There’s a growing list of countries, who have completely replaced their governments | Nesara/Gesara Law Transition | Did Trump Step Down From The US Corporation (Dead Entity) | Into The New Administration 1776 Constitution Party | He Has Not Mentioned Biden Or Conceding

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Bhima Giri

1. Italian govt. has resigned.

3. Russion Government has resigned except Putin

4. 300 gov folks in Italy have been charged

5. The entire Kuwait gov has resigned

6. Entire gov of the Netherlands has resigned

7. Angela Merkel steps down.

8. Baron Benjamin de Rothschild has died age 58 years old

9. The Dutch government as resigned

10. Estonian ministers fired


12. 20,000 NG and Military in DC.

13. DC in Lockdown.

14. Malaysian govt has stood down.

15. Kuwait government stood down.

16. Trump enacts Insurrection Act. US is now under military rule. This has not been confirmed as of Jan 20 2021, however we are hearing this from several sources.

17. Scottish Labour Leader Resigned.

18. 12 Cardinals have dropped dead after testing ‘positive to covid’.

None of this has been reported on mainstream media. Why?

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