Canada Is A Colony Of Trapped Slaves

Indian in the machine– October 26, 2020

Canada is still a colony not a country. The colony is full of people who think the colony is a country. The colony is not a democracy. The people in the colony think the colony is a democratic country. The colony is controlled by the crown. The people in the colony think it’s a democratic country where votes matter. The colony is controlled from outside the colony. The people in the colony do not realize the hand outside the colony is constantly creating false events that keep the people in the colony fighting, distracted, and not realizing that it’s even a colony. The people in the colony, are mindcontrolled to never stand up… the must always be hunched over, and in between illnesses and diseases, that are created for them. The people in the colony have chosen to eat the poisons that are grown for them. The people in the colony crave poison, and they crave slavery more than they crave freedom. The people in the colony flocked there for the good life and so they happily jumped into a cage of their own making. The people in the colony are now forced to admit the country never existed… it’s all been a lie… except for the love. Love is truth, and both free the slaves in the colony that was never a country. The extend of the slavery still escapes the slave who is only now beginning to realize that these words are true. They are learning that the slavery comes from inner dark force… not Creator’s Will. The people are all that interested in solutions at this point, even as the visegrip of slavery squeezes more everyday. The slave believes all will go back to normal… the slave believes that everyone will go back to a time where the majority believed the slave colony is a country. The slaves in the colony are now in a hard place… the gave away their power to their slave handlers who they have never met and will never know… all in the hopes of a better life. It is time for the slaves in the colony to realize having a comfortable cage is still slavery, and sells out the soul… the soul realizes that souls are not in anyone’s jurisdiction… a soul can ever be bought and sold (souled?). The slaves cry out for trump to save them, even though he is the president of another country. The slave of the colony, are the slaves without a true country, and they know it not. The slaves no realize they have to line up for their injections and recite the lies of their slave handlers, or they will stand out and be dealt with. The slaves like to think they can hide. The slaves have gone too far in their hiding…. as now things are so bad, the slaves don’t realize they are eating each other’s children, in the food supply. The slaves are told that oxygen is obsolete, now that a new virus is in town. The slaves have grown too numerous, and now it’s harvest time… the slaves don’t realize the whole country thing is a scam, and none of the slaves had any say in anything. Some slaves literally believe everything that they are told that is a lie, and these same slaves reject the truth. The slaves even though they are in the worst form of slavery that has ever existed anywhere in the universe… seem to think they are living the good life… even as they are treated like cattle and are injected with unknown chemicals, and have never met their true leadership… they are convinced THIS is the good life… the fast food infected with cannibalism… the movies infected with propaganda… the sky infected with computer chips… the air infected with a soup of chemicals, viruses, toxins, computer chips…. ahhh… the slave loves to breathe in smog… it’s the sign of progress… it’s a sign that if the slave chooses death, then it will get rewarded. The slave is basically paid off to crucify the christ (wisdom, power and love) within self and everyone else…. in order to maintain supposed ownership over the gilded cage of comfort built with ikea, amazon and debt notes…. always the debt notes… always the funny money… the slave does not ever realize the money is fake because everyone believes it to be real. The cage bars don’t exist but because everyone believes they do, then they seem real. The slave has never spent one day in true freedom… now it’s hard for the slave to leave the cage… for the slave has become lazy, fat, ignorant, and doesn’t even serve God anymore… oh that stopped a long time ago… God watches all of this but can’t help anyone who does not acknowledge God, does not acknowledge a divine plan exists, does not acknowledge that wisdom, power and love… need to be the basis of life… need to be the basis of everything… businesses, health, economy, invention, advancements of all sorts. .Today the slaves reading this are at a crossroads… these words are a hand reaching into the house on fire, ready to pull the slaves from their burning cages… everything the slaves thought they owned, to go along with the colony pretending to be a country, is now burning… there really will be nothing left after all is said and done, of this old world, now dissolving before our eyes. The slave owner is about to be put away for good… for horrible crimes against us all… and now the slaves are the freemen and women… who must support WISDOM, POWER AND LOVE… and build new lives on these simple and essential foundations… only through wisdom, power and love, can true freedom ever be attained. Christ within all must rise again… not in the religious sense, but in the truest universal sense… going beyond all sensations… the slave thought slavery would be more exciting than christ… and is now learning that’s not true, because it’s the light that excites… not the absence of it. Oh, the slave owner doesn’t want the colony slaves to be free… the slaves of the colony are now in a pickle… they will need to align with the natives who hold spiritual values that are more inline with christ values. The only thing is there is animosity because the slaves of the colony had to ignore the plight of the natives, and in fact, the natives had to go through a grueling amount of warfare, so that the colony slaves could have their cushy cages… and now the colony slave needs the native, to survive… oh, a day of reckoning is coming… it will be interesting to see it all come into a strange and unexpected unity. Creator and christ within all now dissolves the colony slavery… it’s going to humbling for the false egoic ones, with the cushy cages and fake lifestyles… it’s going to be humbling for the colony slaves to acknowledge native and christ spirituality save the say yet again… it’s been a day long time coming… the colony slaves will be angry for learning that they had to turn against their own species and planet, in order to play along, but that’s what has happened… the colony slaves will have to basically learn/remember how to be a balanced human, and now to heal self and the planet… now to stop harming self and others… the colony slaves are learning how to care… they are learning how to love self… they are learning how to not be selfish… they are learning about what a country actually is… what is christ… what is wisdom, inner power, and infinite love…. and this is how they are free… no other way to heaven on earth, but through christ: wisdom, power and love. May these words help someone somewhere recognize the true christ and may our society stop the crucifixion of christ within all… and may a true and healthy economy finally be established on this planet, that will be healed and restored, and elevated to new heights of love.

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