so clear.

However I really hope Q and Trump are actually part of this movement, and not just performing a secret operation to trick the people who would stand up and revolt, trick them into sitting quietly and wait for them to do the plan.

If this is the case, it will not work, for one simple reason.  The movement of the masses is real.  The awakening is real. And the power of the masses is real.

Many people debate the motivation of Q and Trump.  In the end, if will not matter.  The conversation has been started, the people are aware, and if they are tricked by Q or Trump, we will not stand divded and fall.  We are already united.

Unity is one of the things we have stated as our goal for from the beggining 15 years ago.

Unity is real, knowledge is real.

Armed with the truth, united we stand!

Q and Trump both are speaking and performing actions that prove they are on the side of us all.  However some things Trump is doing seem to be playing too close to the other side of the equation.  Time and actions will tell.  If this video is correct, this would be amazing.


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