Viruses Are Exosomes, Which are Excretions Of Toxic Cells | Exosomes Are Not Transmittable | Hydroxychloroquine Works By Digesting Toxins, Not Viruses | COVID-19 Is A Completely Manufactured Fake Pandemic, There Is No Virus Or Disease | the Real Truth About Hydroxychloroquine – It Is Part of the Alice in Wonderland Program




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The lame stream media and allot of “conscious” pages are posting these doctors saying hydroxychloroquine cures Covid 19! How can a drug cure something that doesn’t exist!?!

Let’s take a moment to remember the scientifically proven facts here for a minute.
1) “SARS CoV2” hasn’t been purified, isolated, or proven to be contagious. Therefore it hasn’t been proven to exist.
2) When the body is attacked from a poison, pathogen or toxin it produces exosomes which look just like so called ‘virus’. Therefore exosomes come from within us after we’ve been poisoned. Some examples are vaccines, radiation, chemtrails, toxic soil etc they just need to roll them out synchronistically and cover a large ground which they all do.
3) Hydroxychloroquine works by digesting TOXINS! Not VIRUS’S! Let that sink in for minute…
It also has a load of really nasty physically and psychological side effects.

So there is no contagious virus going around. Don’t believe me or Dr Andrew Kaufman. Do your own research. Read “virus mania” by Torsten engelbrecht for the history of scamdemics and The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg for the link between emf upgrades and scamdemics. Or just watch and read Dr Andrew Kaufman’s work. The ruling establishment have covered up poisoning and killing millions for decades with supposed “contagions”. It makes perfect sense when you innestand how evil and power hungry they are.
Meanwhile hydroxychloroquine is going to sell off the charts now…. The worst thing of all the masses are in a deeper spell of believing there is really an invisible killer virus going around. There isn’t! It’s just a smoke screen for their goals of a digital totalitarian world

Dr. Lorraine Day Tells Us the Real Truth About Hydroxychloroquin – It Is Part of the Alice in Wonderland Program – Casey Tells Us That This “Cure All” Has Been Scripted in the Spars Pandemic Paper Written by John Hopkins in 2017 – Awesome Videos for People Searching for the Truth!

This is What Dr Day Thinks About Hydroxychloroquin

Hydroxychloroquin provides the same symptons as Covid-19. Hydroxychloroquin and is part of the Alice and Wonderland program just like the mask.  The key is to good health is to preserve your immune system.

Hydrochloroquine component to this SPARS scenario is a medicine that they try to get to everyone to take is supposed to help with symptoms and it’s controversial and all this stuff is covered in here and then later in the paper they talk about naturopaths and alternative medicine and they even talk about youtube channels this is crazy the list goes on.

Hydrochloroquine, as you see this this scenario unfold and why because this this particular  treatment is rejected by many but also accepted by most.

Isn’t it interesting how he’s pushing the hydrochloroquine which by the way appeared decade ago in a tv show written on a white board to treat a virus that was going around in this episode of this this the show okay so don’t get it twisted all right hydrochloric is no answer to anything it’s just part of the play it’s part of it’s part of all this it’s part of the play that they’re putting on for us.

What is forgotten in these “scenario” papers, is people’s ability to use their own intuition regarding what is going on within the “scenario”. We have the ability to use what the Creator gave us. The Creator gave use intuition and discernment! THAT is what I believe people that question, are using. We all have these gifts within us but not all are using them as we can see. Someone that gave us a good example was/is Jesus.

So people are wearing a mask to avoid a disease that they are going to inject into themselves. does anybody see the irony of this?


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