Deepfakes – Real Consequences | How They Create Fake Videos Of People

Dylan Eleven

Many are wondering if we are actually seeing people such as Obama on TV, when they are supposed to have been executed.  Many are questioning the Q movements statements that many of these satanist pedophile scum have been arrested or executed, and then we see them on TV.   Or do we?  This video clearly shows how they can alter video and create very real looking fake videos.

There is a way to tell.

For example;  Recently, bumbling rambling moron Joe Biden gave a speech, that was very polished, which is the first clue that this was not really him.  Secondly if you study the video you can see tell tale marks that this is not really a person.     In the video above they illustrate how to spot fakes.

In the video below of Biden, you can see these tell tale signs.   It is almost impossible to tell, apart from his unusual clarity.   Take a look at his suit, shoulders etc, if you watch you will see parts dis-appearing.

PLEASE NOTE: This video below is here to illustrate this point.  I do not put this video here for people to see what this satanic pedophile has to say.  Muting the video is probably the best idea in my opinion.

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