George Eaton

Thursday, January 7, 2021 3:15

After a rousing speech By President Trump in Washington DC Jan. 6th, the million strong, patriotic crowd made their way to the US capital. Once they were pushing against the protective fences and then made their way to the capital balconies, the police retreated inside to the safety of the building. At the front of the crowd were instigators, positively identified by photos and tattoos to be Antifa anarchists. Once they pushed in the door, other overzealous people followed those Antifa leaders that were undercover, and then reached another closed door. It was at that door that an unarmed lady from San Diego, Ashli Babbit looked through the door window and was shot by capital police. She died within minutes. 

On the outside of the capital other Antifa members were breaking out windows and encouraging people to go inside, but patriots were trying to pull them down and tell them to stop. This false flag operation was planned well in advance to demonize and vilify the patriots and make them look like violent terrorists, when the great majority of violent activity was done by Antifa agents disguised as patriots. 

Once the police got control of the capital again, which was quite easy since the majority of the people were only there to protest peacefully, the debates and voting was completed on the Arizona election vote rigging. In the senate the vote was 93 against and 6 for the denial of the Arizona electors. Included in those 93 senators was the lady that Trump campaigned for recently who lost her election to voter fraud!! She has also been quoted as saying she would also vote against the Georgia vote rigging being exposed. As this was going on there were at least 3 resignations in the Trump Whitehouse because of the activities in DC, and rumors of more to come. 

Every republican politician out there like Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Sen. Grassley, former Sec. of Def. Mattis, and the former Sec. of Defense Esper took turns slamming Trump and saying how disgusting the protests were. Really? Where were they when Minneapolis burned down and people killed. Where were they when Portland, Seattle, Los Angles, Chicago, Detroit, New York City and Philadelphia burned down??

The truth is Americans politicians of both parties are corrupt and see no evil when their own are doing crimes, but when conservative patriots are passionate about saving the nation and standing against corruption, they are evil incarnate and labeled “disgusting”.

Did Trump do anything wrong to be ashamed of? Absolutely not. He told people the truth, never incited violence and simply wanted to show congress he does have Americans on his side to back up the truth. 

Who are the politicians in both houses of Congress? 

They are the best crooks money can buy. They have been bribed by a host of military industrial corporations, the social medias, big business, foreign countries and especially communist China. This is documented, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. The only error Trump made is perhaps trusting people too much. He supported and defended others and hoped they would support him in return. That wasn’t the case. They turned on him so fast it would make the betrayal of Julius Caesar look tame in comparison. You cannot expect dishonorable politicians to do honorable things. Now republicans are talking about using the 25th Amendment to get rid of Trump as if he is mentally insane. And he has less than 2 weeks to go in this term – that’s how desperate they are. 

We must realize the great majority of politicians in America today are hardcore criminals that are operating “organized criminal enterprises”. They are protecting their “family business” and take the bribes they get and wash the money through off shore banks, non-profit foundations, and conspire with every relative and distant cousin they can use to shelter their loot so they can maintain their wealth. It is American money laundering 101, and has become a science and a craft for them to learn, adopt and operate. These are the men and women Trump was hoping to get support to expose the treasonous voter fraud. Fat chance of that happening Mr. President. Why would they vote against their own meal ticket? Why would they kill the goose that lays the golden egg? Why would they vote against the Chinese who made them multi-millionaires? They won’t do that sir, and their only loyalty is to protecting their wealth and keep the bribes flowing. They are not loyal to America, the constitution or the people. Their only loyalty is to profits, not to any nation.

What is President Trump going to do next?

He has the same options now as he did several weeks ago. I won’t go into details now on what those options are, I have spelled it out many times already. But Trump is running out of time, and his inner circle of supporters grows thin. As I’ve said before, Trump WILL WIN if he follows the steps and doesn’t concede. But I don’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict what Trump will do. However, I will say this, the nation will not endure 4 years of a communist controlled Biden regime. The nation will not accept communist slavery – America will be spilt up into separate Balkanized nations – most likely for the rest of this generation and perhaps beyond. This stand for our democratic Republic is a stand against the literal overthrow of this nation. That is why the patriots in Washington, DC were so passionate about making their voices heard by a corrupt Congress. They are saying by being there “not on my watch will you steal this nation” “I will not comply!” “I do not give my consent to unconstitutional laws and treason!”

And this is what the republican party considers disgusting? Yes, of course they would, they don’t want anyone to put an end to their family businesses. Both parties have sold their soul to the devil and have no more loyalty to we the people and no conscience to do the right thing ever again. 

In light of this Mr. President, will you now do what is constitutionally required to save this nation from being conquered from within? An unarmed, beautiful patriotic lady, a wife and 14 year Air Force veteran died in DC to make her voice heard. That is all she wanted. She just wanted to tell those corrupt politicians to stop stealing from Americans, taking bribes and stop their treasonous activities. And what did they do in return Mr. President? They doubled down AGAINST America, the constitution – and DEFENDED treasonous vote rigging. That is YOUR CLEAR ANSWER ON WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH SIR. Stop them now or the betrayal against millions of Americans magnifies several times over for generations to come.

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