Dr. Carrie Madej: The Hidden Side of Vaccines and RFID Chipping

Dr. Carrie Madej: The Hidden Side of Vaccines and RFID Chipping
Prepare For Change / Derek Knauss

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Dr Carrie Madej is the rising star in the fight against vaccines and the new world of remote monitoring / control that will be activated when connected to all these new technologies.

RFID nano-RFID chips and remote DNA manipulation

Science has made such enormous progress since the start of this new century that it is difficult to imagine the scale and consequences of these new technologies.

Researchers are now able to intervene and modify the chain of our own DNA. For their part, they explain that this opens the possibility of cutting and replacing the defective parts of our DNA = restructuring the sequencing of the human genome. This would make it possible to “correct” birth defects to cure congenital diseases.

In mid-October, a French researcher was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for her work in this field. A technology in itself is neutral. It all depends on who uses it and for what purposes. With the Elite controlling all aspects of our society for their own interests, one must have great faith, even naivety, in the orientation / use of these discoveries. Especially when their avowed ultimate goal is the massive reduction of the world population = the eternal resting place of these “usless eaters” (useless / non-productive eaters). Which brings us to our document of the week.

Dr Carrie Madej, ran 2 clinics in Atlanta. Before summarizing the main part of this video interview, we will come back to a point she made at the beginning.

She explains that when she was a medical student, she asked her teacher about the usefulness of the tetanus vaccine in countries in Latin America, when this disease hardly existed in the world – especially when the vaccine was given only to women of childbearing age – not to young girls, not to elderly women and especially not to men. His teacher explained to him that it was a policy of limiting births, but better to keep it to yourself. And the “Center for Disease Control”, approved it.

Then Carrie talks about two meetings held in Atlanta in 2014 on the future of medicine and humanity (ie. transhumanism) and the need to put Atlanta at the forefront of medical evolution. Doctors from all over the world were involved and it was especially the keynote speaker who struck her. This doctor explained that he had found a way to modify the human genome and therefore he had patented his discovery, with the right to property on our own DNA. Since it is synthetic DNA, it is in a way GMO DNA that we introduce into our bodies. And with this patent he became as powerful as God, having the right of life or death over humanity. You have to think that Lucifer was giving him the bottle in his cradle.

She wondered about the ultimate use of this technology for a few years. It was with the arrival of RFID nano-chips and smartphones that she understood that they could be used to control and modify our DNA remotely at will. The shadow of Bill Gates is not far away!

Then she explains that during trials on a vaccine (influenza or H1N1) from the firm Moderna, 80% of people in the test group, small dosage, had systemic reactions and 100% in the test group, large dosage.

Incidentally, it should be noted that a law was passed in the US in 1986 which exonerates all large pharmaceutical companies from prosecution for damage that their vaccines could cause.

What was written above features one of her first videos. Since then several others have been released.

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