US Election outcome Jan. 20th and beyond

US Election outcome Jan. 20th and beyond
Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis / Benjamin Fulford Jan 2021

To be honest, I do not think anyone knows what is coming next with 100% certainty because it is DO or DIE literally for the Deep State bad actors. I expect to see a lot of “suicides” with no investigation in the coming weeks and months.

I say this because I am in daily touch with CIA, FSB, Defense Intelligence Agency, MI6, P3 Freemason sources, etc. and they do not know what is going to happen with 100% certainty. It is Do or DIE literally for the Deep State Bad Actors who are ruthless and evil beyond imagination.
In many cases, as a White Hat, we are instructed NOT to reveal sensitive information into the public spotlight too soon. We are chosen as a negotiator and public face because we are not afraid to die for a just cause of bringing the truth to the world in whatever manner possible.

Yet it’s understandable to provide operational security in these final stages when any leak could alert the Deep State international swamp criminals to the venom that awaits them with the final sting operation that has been years in the planning. The WDS has an ongoing operational exchange with Pentagon White Hat sources in order to provide security as well in Asia.

Imagine a fish tank with a big old goldfish as the Piranha eyes up its lunch. The beautiful but old goldfish has become a slow swimmer and now the Pirana can see who has grown to be the biggest in the tank. She tries to swim to a safe place once she realizes she’s about to have her head bitten off.

But as she (runs into the tunnels and returns to the committee chambers and realizes her laptop has been taken) sees the walls of her glass tank now (with a fence and national guard troops around) that she didn’t notice before. Her heartbeat starts to increase as she realizes she’s been trapped. She lashes out with 48hr impeachment and 24hr section 25 demands in powerless self-incrimination of historic evil guilt.

Now the Deep State swamp creatures realize that Trump is not just looking for reelection, he’s completing the work of JFK who got knifed in the back by Bush Sr. and the European Banksters when he tried to end the Fiat-Debt-Based “Currency” Insta-Magic-Credit System. Let’s call it the FDBC- IMCS for short.

Perhaps Trump is just a frustrated patriotic businessman who has been recruited to become President and complete the White Hat triangle of Constitutional power necessary to defeat the dark enemy of mankind and bring in a new age of awakening and freedom from financial slavery.

Catching the media going way over the line into electioneering with whatever fabrication necessary to demonize Trump and the Patriots was a culmination of the ultimate sting operation and now the net is tightening as Twitter and Facebook share prices plummet. The big broadcast networks are next in need of a complete housecleaning.

This is the last stand of the Deep State and they now see they’ve lost at the political game of chess and Trump is cleverly taking back control of America.
All countries including Canada involved in the election fraud are being identified with power-outage special operations and curfews.

When all is said and done as a proud Canadian I still envision an untiled Ameria from North to South in one landmass brotherhood of cooperation through the exchange of goods and services for mutual benefit.

But still, the closing act of the revolutionary play has time left to feature Pelosi’s closets being opened with the investigation announced into her father by JFK. It’s starting to look like Trump will follow what JFK tried to do and finish the job.

One scenario could have the internationally-coordinated Biden election fraud revealed before Jan. 20th, which under the EO of 2018 would make the election null and void and bring in an interim military government. This government operating under the laws and rules of the Constitution will finally have a chance to look at all the “MSM nonexistent” election fraud. During an interim period military tribunals expose the Deep State swamp criminals, and a new political party emerges – Great America.

An election is held on March 1st to decide a new president of the United States Republic of America. It’s really a shame but due to the China Virus, the ol’ Federal Reserve Bank declared bankruptcy and all its debts died with it.

Trump picks John. Jr. as VP after Pence goes quietly into the night and avoids child murder charges. A new Great America Party wins as Trump becomes the first President of the Republic of the United States on March 4th.

The election spawns a global phenomenon of awakening after weeks of military tribunal evidence shown worldwide over the Emergency Alert System and all nationalized media found guilty of electioneering on behalf of a foreign power in a federal election in violation of the 2018 EO.

If’s now public that Pelosi’s laptop data got retrieved during the staged event on Jan. 6 and it’s no coincidence that Trump delayed his speech by one hour to make sure it would be distinguishable that his supporters were at the rally at the same time Antifa bused-in-with DC police escorts caught on video antagonists dressed up in Trump supporter gear with Confederate flags per script thank you Soros Jr. who has a budget for good insurrection-OP scriptwriters.

by the Trump Sting operation in the closing stages of a historic transformation into the next evolution of the planet with a financial system that doesn’t burndent the worker with unncessary intererest on the fiat money supply created as virtual world “money of account” to be paid with real world “money of exchange” compound interest. Those note familiar with the power of compound interest as a financial tool please Google it at your own risk.

Having said that, here is the best intelligence I have a present:

Based on everything I am hearing, we are dealing with a group that is above the level of visible governments. This group is headquartered in Switzerland. They planned this ongoing COVID 19 campaign at least as far back as 2012. They want to reduce the world’s population by 90% and enslave the rest. Remember Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner is a member of Chabad, a Jewish death cult that supports this plan.
The problem is that they have control over most of the visible leaders on earth through a combination of bribery, brainwash and blackmail. This means we need to remove the heads of state for most of the G7 countries in order to deal with this. My understanding is that this process is underway but the problem is so many people have been conditioned into following orders that we need to let the current system collapse further before it will be possible to reboot it.
Apart from that, my understanding is the Donald Trump is opposed by most of the world’s intelligence and military groups because he is standing in the way of an improved system for running the planet.
Joe Biden has never been seen in public during the entire so-called election campaign so it is doubtful he even exists anymore. My understanding is that the Rockefellers, Rothschilds’ etc. made a deal with China to elect “Biden” and then remove him after a short interval and put Kamala Harris in power. They had to do this or watch their USA Corporation go bankrupt.
That is why there is a big push for a non-Trump, non-Biden person to be put in power in the US.
In any case, the battle is raging. There is a lot of stuff I cannot talk about but we have specific actionable intelligence that could end the COVID campaign.
To conclude, my best guess is there will be chaos and systems collapse over the coming months in the West and only then will something better emerge.

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