Question to Jen Psaki: Will we see fake president Biden in the White House press room any time soon? Her answer, she smirks then deflects. Tells us a lot!

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Jen Psaki is (in my opinion) the worst White House Press Secretary since Anthony Scaramucci’s ill fated 10 day stint back in 2017 for Donald Trump. Jen Psaki presently is getting the ‘kid glove’ treatment from the White House Press Gallery, but if they keep soft balling questions at her she is only going to look even worse over a period of time. The media are all a bunch of lap dogs anyway. I am just glad that so many people are covering her horrible performance to date and posting it on-line. I recorded her on Friday and she was asked the one question that I would have asked her if I was in that press room. Keeping with her horrible performance to date (after eight press conferences) her answer was still not an answer, but a sluff off. At least it is now on record. Will we be seeing Fake President Joe Biden anytime soon in the White House Press Room? Jen Psaki you can run, but you cannot hide! (Just like Joe.)

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