Dark Winter—Pandemic 2 Is Being Orchestrated

Dr Schöning is a German doctor and one of the world-wide leaders fighting to expose the truth about COVID-19 and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.”

In this video he confirms covid-19 is not real and discussed the term dark winter, that Trump and Biden are speaking about. A potential false flag bio attack as stage two of the covid deception.

The dark winter they speak of could be describing the carnage resulting from people taking the destructive and deadly Mark of the beast covid-19 vaccine. The result of 5G being put in or from a new bio agent they intend to release.

Any or all of these events will be blamed on covid.

Paul Craig Roberts

Biden, Gates, a variety of health officials and presstitutes are setting us up for a more deadly virus to be released. The 18 minute video demonstrates pre-knowledge on the part of those who intend to continue and to worsen the chaos.


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