Vaccine – Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!

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December 16, 2020

Twenty eight doctors and health professionals are in this video speaking out against the use of the new and untried vaccine. Animals do not fare well with this vaccine according to some of the doctors, and many bring out the fact that it’s genetic engineering.. There is no “medical pandemic”, and the vaccine can actually make the disease worse. Links below, and as Dr Elke F. de Klerk, says at the end, “Inform yourself, protect yourself, protect your children and LOOK IT UP”.

image Dr Elke F. de Klerk from Holland

Dr Johan Denis from Belgium recommends
‘Robert Kennedy Jr’s

Dr Kevin P. Corbett from the U.K. says
“You can read about the flaws in the PCR test at

See the links in Mary’s latest message

And Celeste Solum, a former FEMA employee, has said
“there’s a lot of confusion. Is it a virus? Isn’t it a virus? There- we’re saturated with these nanoparticles and it is .. I can’t tell you, I’m getting thousands and thousands of peer review articles talking about this technology, and they all confirm one another that this is what is happening. And it is why the people did not respond- that when they got corona virus, they went to the hospital, they were in intensive care, um, and their lungs were filling up, the doctors assumed they had pneumonia. They didn’t have- I believe now, that they did not have pneumonia. What they had was a combination of things.. The nanoparticles swarmed in the lungs, clogging the lungs, causing some hemorrhagic action, um, and they just, you know, it .. When they swarm, they are multiplying in your body. They’re like- really like aphids in a way, and it’s then the person just dies.”

It’s PCR, a “chain reaction” with the nanoparticles and altered DNA multiplying exponentially within the body, not just in a petrie dish, most likely from the PCR test, itself, which these people would have had, to be diagnosed with the SARS-CoV-2, cum Covid19. ..Made at Fort Detrick according to the Rockefeller Foundations ‘Lockstep 2010′. Look that up too!!

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