Illuminati has been Stealing Elections Worldwide for Decades

Illuminati has been Stealing Elections Worldwide for Decades by Susan(henry…
Henry Makow

Illuminati has been Stealing Elections Worldwide for Decades

by Susan

Well, the following certainly explains how Trudeau kept his position.

These hacked and vote switching machines were employed in every country around the world to circumvent the will of the people in each respective country – US, Canada, France, all over the world.

Mongoose: Did SOF Just Take Down CIA Dominion Servers in Nice, France?

And Also Give Macron a Porcupine Enema?

“These elite units came to take hard drives (CIA civilian mass storage hubs) as well as treacherous officers from a secret CIA station in Nice. Indeed, this station distorted the votes in the USA with the software “Dominion”.

You are now aware that France is involved in the coup attempt to overturn the US election in favor of Joe Biden as Trump won the election overwhelmingly.

This clandestine CIA station in Nice (for the black operations of the Deep State) also distorted the votes of the presidential and legislative elections of 2017 in France to transform the victory of Marine Le Pen (with 63% of the votes) into a victory of Macron who had not even passed the first round (with his 11% of the vote).

It was imperative in their plans that Macron be in power to speed up the process of destroying France. This is a joint operation between the COS (command of special operations ‘) of the French army and the JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command’, the US COS).

Even if you will not learn these things until March 2021, you have here one of the first clues showing that the French army has started to eliminate the criminals who stole power from the French in 2017, that is – that is to say Macron and his clique.

Are you beginning to understand that liberation is underway?”

WOW! Lin Wood Releases Photos of Alleged Georgia Mail-In Ballots in Fulton Warehouse

“Attorney Lin Wood tweeted out photos of alleged boxes of Georgia mail-in ballots in a Fulton County warehouse. Wood alleges that many of the ballots were shipped from Arizona. He then calls out the FBI, GA Bureau of Investigation, Governor Kemp, Lt. Governor of Georgia, and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “do your damn jobs” and investigate!”

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