Hollywood paedophiles exposed

Hollywood paedophiles exposed.
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We need to wake more people up. The media corporations are all implicated in human trafficking of kids. We live in a child abuse system, affecting banking, politics, entertainment. Girls raped and tortured by Ghislaine Maxwell’s network, who refer to them as trash. Bill Gates a contributing member. All heads of major industries. UNICEF child trafficking figures show 40 million people a year are trafficked. $150 billion a year. 5.5 million children are trafficked every year, most of whom don’t survive beyond the age of seven or eight. Children predated out of bad homes, lured with money, drugs or alcohol. The perpetrators are inside every institution, every political party. They are not paedophiles. They are psychopaths who murder for pleasure. Pizzagate. James Alefantis. Check it out yourself. A pipeline of kids going from Haiti all the way to the Vatican. This has been going on forever. The level of Satanic crap going on in Hollywood and the music industry is everywhere. Baphomet. Pentagrams. Follow up the links.

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