PTA Committee Releases “Safer Use of Technology for Children” Fact Sheet

PTA Committee Releases “Safer Use of Technology for Children” Fact Sheet
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By B.N. Frank

Committee Recommends Hard Wired Internet – not WiFi – due to Radiation Risks

For many years American Academy of Pediatrics and other medical experts have warned that children are more vulnerable to cell phone and wireless radiation. Common wireless sources include activity trackers, Bluetooth, cell phones, cell towers, utility “Smart” Meters, and Wi-Fi.

Exposure can increase cancer risk as well as cause other illnesses and injuries. This is why schools worldwide have been replacing WiFi with hardwired internet. In July, the Russian Health Ministry banned the use of WiFi and smartphones for virtual learning due to exposure risks. One California PTA has now released a factsheet with instructions on how to reduce students’ exposure.

From Environmental Health Trust:

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