26 Deaths in Gibraltar after the Covid-19 Vaccine

Gibraltar Deaths & the COVID-19 Vaccine … A Plea for Help!
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The following message was received by The Liberty Beacon Project with hopes it would be published. Research shows there are issues involving COVID-19 deaths in Gibraltar … that now seem to have seriously accelerated ever since the introduction of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. So what is the connection? One person speaks out about local conditions and fears.


Subject: Vaccine Deaths Gibraltar

Message Body:

Hi, Could you please add Gibraltar to the list of countries where investigations into vaccines = deaths need to happen? I have just sent this message to as many media outlets as I could:


Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you please let the world know the grave situation that is occurring in Gibraltar?

The fact is that Fabian Picardo’s government is literally carrying out an act of mass genocide, particularly aimed at the elderly and the most vulnerable.

I am referring to Operation Freedom, the massive vaccination program that is being carried out against the population. All this based on the false narration of the high number of “positive cases” (which we already know are false positives – I can prove it) to instill fear and panic through Psychological War (Psyops) and Propaganda with the complicity of local doctors and media, among others.

The vaccination program using the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine began last Sunday January 10, 2021 and this past Monday, January 18, more than 5,800 persons had already been vaccinated, starting with the elderly.

The number of dead up until the day before the start of this extermination program was 16 people “by Covid,” but as of today, January 20, 53 people have already died – according to them “by Covid.” There are 37 people who have died since they started vaccinating in Gibraltar, that is 37 “Covid” deaths in 10 days.

Clearly there is a relationship between the high number of deaths and vaccines. Picardo’s government is refusing to address this issue. They are not saying how many of the deceased have been vaccinated. I am sure there are many, more so, because all of the deceased are elderly people from the Nursing Homes or the Dementia Home.

Please! I beg you! Help us spread this news nationally and internationally to force this criminal to at least investigate vaccines = deaths. Please, I beg you.

Picardo has already ordered another batch of vaccines and 11,700 more doses will arrive soon. How many deaths and/or adverse side-effects will this mean?

Here, most people are terrified and unable to think critically, they are completely indoctrinated and we are all under house-arrest.

I’m just a simple man, but I know exactly what’s going on about this false pandemic and without a doubt, we’re being fooled.

We may agree to disagree but at least publish the death rates after vaccinations in Gibraltar.

Please!!! Help us!


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